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iRacing has started laser-scanning the Circuit of the Americas.

iRacing probably has the most complete database of US race tracks of any simulation, having covered the vast majority of road courses and ovals in the United States.

Now, the company is tackling the newest major facility in North America – The Circuit of the Americas.

Located near Austin, Texas, COTA is the new home of the United States Formula One Grand Prix. Aside from F1, the track has hosted other major racing series like the World Endurance Championship and Grand-Am.

The 5.5 kilometer track layout designed by Hermann Tilke has been getting rave reviews from drivers, featuring many challenging corners & elevation changes.

As you can see below, iRacing is currently busy laser-scanning the facility to create a virtual version of the track.

  • Jeff Kendrick

    Correction, iRacing does not have anywhere NEAR the vast majority of ovals in the United States and they never will. There are literally thousands of fine oval tracks in the US and iRacing only has a very small handful of these.

    • fkkamil

      Better few laser-scanned than a lot of flat and unreal tracks.
      That’s my opinion.
      And thanks God AC also uses this technology!

      • wajdi nujeidat

        rfactor 2 says that you are wrong! see Silverstone, Portugal, Malesia, Lime Rock….

      • Anonymous

        lul wut?

      • Kev

        Portugal and Malaysia are great. Silverstone surface has not been fully completed yet.

      • Anonymous

        More seriously….

        Stefano Casillo, aka kunos, described in a talk last year how much important is nowadays the laser scan in sim racing. How much easy is get a copy of a real track without headaches and doubts.

        But…there are exceptions, for examples Reiza’s tracks are absolutely stunning. What do you see on Formula Truck 2013 is really amazing and very well done.

        rF2 shows exactly the opposite. They are stuck with an old technology and the results are obvious: ugly tracks. Malesia and Estoril looks like an old gen reproduction, Lime Rock has also the environment reproduced bad, the only decent is Silverstone that is developed by a very capable modder, Tuttle.

    • Anonymous

      Excuse my ignorance but how many variations of turning left do you want? surely there comes a point where the only difference is the scenery? of course laser scanning them means they are more different but still…also I do enjoy oval racing but I think iracing nearly has all the bases covered there!

      • Jeff Kendrick

        You missed the point. The article says iRacing has the vast majority of US ovals. This is factually incorrect on its face. Try not to deflect.

      • Anonymous

        Think he meant top-tier (aka, NASCAR and IndyCar) ovals. I believe Montoya isn’t American, so he gets a little slack 😉

      • Anonymous

        Sorry I didnt read it properly! And yep your right think there are hundeds to go in reality!

      • Anonymous

        Same reason we road races want more tracks. Just because 130R and the Wall of Champions are both left turns doesn’t mean we drive them the same. Little things like the bumps, the banking, the radius, the width, the overall length of the track all change how you drive them.

        Remember, there’s the NASCAR ovals which iRacing has mostly covered, then there’s local short tracks. They could grab a dozen tracks each at 0.4mi, 1/2mi, and 0.6mi and still not end up with repetitive tracks.

        Or, think of it the other way, guys racing the street stock and late model want to build 12 week schedules in perpetuity purely out of short ovals, hence why all the requests.

      • Anonymous

        Well… I would say that the reason road tracks are more different from one another (not just additional right hand turns) is that the excitement comes from a sequence of corners and how they are connected as well as braking points! In road racing the track is the reason its exciting, with oval racing it is more about the wheel to wheel racing! Ps i wanna see both really i love them all!

      • Anonymous

        True, but you asked for why an oval racer would want more tracks. I just gave the reason why someone who likes ovals would want more of them.

      • Realkman666

        How dare you call the wall of champions a left turn?

    • Gulyás Tamás

      Ovals sooooooooooo booooooooooring !!!

      • Jeff Kendrick

        Beside the point. Try to stay on topic.

    • Hurdy Hurdy

      iRacing might only have a small handful of these, but at least it’s a damn sight more than other titles offer.

      Don’t see oval racers getting their fix with AC, RRE, PCARS, rF2 etc.

      • Jeff Kendrick

        Agreed. I wan’t criticizing iRacing. I was merely pointing out the fact that saying iRacing has covered a “vast majority” of ovals in the US is woefully inaccurate. I’ve physically been to more ovals in the US than iRacing has covered.

      • Anonymous

        29 oval tracks in service is more than just a small handful..
        How much tracks can you expect that only feature 2 left-hand corners.

  • Hugo Stiglitz

    Cool. Will probably get it once it’s released a year from now or less.

  • Tomaž Meglič

    Good news, hopefully release in 2014 but ussually it takes longer..

    • Anonymous

      I’m betting this one jumps to the front of the queue, like Spa did. Spa was 6 months from scan to release.

      • Michael Hornbuckle

        and another 6 months before it would run without stuttering

      • Niel

        COTA has barely any track side objects. I don’t think it will be a problem.

  • P_Leo

    One of the worst circuits ever build. It’s just a bunch of corners thrown in at random with no flow to it. Just awful and painful to drive. Hey iRacing how about Imola, Monza, Donington, Red Bull Ring, Nürburgring, Mugello, Barcelona, Valencia or Estoril?

    • João Dário

      they dont even update the old tracks. what are expecting miracles ?

      • Anonymous

        Daytona updated, Silverstone and Phoenix rescanned, Lime Rock is the next on the list. Also Donington is already scanned.

        About Monza, Mugello, Hungaroring Mayers is trying to get a license.

      • João Dário

        and watkings glen ?

      • Anonymous

        What’s wrong with WG?

      • João Dário

        well, we pay for it don’t we ? and a lot !
        and those minor changes makes a lot of difference.

      • Michael Hornbuckle

        Daytona was repaved close to 4 years ago and took a year for iracing to update….3 years later and it is still the only track that has been updated and released….Right now the Gen6 NASCAR is the only thing even close to being up to date on iracing (and still only has 2 of the 3 real life cars running it)…..extremely sad situation for a sim that costs over a thousand dollars and uses the fact that they update every 13 weeks as a selling point.

      • Anonymous

        Don’t forget Laguna Seca been updated some time ago, it looks awesome now.

      • Anonymous

        Please, show how many iRacing tracks are not updated due to MAJOR changes on their layout, or due to a complete repavement.

        Or do you expect they rescan a track every time there are changes to kerbs or for a paved run off? And in this case how do you think they will cover the expenses of a rescan? People would not pay 1cent for a new track with only minor changes.

      • Rhys Gardiner

        “Please, show how many iRacing tracks are not updated due to MAJOR changes on their layout, or due to a complete repavement.”

        Let’s see, off the top of my head:

        Lime Rock – repavement and new alternate layout that changes the chicane complex completely
        Phoenix – repaved with a major reconfiguration of the layout
        Silverstone – major layout change and repaving

        Pocono – majorly repaved in real life

      • Anonymous

        Are you blind?

        Phoenix and Silverstone are already rescanned, Lime Rock is planned to be rescanned, the only one I miss is Pocono.

      • Rhys Gardiner

        Okay, my bad…

      • Jshort

        Don’t listen to that guy, he thinks there’s some phenomenon called “transmission flex”. Lol.

        LRP has been outdated for years, so has Silverstone.
        Outdated tracks in iracing:
        Pocono- repave
        Watkins-curbs and run off areas
        Barber- curbs
        VIR- curbs
        Mosport- runoff areas and patch work.
        It would be easier to say which tracks aren’t outdated in iracing.

      • Anthony Ralston

        Sebring was updated with different curbs also…

        Although you are wrong about transmission flex, it does exist. Just not sure which capacity you are referring to.

    • Walter Conn

      To your point, I will agree that I will agree that Hermann Tilke has designed enough race tracks, but this is my home track so of course I am going to defend it! It may be too challenging for enjoyable hot lapping, but the racing on it can be intense. Just watch the last 20 laps of the ALMS race at COTA a week ago. It is about time that more road racing circuits are built in the U.S.
      EDIT: and at least there are no chicanes!

      • Anonymous

        Well, there’s a chicane in the short circuit, but it has a dip in it and awesome 🙂

    • Anonymous

      Every race series that has come to Circuit of the Americas has praised it for its facilities, track layout, flow and generally being a circuit that is both fast AND technical while allowing for a very high number of passing areas – probably the highest number of passing zones for all current F1 tracks.

    • Realkman666

      The lines are not obvious, and it gives the layout a lot of depth, as opposed to most modern wide boring tracks.

  • Diego Colafabio

    Lovely track 😀 very well done iR.

  • Anonymous

    wonder why iracing doesn’t create fantasy tracks?

    COTA is great addition but it will take year probably to get it released, I mean what ever happened to willow springs, portland etc?

    • Anonymous

      Here are some answers, specifically they still think about fantasy tracks from time to time, and willow and NJMP may be upcoming tech tracks. As far as I’m aware, Portland was never licensed by iRacing.

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