- 100% Independent Sim Racing News – Chevrolet Gen6 NASCAR Available has released the Chevrolet Gen6 NASCAR of Sprint Cup fame as the car is now being available to be purchased. has released the Chevrolet Gen6 NASCAR of Sprint Cup fame as the car is now being available to be purchased.

The car is remarkable not just for making its iRacing debut shortly after the real life introduction at Speedweeks in Daytona, it also is the second iRacing car to receive the new sound model treatment as you can check out in the video below, courtesy of TeamAbrams.

The Gen6 is NASCAR’s newest car generation for racing in the NASCAR Sprint Cup Series. The Ford version will follow up the just released Chevrolet version of the car with the Toyota license currently being pursued.

In related news, iRacing is currently pushing to be added to Valve’s Steam platform using the Greenlight feature. If you feel like supporting iRacing’s bid you can vote for them here.

  • Wesley Modderkolk

    the iRacing steam effort which you mentioned would be good to split that in a seperate article. Although there isnt much it is pretty big, and I think a lot of VirtualR readers have an opinion about it

  • Michael Hornbuckle

    Hopefully soon people will put up vids that actually have the graphics turned on…i haven’t been a member for a couple months but I know iracing looks far better than what is represented in that video.

    kind of odd that iracing wants on steam a couple days after AC is on there…and in the time iracing has been on the no votes for ac are up 50%….why does everybody have hard drives that only have enough space for one sim?

    • Anonymous

      Can’t understand why people share videos witheye candy off. btw good driving 😉

      • Anonymous

        Some of us want to show something, but don’t have computers that can reach anywhere close to 30FPS with full settings 😉 I guess unless you want an iRacing slideshow, lol.

      • Marcel Penzkofer

        Yepp, you are right, not everyone has a highend machine ;).

        But on the other side, my computer is more than four years old now too running with the first ever core²duo generation, less than 4Gb RAM and a mainboard not even supporting pci-express 2.0 and I can run iR on maximum settings with 120 FPS as it has become one of the smoothest simulations ever :). one of the things I love about iR is how smooth its representation and replays are.

      • Anonymous

        My PC was budget oriented 4 years ago, I can only turn on a few pieces and keep 80FPS. $100 would vastly improve it with a newer GPU, but there are those of us with old stuff 😉

  • Anonymous

    here’s another video!

  • Not_Wayne_Rooney

    The iRacingTV channel on Youtube has a much more impressive video. Previous high users I remember seeing online in races, spectating etc, other than on a World Tour event was about 1,200. I counted 1,784 tonight on a Monday, which is usually a slow night. I think the Gen 6 and the McLaren are really making a difference.

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