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iRacing has announced the most dramatic software update ever to be released to be coming this summer as iRacing will be updated to 2.0 status in the coming months.

The core of the 2.0 update will be the much anticipated tire model, players will get a first taste of the improved physics model with the NASCAR Nationwide car in May with the full release for all cars in August.

“I have dedicated my professional life, over 20 years, to working on racing simulations and physics models,” Dave Kaemmer commented. “This new tire model is our best work ever. It was incredibly challenging and time consuming to develop an understanding, mathematically speaking, of a racing tire at the limit and under all sorts of conditions – and that was just phase one. To then translate that into a working model within the simulation was incredibly taxing – but it was truly a labor of love. The tires are clearly the hardest thing to simulate for any racing title, but I think we’ve nailed it! I believe it is going to bring simulated racing to a whole new level of enjoyment and realism.”

The new tire model is just one of many major new features to be added with version 2.0 including an upgraded graphics & sound engine, telemetry, enhanced pitting & damage repair, night racing and more.

Remarkably, iRacing will also be leaving their hardcore-only philosophy behind to some extend as the new version will offer driving aids such as traction control & ABS that can be used in rookie races & private events.

To round it all out, this summer will see the release of many much-anticipated content items such as Okayama & Suzuka, the Ford GT & HPD ARX-01 ALMS cars and much more.

iRacing 2.0 will be a free update for all iRacing subscribers, you can find a detailed changelog with the upcoming new features below.

iRacing 2.0 Release Roadmap

May 2011

– Early preview of Dave Kaemmer’s new tire model available on the new NASCAR Nationwide car.
– Launch of in-game awards program – over 50 different participation awards members can earn.
– Night racing on road courses using headlights beginning with Sebring International Raceway and the V8 Supercar, Mazda MX5 Cup & Roadster, Corvette C6.R, Riley Daytona Prototype, Pontiac Solstice, VW Jetta TDI Cup and Mustang Challenge race cars.
– New NASCAR “Nationwide” stock car – race the car you watch on Saturdays.
– Okayama International Circuit (Japan) – the first of several tracks from the island nation.
– New telemetry output for the data hungry racers.
– Private league racing enhancements including: reduced pricing, advanced scheduling, new race session options and additional grid spots to virtually every track.
– Graphic and shader upgrades in-game for more lifelike visuals.
– Complete graphical overhaul of the Skip Barber FSB2000 race car – updating our first car to current standards.
– Opening practice sessions to all license levels (excluding Pro Series).
– Enhanced pitting and damage repair for all cars.
– Preferred/custom car numbers.
– Improved accuracy of the modeled physical track surface to match the laser scanned data better than ever before.

August 2011

– New Tire Model for all cars.
– Enhanced aero model for improved drafting and more realistic downforce characteristics.
– Heat/Tournament racing for private leagues/sessions.
– Driver aids available for private leagues and Rookie series (ABS brakes, traction control, driving line, steering aids, etc.).
– Enhancements of new sound system.
– Endurance racing and driver swaps.
– Suzuka Circuit (Japan).
– Iowa Speedway (USA).
– Ford GT race car
– Honda LMP ARX-01C race car
– Live pop-up chat on member site.