- 100% Independent Sim Racing News – First Mclaren MP4-12C GT3 On Board has released a first on-board video of their Mclaren MP4-12C GT3 that is due to the join their simulation soon. has released a first on-board video of their Mclaren MP4-12C GT3 that is due to the join their simulation soon.

The MP4-12C GT3 is the first FIA GT3-spec race car to join iRacing, the car will be available for subscribers to purchase starting December 18.

Powered by a 3.8 liter V8 bi-turbo engine, the MP4-12C is build to the FIA GT3 regulations based on the MP4-12C road car. The car made its competition debut in the British GT Championship last year and went on to compete in various events, including the Spa 24 Hours race.

  • Emil Ytterberg Blixt

    Absolutely gorgeous! I really REALLY hope they sort out the physics (tyre model) soon cause it’s definitely the most complete package out there.

  • hulmihoukolen

    just money money money no thx 🙂 I can play LFS pCARS or rFactor and dont need to pay this much lol

    • Richard Hessels

      You don’t need to pay iRacing. Nobody demands that of you.
      Keep playing LFS please…

    • Ar Kh

      iRacing is the most serious multiplayer racing game. by this i mean that you can spend money for all those sims you mentioned and still have problems with playing publics because of crashers or lack of ppl in your fav modes. iRacing do not almost bring you such problems, plus some sweet extra features which the game offers to you 😉 you just come and have fun.. if you’re an experienced driver ofc 🙂

  • Anonymous

    I’ve a feeling this is Ford GT all over again! Back in 2010 the Corvette was great to drive but iRacing broke it later to make it a car for the masses than Ford GT was extremely hyped and was broken but hard to drive so it disappointed even the masses and iRacing is up to this day lost regarding the Ford GT. This McLaren won’t be different!

  • Anonymous

    btw horrible sounds! completely synthetic and sounding like all other cars in iRacing! Very far from the real thing!

  • Lasse Jakobi Ougaard

    Agree. The sound is quite dismal, at best.

    Also, while I’m in the complaining mood: (haha, ducking for cover already :P) Why are people hammering them for not implementing the online drive change yet? That would imply long races, and iR isn’t a good endurance racing platform in my eyes. No rain, no day-night transision, not even different tyre compounds… Why bother to race for 6 hours, when it’s just going to be 6 hours of exactly the same whizzing past FR500’s?

    I think my iR subscription has run out for the last time. I simply don’t see the value for money i desire. iR has been quite a big dissapointment for me as an endurance fan, and quite frankly I regret to have put as much dough into it as I have.

    Still hoping for the next good endurance sim since GTR2, and my hopes are up for rF2 and AC now, but we’ll see. I highly doubt iR will ever turn into what I had hoped.

  • Lafleche David

    looks very good but i’m not an iracer anymore…

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