- 100% Independent Sim Racing News – Driver Swap New + Track Previews’s Steve Myers has confirmed that iRacing is close to release the simulation’s driver swap feature later this year.’s Steve Myers has confirmed that iRacing is close to release the simulation’s driver swap feature later this year.

While not being ready in time for the Season 3 build of iRacing, the new feature will most likely introduced with the Season 4 build as outlined by Myers in a new blog posting.

The Driver Swap feature will allow iRacing members to form teams and share a car during a racing event, a useful feature especially for endurance racing events.

Together with these news, iRacing has also released two previews of new track additions to the simulation: Phoenix Raceway and Donington.

  • Bakkster

    I can’t wait for the Simply Sausages circuit!

  • Mario Strada

    Driver swap will need some actual tire management as well. Actually, when iracing will have driver swap, tire management, multiple tire choices, 24 hour cycle and weather (in other words, GTR2) it will really be a simulator for us endurance fans.

  • Stepreo

    Look forward to Donington, might become my favourite circuit on iRacing!

  • Diego Colafabio

    Driver swap feature? YES PLEASE 😀

  • melanieuk1

    (sarcasm on) After so many years they are only now introducing driver swap in iracing, yet some wise guys are complaining that Assetto corsa doesn’t have driver swap, and that is still in early access (sarcasm off)

    I don’t own iracing but thumbs up to them, if this sim was affordable to all and included a single player offline mode with AI’s, I would snap this up without a second thought, after all these guys are if not the best when it comes to programming AI’s, check their older titles that include AI’s, it would be up there with my top fav sims, like assetto corsa, r3e, and soon to be project cars, considering iracing is now older than the four modern sims like ac, pcars, rf2, and r3e, it still looks better than rf2 the lighting alone is amazing, when looking at the two screenshots, all they need is 3D grass, would love to see how iracing looks, when they finally move over to a newer DX api, DX12 is out next year, DX9 is so windows xp 2001, well done to the guys at iracing, for making something so old (dx9) look so modern and current.

    • Diego Colafabio

      I played rFactor for 6 years, and then now i’m an happy iRacer.
      The prices are not that cheap, i understand, but i can assure you that the quality of tracks and cars is really good..details are just amazing. About physics, i think the last NTMv5 is good, i finally feel more sensations from the tires. Still a long way to go’s getting better and better.
      One thing more, if you race constantly, you can receive 40 iRacing dollars.
      For the AI, if you try the iRacing multi system, i’m sure that you’ll enjoy a lot more to race against real people, more exciting than AI.

    • D3

      Sure is easy to make lighting and weather look great in a static environment…and that direct X, instant band-aid to solve bad graphics in a game…;)

      • melanieuk1

        No idea what you’re talking about, but I’ve checked your previous post and have a rough idea what sim you most favor due to your comments, you would say that though wouldn’t you, you cant talk though, as your fav sims only looks best at certain time of the day.

      • wajdi nujeidat

        You are really annoying! Your logic is a bit strange.
        All we know that you hate on rf2 and personally I don’t mind when you do it, but your ” you are an rf2 fan , so you can’t take or say something positive about rf2″
        Please stop it. When you were doing it some months ago it was even a big funny, but now my God it is becoming a bit annoying.

    • Big Ron

      I remeber Andreas Knopke made a fuzz about Project CARS announcing LeMans-license and endurance racing without having driver swaps and called it “epic fail”. But not even the multiplayer-king iRacing had it until now. Nice feature by the way.

    • KittX

      Simple DX update won’t change a thing, you’ll have to write all new shaders and materials to get the benefit of the new api. And honestly it’s alot of shders can be written even for dx9 but never actually done or done just in the last year or two (see Reiza track & terrain shaders for example – it was possible for rFactor even in 2005, just no one had such an idea like that).

      Personally I’m not a fan of 3d grass on most race tracks, at least modern “mainstream” race tracks, not the Nordshleife. Because on most of them the grass is mowed really short, and to archive that in 3D the usual way you’ll have to either increase the number of short grass objects to millions, or make bigger grass, whats usually done. And it feels just not right, driving through the corn field.
      But thats just my personal opinion.

    • Slaven Ćorluka

      i just dont find AI racing fun any more. Since ive done bunch of online races back in rF days and got hooked on iR online structure AI racing is a thing of a past for me. My favorite AI racing experience was GP4. By far the best AI ever made.
      iR is expensive from the start but after you got most of the content the membership cost is pocket change. I get years subscription on black fridays 2 years strait now for 49.99$. Thats 4$ a month.

      • melanieuk1

        Quote: “AI racing is a thing of the past, I don’t find AI racing fun any more” End of Quote.
        Then carry on playing your sims online, Iracing is a subscription model, if someone decides to take a break from subscribing to the service for a few months or so, given that they have been subscribing to the service for years, they should be given the opportunity to carry on enjoying the sim they have put money into offline with AI.
        If “AI racing is a thing of the past” in your opinion, then why has Simbin, Kunos, ISI and SMS included them in their newer sim, this isn’t about what suits you.

  • MirceaRad

    Good news, though.

    • Bakkster

      Currently the plan is to add the Corvette DP in 2014 aero spec, and then balance the HPD to it and recreate the TUDOR series.

      • Jann Dircks

        Balancing those will be close to impossible if not even the IMSA manages to do that.

      • Bakkster

        The current P2s are down on power but can’t make any more. The iRacing HPD is from the old rules with lots more power so matching top speed won’t be a problem. They also don’t need to use the same tires for each like IMSA does.

      • MirceaRad

        That doesn’t sound bad, but some LMP1s would have been great. Again, the focus is on the US content, this is really putting me off… I keep renewing monthly or for 3 months and don’t drive almost at all because I can’t find anything attractive. I’m more on prototypes and open wheeler, and unfortunately the offering is very scarce.

      • Bakkster

        Shouldn’t be a big surprise, AC for instance is focused on Italian (and greater European) content. Start with what’s local, then expand out. I don’t think there’s a lot on high level LMPs and open wheelers, since they’re so tough to get that high level of data access to. The ARX-01 is about the closest I’ll anticipate because of that. iRacing got a license for the SuperGT Honda GT500, but none of the teams were willing to give technical access to protect their secrets.

  • Leeman

    Really looking forward to Donnington. Can’t wait.

  • kuko61

    Great news. But I expected driver swap in iRacing much sooner. Because 10 years ago in NK2003 work driver swap perfectly. Experiences of the endurance races with GTP mod and real driver swap are to this day unforgettable for me.

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