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iRacing has released first laser-scan previews of the Nürburgring Nordschleife.

Last September, iRacing announced to bring a laser-scanned version of the legendary Nürburgring Nordschleife to their online racing simulation.

Now, first previews of the iconic Green Hell in iRacing have surfaced, showing off the laser-scan data iRacing’s environment artists are working with.

2015 will be the year of the Nordschleife in sim racing as iRacing is just one of three simulations to introduce a laser-scanned version of the world’s most famous race track, joining Assetto Corsa and RaceRoom Racing Experience.

  • Pe11e

    They could just buy the data from Kunos to save money and time. 😛

    • maranello55

      And we can just get it fr Kunos free lol. Guess how much iRacing gonna sell it?

      • MrMaki

        You will not get it for free in AC.

        iR is going to sell it as two tracks. The Nordschleife and the GP-Track. If you own both you can combine them to the VLN & 24h layout…

      • maranello55

        Oh dem

      • fkkamil

        Whats wrong? You thought you will pay 14$ for 24km long track? I’m okay with that tbh..

      • Reapercore

        And that’s without the 25% discount you get from owning 50% of content.

      • Marklar

        plus iRacing credits bought with 25% discount.

      • Patrik Marek

        sorry guys but I find it funny where you talk about discounts and credits and all that, but that is case when you already spend like $500-600 yeah, discounts …

      • Marklar

        Better to spend $500 instead of $800, or more.

      • maranello55

        O heck i wud buy it fer sure…heck yeah

      • BackMarker

        yes, people probably spend $30 a week on starbucks and energy drink swill and then complain that iRacing is charging too much! haha

      • BackMarker


      • Marcel

        We won’t get the Assetto Corsa Nordschleife for free

    • Pablo Coronel

      They could buy it from ISI, its more acurate :p

    • Rodger Davies

      In effect, it is the same scan data, I believe. The Ring operators/owners paid for the scan and are selling the data along with their license, which is why three have popped up in such a short timeframe.

      • BackMarker

        That makes so much sense as to why suddenly all these great sims are coming out with laser-scanned nord

      • traind

        4 actually, since Forza 5 has laserscanned version already. But iRacing’s approach has been more detailed than other approaches. Are you sure they are using the same data?

      • Patrik Marek

        I don’t think Forza NS is laserscanned, they did scan some tracks but not all, and they just try to market it like they did

        if they did a laserscan it, they did a very poor job of converting it to the game, because it’s not that accurate

      • traind
      • Patrik Marek

        thanks for the link, but I’m sorry, but I still don’t trust that. In that video they say ” we scan our tracks” but that doesn’t necessary mean ALL out tracks

        with something this big as Froza, (or GT) the amount of BS in marketing is too much

        because I have to ask, .. if they did scan it, why they don’t show not one of the images of the laser scanned pointcloud??
        AC, iRacing and even pCARS show many laserscanned pointcloud images for their tracks, so why Forza folk don’t ?

        laserscanned tracks in iRacing or Assetto have great sense of realism about them, but none of the tracks from Froza screams the same realism to me, with perhaps SPA being the exception

      • traind

        A fellow skeptic… welcome to the club! But in this instance I believe Turn 10. The article itself at the link says the Ring was laser scanned and the article was written by Microsoft. It was introduced this way at E3 as well. Could they be lying? I guess…but when you have the resources Turn 10 does why would you? They have a robust budget for sure.

        You are correct that not all tracks in Forza 5 were laser scanned– only ones that were not in good shape from the last generation titles. Personally, I have only been to one of the tracks in Forza 5 in real life– Laguna Seca. I think their Laguna Seca model is very well done and miles beyond what was in earlier Forza titles so I am assuming it was scanned to make the quality jump it did. I feel the same for Road America, Long Beach and several others. Road Atlanta is one that I think may have been brushed up without laser scanning.

        For me, playing with a game controller when using F5, it is hard to get the exact sense of realism as with a wheel on PC.

        I think iRacing’s tracks have the best quality. I like both AC and Forza 5 tracks too but they don’t quite nail it like I feel with iRacing. But for AC that may be because they are modelling smoother tracks and many iRacing tracks have a lot of bumps and camber that make them stand out that much more to me.

      • Patrik Marek

        I should rephrase it a bit, what my concern was is that they could have scanned maybe the part of the original Nurburgring, and that way they won’t be lying 🙂

        or perhaps some more sections of the track,
        but when I compare it to Gran Turismo version – which isn’t necessary laser scanned but they do some GPS surverying, it feels totally different,

        which is exactly why I would love to compare it to Assetto Corsa and iRacing versions, since these – when they say were laserscanned – they feel like they were

        I guess that’s what I was trying to get with my disbeliefs

    • Ei riitä

      AC doesn’t scan anything else except the road and curbs, iRacing scans everything including walls, trees and buildings etc.

  • Pablo Coronel

    Is there a Nordschlife laser scan frenzy? First RF then AC and now iRacing!

    • Michael Hornbuckle

      Where do I download the laser scanned Ring for RF?

      • Pablo Coronel

        Its for enterprises and is for RF Pro.

      • Patrik Marek

        that does look good, but since it’s not available, what’s the point

      • Pablo Coronel


    • Bakkster

      Changing ownership, with the old owners having asked exorbitant fees. Now that they’re pricing it reasonably, everyone who wanted it before is finally able to get it.

  • faybn


  • Patrik Marek

    it will be very interesting to see how different they end up being between AC and iR.
    iR tracks are one of the best imo, especially the surface textures on the track, even though the “old engine” doesn’t really make them justice to a full degree they would deserve

    • Bakkster

      Yeah, iRacing definitely looks best with its track textures, IMO, though the trees and some other off-track items are a bit low-res still. Personally I also like that they don’t add the festival elements to tracks, though I know others do.

    • RKipker

      This is a good point…. becasue so many claim Laser Scanned Tracks now and they’re all diferent.

      Great example is FM5 with Road Atlanta, it so outdated its rediclious. I know as I’ve done tracks days on this track and the entire track is off. Same forRoad America as some turns are different lke R3E vs. FM5, vs pCARS. Still ok with me, the only one that really bugs me is Forza as they claim they left tracks out becasue they were not Laser Scanned yet Road Atlanta is absoulty not scanned yet in the game.

      I’m not that big on laser scanned anyway….. take R3E fictionious track, it looks great, drives great, and was free. I’d rather more like this Free and well done. But before you guys chasetize me, I liked laser scanned tracks…. just think its over rated.

      • Patrik Marek

        I totally agree, laserscanning is great tool, but it’s not a must have for a great experience

        My only point of annoyment is that if someone claim, oh no, we have laserscanned it to a 1 centimeter accuracy, and then you drive it and looks off, not realistic

  • Leeman

    Of the 3 versions i’m actually looking forward to the R3E version the most and I’ll tell you why:

    A) they do a great job on their tracks IMHO.
    B) I will likely be able to fill a grid of cars and still get good frame rates.

    I’m probably in the minority with that opinion. But regardless, having it in all my favorite sims will be great.

    • Matthew Arnold

      I think they will have the most appealing looking track imho. Their tracks look a lot nicer than AC’s. They seem to put a lot more effort into the offtrack details which is great 🙂

    • Patrik Marek

      I just wished they gave us options to turn off those “arcade” turn braking marker signs :-/

      • Joshua Spann

        you can turn them off in the video options

      • Patrik Marek

        took me a while to find it but yes, no more silly break markers! glad i complained and got answer , thank you!

      • Leeman

        yeah, they actually fixed that quite a while ago.

  • Derek Speare


  • Nick1

    Why don’t more tracks do this, just buy a laser scanner and sell the scan to developers?

    • Bakkster

      There aren’t many tracks as desirable (and difficult to capture) as the Ring. And those tracks often want to charge a pretty penny.

  • Christien Hoogveld

    LOVE IT!

  • ftrracingtv

    so much irating is gonna me lost on this track with people crashing lol

    • Stepreo

      Keep your head up and I expect you will gain a lot of iRating. Will be nice to have a track where lap time isn’t the most important part (or at least imo)

      • ftrracingtv

        well with 72 corners its hard to know every braking point on the track

      • Pablo Coronel

        A friend of mine knows every corner and theres so much people obsessed with the Green Hell.

      • gt3rsr

        Nords is quite easy to memorize after several laps. Try that with Targa Florio though… 😛

        At first I remembered the section until Karussell and I struggled with the rest a bit (there are corners which look very similar and repetitive) but now I know it like my backyard. It truly is the best track in the world.

      • RKipker

        Take more much more than several…. unless you mean several = +100! But you’re correct it is doable, and I managed to finally get there no matter the vesrion in game. GT4/5/6, FM4/5, rF, GTR2, and now almost every game out. They’re all close enough for me…. really finally enjoy this track.

      • Pablo Coronel

        Console versions are much more flat than pc versions, did you see?

      • mmf1

        I find that the quickest way for me to learn the track was to race it in pitch black darkness in rF1. Do about 20 laps and you’ll get the track.

    • RKipker

      Agreed….. one thing I absolutely hate about iRacing is if you drop a wheel off track even without incident, spinning, lost of control or nothing, you loose irating. Yet we know in real racing this is a normal occurance.

      I really wish they would correct they’re iRating limits….. just plai sucks IMHO.

      • Bakkster

        You mean Safety Rating.

        I like that it keeps people from being too aggressive, YMMV.


    If they make a race series combo in iracing with
    Nordschleife Daily i would consider to go back as
    a subscriber.

  • Lukas Kvietkauskas

    there is a new nordschleife every year. as if it changes that much 😀

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