- 100% Independent Sim Racing News – First Mclaren MP4-12C Preview has released a little sneak preview of the progress on the Mclaren MP4-12C on Twitter. has released a little sneak preview of the progress on the Mclaren MP4-12C on Twitter.

The Mclaren its the first FIA GT3-class car to be available in iRacing, adding a new European-style race car to the online racing simulation.

Powered by a 3.8 liter V8 bi-turbo engine, the MP4-12C is build to the FIA GT3 regulations based on the MP4-12C road car. The car made its competition debut in the British GT Championship last year and went on to compete in various events, including the Spa 24 Hours race. The car became an instant success as all 20 cars built for the 2012 season have already been sold to customers.

  • Anonymous

    Looks like they finally got CAD data they could use.

    Should be a fun one, can’t wait for a WTCC or GT4, though. The less downforce, the better!

    • myName

      What WTCC or GT4? Don’t know about any WTCC cars and the upcoming cadillac is not GT4 I think…?

      • Anonymous

        Sorry, didn’t mean to imply those car types were announced, just my preference for more low downforce tin tops.

        That said, Steve Myers cryptically said they might have an announcement about BTCC ‘soon’ 🙂

      • Richard Hessels

        The nice thing of BTCC is the amount of different car brand competing.

        With only one type of car it is not really BTCC.Not having a Holden in the V8 class is also only half the fun.Especially for Aussies.

      • Anonymous

        I’ve asked before, and didn’t get an answer. I’m wondering if any other sims have had out of the box multiple makes of cars from a single series without focusing on that series almost exclusively. I mean, we tend to either get sims like Race 07 having everything WTCC, or most other modern sims with one of everything.

      • Gary Jorgensen

        Yesterday on twitter someone said this: 
        awesome news, love donnington, could you scan a BTCC car while your here in the uk?

        And Steve Myers said: 
        Might have something to say about that “soon”…

      • Anonymous

        Yup, that’s what I was referencing 😉

  • Luke Russell

    Good choice on iRacing’s part to get this car in the sim.

  • Carsten Wilhelm

    dammit i think i need to purchase this thing soon…

  • Mike Cimuchowski

    I cannot wait for this and the Cadillac!

    • Anonymous

      Am I a bad person for wanting the lower downforce Caddy more? Not even sure if even that will be a faster car than I can race effectively.

      • General Rush Hour


      • Anonymous


      • Anonymous

        Think i’m in the same boat there! I tend to like the less grippy cars! still looking forward to this though! 

      • Anonymous

        you want low downforce car? You got the Mustang nothing with less downforce than that and its already there available.

      • Anonymous

        It has been my favorite car, though not currently since it isn’t on the NTM. I’m looking for something a bit faster, and I know a lot of Europeans want something lighter than 3600lbs.

        I also hope they upgrade the Mustang to the spec it runs at with the Cadillac in reality. More HP, a better suspension, and slicks. Same with the Jetta getting about 50HP and tunable suspension so we can have a full World Challenge series.

      • Anonymous

        wasted money i tried racing the Jetta man that was way worse than when I burnt some cash notes.

      • Anonymous

        I’m pretty sure a lot of that is because it has a tight fixed setup from the development series. Put a stiffer suspension that let’s you tune out the understeer and it could be a pretty fun car, especially with 50HP more.

  • Theroro29

    2012 simracing battle begins… ( world simracing championship: iracing, pCARS and Asseto Corsa )

    good thing for everyone!

    • Firefox

      And rFactor 2 😛

      • MrNone

        and GTR3 ?

  • Richard Hessels

    And yet another class of GT road racing…

    To spread the drivers even more.

    • sam.stratten

       It’ll be racing with the LMP, GT1 and GT2 so there’s a chance we can get some people out of the LMP to even things up. I raced with 23 other LMP cars the other day. No Vettes or Ford GT.

      • Anonymous

        Why would it be racing with the ACO cars? It doesn’t run with LMPs, though it sometimes runs with GT1/2 at endurance events.

      • sam.stratten

         My mistake. I thought it did. I take it all back then. I thought it would be racing with at least the GT1/2 cars. Something needs to be done to get people across from the LMP car. I’ve switched to the Corvette and quite enjoy it. The mixed class racing works really well and the numbersa are generally strong depending on the time of day.

      • Anonymous

        IMO, the solution is to not run GTs with prototypes until the rules penalize prototype drivers for cross class contact (the real world rule) or there is a higher requirement to driving it.

      • Anonymous

        you had 23 lmp and no gts because the guys running the lmps dont know how to race mc. they scared away any potential drivers for the GTs not to mention ruined hundreds of drivers Safety rating! 

  • Humberto Roca

    It  Would be really cool! if there is a Class Where 3 or more cars are EXACTLY the same class if you know what I mean, So if Fords, Vettes, Caddys, McLarens are in the same race and are in the same class (I Know that right now they’re not) that way you have just 1 single car class but different type of models.

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