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iRacing’s Steve Myers has shared a major announcement with his Twitter followers today as iRacing seems to have signed a deal with BMW.

iRacing’s Steve Myers has shared a major announcement with his Twitter followers today as iRacing seems to have signed a deal with BMW.

Myers shared the following on Twitter:

Finishing my last work week of the year strong. Bayerische Motoren Werke Aktiengesellschaft = @iRacing official partner.

More info on the deal is not yet available but the partnership is likely to lead to one or more BMWs to be available in iRacing, extending the simulation’s portfolio of European content.

  • Anonymous

    Very cool! Pretty much the last must-have license.

    Hoping for GT4, the only way it could go wrong though is a modern DTM car.

    • Matt Orr

      Cmon, DTM v Super GT multiclass. It’s already going to happen in the future in the real world as well (if anyone actually does, the option is there starting in 2014) – that would be badass.

      Anything slower than a GT3 falls into the low end hole that is already well fairly held by the Skip / SRF / Mustang.

      • Anonymous

        When Super GT and DTM allow the same cars, it will be with a new spec, not the current cars. A current DTM car would be redundant with the HPD and HSV.

        Another GT3 or WCGT car would be nice and that’s where I think they should head next, but there is a giant gap between the Mustang and the next faster GTs. From relatively low power:weight on semislicks with no downforce to high power:weight on full slicks and significant downforce is a large jump. Along with the BTCC car, GT4 is IMO the last gap in the tin top ladder, after which point there is no reason to add anything that doesn’t fit within an existing series and class for a good long while.

      • Matt Orr

        Problem with the jump from the Mustang to the next level is it’s ONE license level. Any car you put in is redundant.

      • Anonymous

        Redundant on license, but not on driving style. Certainly less similar than the Caddy, McLaren, and Ford GT are to each other. Honestly, might be as different to drive as the GT1 is from those others (and somehow that has even become a class C car).

        Just like the Lotus 79 and IndyCar aren’t redundant sharing a license, a GT4 and the Mustang likewise wouldn’t be.

  • Alexandre Martini


    • Marcos Sanz


  • fritzisbro

    With the release of more british tracks looming on the horizon it might be the british touring car version.

    • Brooke Derry

      Hope So!

    • Anonymous

      I would love that, but not my first guess. BMW is adamantly opposed to the new NGTC specifications and won’t be building a factory version. Also starting 2013 the S2000 chassis cars (including the BMWs) will no longer be guaranteed equal performance with the full NGTC cars like the Honda. There is one team building their own privateer NGTC BMW, but I wouldn’t expect BMW to have that be their first choice for an iRacing license. Maybe they will surprise us, though 🙂

  • Matt Orr

    Z4 GT3 please! We can then have a multi car class with the McLaren, which looks set to be a popular car for a long while.

    • Anonymous

      Yes, sounds like the only thing the GT3 is missing is traction control. GT3 would be a great flagship class, especially since it’s targeted at amateur drivers in reality with skill levels like most of us sim racers.

      • somebodysb2

        GT3 targeted at amateurs? LOL. JUST LOL.

      • Anonymous

        Amateur drivers are apart of many racing series. From the FIA GT3 European Championship wiki:

        “The FIA GT3 European Championship was launched in 2006 as a way to
        expand manufacturer involvement in motorsports as well as to help
        amateur drivers across Europe.”

      • somebodysb2

        ….GT3 Euro is just one of the many championships running GT3. Ever heard of Macau GT Cup? GT1 World (this year running GT3 cars)? Blancpain Endurance? VLN? ADAC GT? The GT3 cars in GT300 SGT? Bathurst, N24 and Dubai endurance? Next years GT Sprint? Intl GT Open? Asian Le Mans GTC (GT3) class next year? GT3 cars converted to run in Grand-AM? R8 LMS cup China? GT Asia?

        Believe me, there are TONS of professional drivers in TONS of championships running TONS of GT3 regulations cars. For example, this year Macau GT Cup is INVITATIONAL ONLY. Which means only the best drivers, the best cars, and the best teams are invited. R8 LMS cup China also has lots of drivers directly employed by Audi China. The mere notion that these drivers are amateur is an insult to them. Is Marchy Lee, Alex Yoong, Lucas Di Grassi, Edo Mortara, Alex Imperatori, Akira Iida, etc. etc. etc. amateur to you? If so, you need to check your motorsports.

        Lots of Big official works team, semi-works team, dealer team, and big private teams and ex-F1, F1 test drivers, ex-Le Mans, etc. littered around in GT3 championships worldwide.

      • Anonymous

        Definitely wasn’t meaning to insinuate that every driver that competes in GT3 racing is an amateur, just merely that it is more accessible to non professionals and amateurs.

      • Anonymous

        except they are not professional racing drivers. Hardly any of them are. A professional driver by my reckoning is someone who gets Paid to drive.
        Hardly any of them get paid to drive. If its not a FIA world championship, chances are 90% of the grid are either pay drivers or get ‘paid’ through their sponsorship which they have brought to the team through people they know.

        this is the fundamental problem with a lot of you simracers, worshipping the earth on which all these drivers walk. All of you seem to forget that to even get into motorsport to drive, you have to be priviliged in the first place. It excludes 99% of the population. Thats why we’re sat here, simracing.

        90% of all drivers in the world ARE amateur, by definition.
        GO and check some facts about who these drivers are and what their backgrounds are.

        GT racing is probably the biggest area of motorsport that will be full of gentlemen racers.

      • somebodysb2

        Its funny cause ALL the people I mentioned on the list are paid to drive. Once again, check your facts.

        And yes, ALL race car drivers come from privileged families (the Chiltons) or made their fortune in some way or another. Isn’t that something that EVERYONE knows? You are stating the obvious here. “GT racing is probably the biggest area of motorsport that will be full of gentlemen racers”? Yes. Once again, the obvious. But what you are forgetting is that a lot of these gentleman racers employ PROFESSIONALS to drive with them. See: Pro-Am classes for instance.

      • Anonymous

        The original intent was to provide another amateur step in the ladder, and there are still plenty of places where GT3s are limited to amateurs only. As you mentioned, the popularity of the spec has meant it has become used as a pro car as well, but I’ve never heard that to be the original intent of GT3, just what it turned into.

        That all said, the factorys do design these cars with amateurs (ie, drivers paying to race rather than getting paid for their driving skills) in mind. That’s my only point.

      • Matt Orr

        Well, it is…. on paper. lol

        I find it funny as hell GT3 cars have seemingly gone from being well, a step below GT2 to now being basically everyone else’s take on the 911 RSR – a factory built customer race car. Albeit a bit less beefy in all areas, but still…

  • Hompe

    Bmw 635 @ Mount Panorama is what we want 🙂

  • Anonymous

    Great News.
    My guess its 1-2 cars max. Since they don’t do road car.

    Tbh wouldn’t surprise me if its BMW’s that are already licensed to Project Cars and AC.

    BMW M1
    BMW M3 E30 DTM
    BMW Z4 GT3
    BMW M3 GT2

  • Anonymous

    Steve Myers just announced on the forums the three cars licensed:

    GT3 Z4, racing against the McLaren
    GT2 M3, racing against the Ford GT
    NGTC 320si or 1-series, racing against the Civic


    • Anonymous

      wheres the GT4???

      • Anonymous

        Dunno, wish there was one. I would have traded the GT2 for the GT4, or a Grand Am GS or World Challenge GTS for that mid-range GT, but not a bad list by any stretch of the imagination.

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