- 100% Independent Sim Racing News – Black Friday Promo Price has rolled out a special promo price right in time for the traditional Black Friday, a day that is known for shopping and bargaining deals. has rolled out a special promo price right in time for the traditional Black Friday, a day that is known for shopping and bargaining deals.

To honor the occasion, iRacing is lowering the price of a yearly subscription to their service to just $49 (instead of the usual $99), resulting in a monthly subscription price of $4,08.

While iRacing’s promo deals are often restricted to new members, this one is also available for existing subscribers who want to renew their membership. iRacing is providing two different promo codes, one for new members and one for existing customers:

  • Existing members: PR-BFEM
  • New members: PR-BFNM

Both codes must be used on the iRacing website. the offer is valid until the end of Sunday (GMT time).

  • Anonymous

    Great deal and a good time for me to re-new so I did πŸ™‚

  • Luke Maple

    Signed up til april 2014 now lol! just keep jumpin on the deals! played GTR evo today in a public server and remembered why iracing is so good! I entered 2 races and was faced with people driving the wrong way in both!

    • Stuart Becktell

      I was having problems in iRacing with people taking me out πŸ™ I quit because in one night in Miata races 3 people took me out (on straightaways no less), and as a new member the penalty system was really unfair. Not being able to get any deals (except this one) too just because I signed up for a month previously is really stupid too.

      • Jason Garrett

        You can’t quit just because of a bad string of races. Here’s a hint to get your safety rating up REALLY quickly. Drive as slow as you need to in order to have 0 incidents during a race. You could spend a couple nights doing this and easily get up to whatever license you want. It won’t help your iRating since that is performance related though. Just keep out of everyone’s way and ensure you have a clean race, your safety rating will skyrocket.

      • Luke Maple

        I agree 100% with this just keep your nose clean and you could see like +0.71 SR gain in one race, once you license up you no longer have to drive round with the children…

        I have never really understood IR and I have never really looked at mine tbh lol! I spend most my time lapping in open practice sessions because I don’t get much time to enter races! Still with enough people in the practice sessions it can be very competitive, trying to get the best time!

      • Anonymous

        The place iRating matters is below 1350 in rookie races. Thats the ‘lint trap’ of bad drivers that everyone else can avoid by getting either into the clean top splits with higher SR or cleaner series with better SR.

  • Pork Hunt Racing

    with the pending release of rf2 and lots more competition on the way, Its obvious this is a nervous money grab.

    that said, its a good deal/reward for those loyal iracers who have pumped lots of $$$ into it

    • Danny Bouwes

      Every year we see a black friday special offer. And every year it’s something along the lines of 50% discount. So I am not sure it has anything to do with the competition.

      • Laurent Cortier

        Good catch. It’s easy to make obvious conclusions in the heat of the action. Thanks for the zoom out πŸ˜‰

    • General Rush Hour

      Apollo did not land on the moon aswell right?

    • Jan Duin

      Don’t think so, they’ve been doing the Thanksgiving promo every year..

  • Julien Apruzzese

    The best promo, i am in πŸ˜‰

  • IAussie Gamer

    I have tried to use the code with my existing account as my account had expired but its not accepting the code πŸ™

  • Richard Hessels

    That’s only 37 euros, for the best online racing experience available.
    So that’s was a no brainer.
    Luckely every year around this time they have some special offer.
    Last 3 years been drving for much less than you would expect.

  • Stefan Schuchardt

    Say hello to a new iRacing member! What car should I buy first? IΒ΄m not a fan of oval racing. Corvette, Riley, HPD or the Lotus?

    • Hompe Mozzarella

      NOTE You have to get your license up first to drive those cars

      • Stefan Schuchardt

        Oh ok, good to know. Thanks.

      • Evan Maillard

        This not really true, you can practice with all the cars you own, you just need the correct license to race them.

      • Jason Garrett

        True, but you can race any car you want in private hosted sessions. If you want to race in any of the official series you have to have the proper license.

    • Anonymous

      The Skippy, definitely. It’s the only one on your list on the new tire model right now that you can reach the license to race with it with only that one purchase. While you’re at it, buy Watkins Glen and another track or car to get your discount. Do you like open wheelers, GTs, or sports cars?

      • Stefan Schuchardt

        I watched youtube videos yesterday and I liked the HPD and Suzuka alot.

        “buy Watkins Glen and another track or car to get your discount”, so I must buy two tracks to get a discount? Or must it be Watkins Glen?

        Do you mean by Skippy the Skip Barber? Or the HPD?

        So much questions πŸ˜€

        BTW I had alot of fun with the MX5 yesterday. So far I really like iRacing.

      • Anonymous

        Yes, the Skippy is the Skip Barber car. It is the most popular purchased road car in the service, and you will never have trouble finding a race with it. You will also be eligible to race it soon and can use it to increase your license to use the HPD in races. Same with Watkins Glen, basically every series runs it and it is always super popular. If you want to see more about how popular tracks are, look here:

        For discounts, you get 10% off for buying any 3 pieces of content, or 20% for buying any 6. My suggestions for your first purchases, given your preferences:
        Skip Barber, Watkins Glen, Road America (because the Skippy was at Suzuka last week)
        HPD, Suzuka, Spa
        Either two 3 packs or one 6 pack would work.

        That should get your money’s worth, and they are all quality pieces of content. I also strongly suggest trying the Spec Racer Ford, it’s base content and some of the best racing in the series. Whenever you can’t race the Skippy with the content you have, definitely race the SRF.

      • Stefan Schuchardt

        Oh wow, thanks for this very detailed informations! I will do that exactly like that.

        BTW I just won my first race! πŸ˜€

  • Justin ForzaBarΓ§a Cruze

    Renewed, have been curious about this 2.0 tire model for a while πŸ™‚

  • Arie Beuker, de

    A monthly fee is something we can talk about, but buying tracks and cars as extra’s? ouf of the question.
    I guess iracing is noracing for me.

    • General Rush Hour

      Yea having a job might be a good idea when you are playing iRacing.Β 

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