- 100% Independent Sim Racing News – COTA Making Of Video has released an extensive making of video for the upcoming Circuit of the Americas. is currently working on putting the United States’ newest road racing facility into their online racing simulation – The Circuit of the Americas.

Located near Austin, Texas, COTA is the new home of the United States Formula One Grand Prix. Aside from F1, the track has hosted other major racing series like the World Endurance Championship and Grand-Am.

The 5.5 kilometer track layout designed by Hermann Tilke has been getting rave reviews from drivers, featuring many challenging corners & elevation changes.

The video below shows us an extensive look behind the scenes as the track is being created, including plenty of WIP footage of the new venue.

  • Christopher Trees

    So need to get a new wheel and re sub to iracing for this!

  • Anonymous

    The only drawback of iRacing tracks, they look like they were scanned offseason. Instead of a raceweekend.

    • Niel

      Those tracks are not scanned around the F1 weekend. That’s why it looks different.
      COTA was scanned right after ALMS/WEC weekend.

      Montreal was scanned during the NASCAR/Grand-AM week.

    • Anonymous

      There have been a couple tracks like that, where nobody brought out the brake markers and they forgot to put them in (Barber and Spa come to mind).

      CotA is not one of them, as Neil mentioned. I’d say it has more to do with not as much activity in the pits and stands. Not enough tents and booths set up in the paddock, people flying their favorite brand’s flag, etc. I think the Daytona road course is one of the best, with the giant light up ferris wheel.

      I also look forward to a day where the advertisements change, based on the series racing there. Montreal, for instance, having a Santander logo at the hairpin instead of NAPA, the different brake markers, styrofoam stand up ads depending on series, etc.

  • Juhan Voolaid

    We’re on a highway to … heaven?

  • Marcus Reynolds

    Great vid, really enjoyed that, gives me a whole new appreciation for the tracks whilst driving.

  • Anonymous

    I somehow feel a little bit better about paying $15 for a track after watching this video… 🙂

  • Chris Wright

    Have had something of a total volte face with iRacing recently. With so many incomplete new sims out there, at least iRacing has been consistently developed and is a fully rounded product right now. I was very pleasantly surprised how much it has matured and expanded in the couple of years since I was last involved. Certainly not cheap, but quality costs I guess and when I add up how much I’ve invested in titles that are still in beta, and with uncertain outcomes in terms of quality/scope, it’s really not so bad.

    • Anonymous

      I think if anything, the glut of new titles with extended beta periods (and delayed release dates) may help people not think so harshly of the ‘soon’ development timeframe.

      • Chris Wright

        The other point to make there is that there’s hardly a shortage of tracks in iRacing and they are all of stunning quality. That makes the waiting easier, I would have thought.

      • Anonymous

        And iRacing is quickly catching up on the European circuits, which were always where schedules struggled. iRacing has 13 non-North American circuits now, with Monza and Donington incoming. No Ring, but hardly a shabby list anymore.

      • Niel

        Don’t forget Imola!

      • Chris Wright

        Yes, I hadn’t even realised they had Oulton Park up and running. Much better.

      • Anonymous

        Had some of my greatest sim racing moments in iRacing’s Oulton. Pass on the grass outside in T1, last corner passes to win a race, great circuit.

    • Felipe Portela

      iRacing is a great product, the system is amazing and other qualities that we already know but i cant be happy with new content being announced but still with a lack of fundamental things like a reliable tire model. The tire wear is still a mystery to me, the tire work better with colder temperature, the cars change from water to wine every new build… I’m a Brazilian driver and we have too much problems with netcode.

  • Paul Thompson

    That’s very clever 😀

  • Anonymous

    Anyone notice this?

    On bottom right? Flat spot, dirt,grass?

    Seems like intentional almost rendered shot..

    Wouldn’t flat spot require new tyre model?

    • Paul Thompson

      That’s a good spot 😀

    • Anonymous

      The NTM was designed to allow flat spotting, it just isn’t implemented yet.

      Staff said they’re in the initial stages of working on that kind of stuff. Flat spots have been a ‘when the tire model is working as intended’ for a while now, but no word on whether grass and dirt would be graphics only to start or not (similar to brake temps affecting tire heat and squeal but not brake fade).

    • Jim Brown

      Yea but check out the pic behind that! It’s got the new Indycar, a 458 GT3, the DP on the NTM5 and an updated VIR! 😉

      • Anonymous

        what? nothing is there.

  • Diego Colafabio

    This video shows why i love so much iRacing and their tracks: i love the stunning level of details. Can’t wait to buy the Oculus Rift when will be released and..f*** the real life! 😀

  • Mike Cantwell

    I find this fascinating. Great work and what a great job that would be. Fantastic.

  • RacinGameShow

    I always wondered if they sweep all tires debris before scanning and if not how do they get rid of them in production and maintain proper surface details at the same time.

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