- 100% Independent Sim Racing News – First Williams FW31 Footage – First Williams FW31 Footage has released the second episode of their show, featuring first ever moving footage of the Williams FW31 Formula One car.

The episode includes an interview with iRacing vehicle dynamics engineer Eric Hudec who talks about his experience working with the Williams Formula One team. You can watch the episode here, the Williams FW31 bit starts at 20:40.

Driven by Nico Rosberg & Kazuki Nakajima, the FW31 was powered by a Toyota V8-engine and was one of the first cars to make use of the controversial rear diffusor in the early parts of the 2009 season. Rosberg managed to clinch 34.5 championship points, helping Williams to a 7th place in the manufacturers championship.

  • TheSTIG

    Don’t know about the car, but is a crappy show! 😀

  • F1Racer

    Yeah I gotta agree, its so badly presented.  I zipped straight to 20:40 to see these 2 guys composited in front of a green screen backdrop which looks pretty bad.   Then the guy in black seemed either disinterested or distracted every time the guy in red was answering a question.  Either way it makes SRT look like veterens because as least they sometimes look a guy in the face when he’s talking to them.        
    All the guy in black could summon up for replies is “awesome”.     No it’s not awesome!.   The Grand Canyon is awesome,  the aurora borealis is awesome, the size of the milky way galaxy is awesome.         
    Going to UK and looking around a teams HQ “if you will”  (god I hate that line) is NOT awesome.  Its ‘cool’ at best.  Ppl should get some persepective of what that word actually means.   
    Aaaanyway… the FW31.. looks awesome 😉 .    Actually rF mods are just as good, going by looks alone.

  • Higgson

    Wow, U R awesome.

  • F1Racer

    heh,  I know 🙂    Like so totally like awesome.

  • Simosimosimo

    crappy like the sim itself!

  • Hybrid

    Lol these guys dont dare to look at eachother. What about some seats with some distance between them?

  • Chris

    ¿En qué estás pensando…?

  • Montoya

    Please stick to English in the comment section…  🙂

  • Chris

    That’s not me, it’s the default comment for us spanish spoken visitors  😀

  • F1Racer

    the sim itself is fine and you don’t really get more accurate in terms of physics and tracks.
    should be the ideal hardcore sim really but I guess the costs to run a game you never own has cost it it’s popularity.

  • Chad Smith

    Keep on trollin Simosimosimo….

  • Carbonfibre

    Awesome hotdogs just 2.99!

    Eddie izzard is the best.

  • Oggy

    watch how many ferrari schemes people make for this XD

  • Ace Racer

    Eric Hudec posted on the forums later on that the FW31 is capable of running sub 1min lap times at Mosport… Doesn’t surprise me all that much, but it probably will once I get my hands on it.

  • Empty

    This is the one car that could potentially turn sim racing on it’s ear. This is the type of car the rF guys wanted, coupled with the tracks they could only hope to have. 
    You just wait for all the converts once this car blows away everything else. Excuses for not being over at iRacing will be getting smaller and smaller. 
    Seriously, Spa + FW31 will be epic. Yea, we’ve seen F1 mods. We’ve seen Spa. But, we’ve never had a laser scanned spa in a sim with amazing FFB, in a F1 car supported by the actual team. Hard to call yourself a sim racer if you dont slober at the thought.

    But hey, half of the community will like modders who refuse to accept they are lacking in certain areas while acting like a god.

  • Der_KHAN

    lol, the guy on the right is so nervous that it makes me nervous too when i watch this!

  • David Wright

    If you want to attract rF guys, just produce a Meganne 😀

    Guess which make ISI have a license for for rF2?  Renault.

  • Pleb

    Completly agree Empty.

  • F1Racer

    You’re missing out the fact that the best you can get from this is a field of Williams FW31’s. 

    In rF, for what is sacrificed in physics and track accuracy, there is a full field of all of the F1 cars and drivers.   
    Just because iRacing may have produced one single pretty accurate F1 car, doesn’t justify dissing all the modders out there who bring you their work for free. 
    You can easily make your point without being so disparaging.

  • Empty

    Probably, but do I care? The answer is no.

    Face it, half the modders out there are nothing more than egomaniacs. When you nicely point out that something isn’t right, they flip. They are the end all, be all in terms of what is “correct”, because very few of them know how to take criticism.

    Sad thing is, David is Wright. (Pun fail!) :-[

    And don’t forget, several leagues run League Edition mods, which basically is the same exact thing as what we will be doing. And a Full Field of F1 drivers? Really – horrible AI that approximates a chimp driving? Or Humans online that represent the same talent level?

    I mean cmon, you are really losing nothing when it comes to online racing. Infact, I’d consider the lack of wreckers a giant +1.

  • Floppy

    It’s pretty hilarious that you’re trying to talk to others about being disparaging.

  • i am the law

    I don’t think anyone seriously doubts iRacing’s quality.  Why would they?  

    Subscription costs are a different matter.  DLC is a different matter.  Some AI is a different matter. 

    As to the vid – so Gregor Huttu is an iRacing star now?   He used to be acclaimed in GPL.  lol.

    Good racing, and the gfx are still getting better.  As is everything else, it seems.  Nice.

  • F1Racer

    @floppy:   Yeah the irony eh ?  Glad you enjoyed it. 

  • English language reader

    hey just dropping in to mention that this use of the word awesome was introduced by the “teenage mutant ninja turtles” cartoon according to english language scholars. Like many other words, it’s use and meaning has expanded over time. Another familiar example is “gay”.

  • F1Racer

    @Empty:  Can’t argue with ya on the multiplayer ‘wrecker’ aspect.  That is one part of rFactor that really lets it down, although you can’t really blame the software I guess.  So many sim racers that have absolutely no clue about proper racing and idiots who intentionally wreck others are everywhere.   I HATE rFactor multiplayer and don’t have the time to join a league.  Anyway, I digress.

  • Empty

    Exactly. I dont have the time to join a league, and the AI sucks. How am I supposed to race?

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