- 100% Independent Sim Racing News – First Bathurst Scan Image has released a first scan image preview of Bathurst.

Back in May, iRacing announced to have licensed Australia’s Mount Panorama Raceway, better known as Bathurst.

Now, a first scan data preview is available as iRacing has successfully scanned the track and started working on the virtual version. Bathurst will be the third Australian track in iRacing, following Phillip Island & Oran Park.

Bathurst is Australia’s most iconic racing facility, featuring a stunning run up Mount Panorama using mostly public roads, the 3.8 mile circuit hosts the annual Bathurst 1000, V8 Supercars’ marquee event as well as several sports car races.

  • Sam Stratten

    So which other track did they scan when they were here? I remember they were hoping to get another track down in the same trip.

    • Anonymous

      None, just Bathurst. They only sent one staffer, the scanning itself was done by contractors which they say most of their foreign scanning is.

    • daz

      None, but they scanned Oran Park before it was turned into a housing estate and that was released some weeks back.

      • Sam Stratten

        That was years ago. They did mention in the forums that they wanted to scan another track. SMP was the resounding winner on the poll.

  • Lafleche David

    Simraceway offers 11 cars for 20$ it make 0,55$ per cars wow !!

    • K Lemmon

      I think Simraceway lasted about 10 minutes on my PC before being uninstalled…

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