- 100% Independent Sim Racing News – Bathurst Coming Up in New Build has released plenty of new previews of their Bathurst track that is coming up with the new build later this week. has released plenty of new previews of their Bathurst track that is coming up with the new build later this week.

Bathurst is Australia’s most iconic racing facility, featuring a stunning run up Mount Panorama using mostly public roads, the 3.8 mile circuit hosts the annual Bathurst 1000, V8 Supercars’ marquee event as well as several sports car races.

The new build will give iRacing subscribers the chance to purchase the track as well as introduce plenty of other changes, all of which you can find listed in the build release notes below.

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My Account

My Account has been updated to be easier to use, and to allow you to manage your information and personal data faster. You may also now manage more email notification preferences.

Weather Indicators

You may now see weather settings for race series, league sessions, hosted sessions, and popular races in your What’s Hot widget.

Driving School and How-To Videos

The Driving School and How-to video sections have been overhauled and redone. They’re faster, more reliable, and easier to use now.

Multi-Platform Downloads

Anywhere you see a download link to get the software, you are now able to download all alternate versions of the software we offer. Just click on “Other Download Options” to see more!

League Page

Add a Session:

– When creating a session, there will be a new “NOTIFICATION” section at the bottom of the page as the last panel. Opening the panel will reveal a form with four notification options:
· Don’t Send – This is the default action. No notifications will be sent when this option is checked.
· Send Now – This will send out a notification to the distribution list (see below) at the time the session is created.
· Send at Time Before – This will allow the League Admin to select an amount of time before the session starts to send the notification. The times are from 15 minutes to 2 hours in 15 minute increments.
· Send at Set Time – This option will allow the League Admin to set a specific date and time to send the notification.

– When a notification option other than Don’t Send is selected the following distribution options are revealed along with a place to type a message and a time selection control:
· Send to All League Members – Choosing this will send the notification to all who are members at the time of the session being created. Deleting a member from the league will have no effect.
· Send to League Members In Grid – This option will send the notification to all members in the grid setup for the session. If any member(s) is/are added or deleted from the league, the notification will be sent to all current members at the time of notification.
· Send to Specific League Members – Choosing this will display a list of league members to choose from. Simply click on a member to select/deselect.

Automatic Disqualification

All hosted sessions including tournaments and league sessions now support an optional maximum incident setting that will result in drivers being automatically disqualified from sessions once they accumulate the configured number of incident points. To configure this setting look for a new checkbox inside the hosted session’s “OPTIONAL SETTINGS” area. You will need to check the checkbox and enter a number greater than 0.

League Racing

The system now supports three additional session configurations:
– Open qualifier only
– Open practice + open qualifier
– Open practice + lone qualifier

This affords league administrators the flexibility of running qualifiers without a race component. They can then use these results to configure the grids for subsequent league races. This is only relevant when the subsequent league race is configured as an open practice + race.

For example you could do the following:
1) Create an open practice + open qualifier session
2) Create a subsequent open practice + race session. When configuring the session click on the “Click here to configure your field and grid” link to open the grid builder. Inside the grid builder select “Load from prior session” and select the prior qualifier and click on the “LOAD DRIVERS” button. That pulls the drivers from the qualifier into your race field. Then you can select the grid algorithm you want to use, then click on the “APPLY GRID NOW” button to arrange the grid. Don’t forget to click on “DONE” when you are done. This is the step that actually saves the grid to the database.

League Requests Bug Fix

The applications section of the league requests section of the league details page had a bug and was incorrectly processing requests to accept or deny applications. As a result any request to accept or deny an application would be applied to the last item in the list. This should now be resolved.

League Wall Bug Fix

Large league helmets now show up again on the League Communication page. This bug fix also fixes an issue where some users were unable to reply to wall posts.



– The sim now supports up to 2048×2048 car textures. There is a new graphics option to enable this.

– Allow the system mem slider to go all the way to 3GB.

– Remove uncompressed car textures option and always force it off.

– Remove prefer shadow maps option and always force it on.

– Add in app.ini [Drive Screen] UIOffsetBottomPct=0 to allow you to shift the bottom of the driving screen up so commercial simulators with a car body in the way can still see the black box. Note that this is an integer so 10 is 10%.

– Fixed several bugs related to the biasing of dynamic shadow maps that were causing dark bands (zebra stripes) on cars and other dynamic objects, especially when viewed with highly zoomed cameras.

Oculus Rift

– Updated to the 2.5 version of the Oculus SDK.

– Turn off manual calibration of magnetometer now that the new Rift software takes care of it for us.

– Add an additional renderer.ini option for the rift headset that disables it completely (forces detection to fail). The Oculus VR SDK apparently recognizes some TVs/monitors as rift HMDs when they’re not, and setting “RiftEnabled=0” allows customers with these devices to disable the Rift prompt that appears when launching the simulator.

– Added a simplistic neck/head model so that the eye locations translate properly with the currently tracked head orientation.


– Added an IsSpectator flag to the session string.

– Added LapDeltaToSessionLastLap parameter.

– RadioTransmitCarIdx now clears when the UI indicator clears.

Race Control

– Added a new rule that will disqualify a driver in a race session if their incident points reach an incident points limit defined in the event options. By default there is no limit defined. In a race the message you see when you get an incident point will show you your total incident points for the race so far, eg: “Off Track (1x) Total 14x” If there is a limit, it is displayed after the total, eg: “Off Track (1x) Total 14x/25x” if there is a 25 point limit.

– At a few of our tracks the actual finish line where lap timing is scored is not at the front of the starting grid, it can be towards the back of the starting grid. We now support doing these lap timing and finish lines properly. Tracks that we have updated to support this are Suzuka, Spa Francorchamps, and Mount Panorama.

– We now make a better computation of when to release cars who missed the start from the pit lane to prevent situations where drivers starting from pit lane were being released into the middle of the pack, unless there are people who are just really slow getting started.


– The joystick code now supports hot plugging of joysticks. Devices can be plugged in after the sim starts, without forcing a recalibration, or unplugged and plugged back in at any time without causing issues. And secondary devices, like a joystick mapped to the cameras, can remain unplugged if they are not currently needed, again without losing any joystick mappings.

– The joystick code has been reworked and optimized to remove the chance that there could be a conflict between iRacing and the joystick drivers. Force feedback effects should now behave consistently from run to run.

– Added in a centerSpringPct option to the app.ini file, so you can activate a center spring force while driving. This is not recommended for use, but was added in to better support members who are already modifying the drivers to support this.

– Most joysticks will now auto calibrate, so you should not need to use the calibration routine when setting up a device to control the cameras or the in car adjustments. Devices, like analog knobs, that don’t have a centering spring may still need to be manually calibrated.

– Manual calibration should now be more reliable for joysticks and low resolution devices. The calibration wizard has also been extended so that the reset button properly resets both the calibration and detection of the device.

– The joystick calibration data has been split out of the controls.cfg file into a text base JoyCalib.yaml file. So you can now edit the calibrations by hand in order to better support short calibrating your pedals.

– We now support 32 physical joysticks, up from 8 previously.

– Hat switches (d-pads) now support diagonal motion.

– Added in app.ini [ForceFeedback] disableAutoCenter=1 option, this allows you to keep the auto center effect enabled if you need it on your force feedback joystick. Note that auto center is a feature that only works on FFB joysticks and will have no effect on a FFB wheel.

– Split the trigger buttons on the XBox 360 controller into two axes using the XInput api. This can be turned on or off with the app.ini [Force Feedback] seperateXBox360Triggers=1 option.

Force Feedback

– The minimum force parameter now smoothly compresses the forces below the minimum force level instead of applying a hard cut-off. This provides some buffer in case the slider is set wrong, and allows the minimum force to work with any device, not just G27 wheels. You can return to the older behavior with the app.ini flag: [Force Feedback] FFBUseSimpleMinForce=0

– The range of the minimum force slider was boosted to a maximum of 40%, up from 20%. This was put in place to help members running the Fanatec CSW v29 firmware to remove their rather large force deadzone.


– Many of the road course cars have a more realistic aerodynamic drafting response to other cars.

New Tire Model – v5 Updates

– There is now much better rolling drag computation, which gives more rolling drag and more tire heat.

– Improved the low speed vs high speed grip levels. Now there is a little less low speed grip, and a little more high speed grip.

– Improved/increased the loss of grip that occurs the thinner the tire tread rubber gets.

– Cars that have been updated to the v5 model this season are:
· Legends Ford ’34 Coupe
· Mazda MX-5 Cup
· Mazda MX-5 Roadster
· Pontiac Solstice
· SCCA Spec Racer Ford
· VW Jetta TDI Cup

– As a reminder, the cars that were already on the v5 model are:
· Lotus 49
· Skip Barber Formula 2000
· Street Stock
· Williams-Toyota FW31


– Added a new sponsor in remembrance of Morgan Schooley.

2048×2048 Textures

– All cars now have 2048×2048 textures, up from 1024×1024.

Cadillac CTS-V Racecar

– Wheel strengths have been increased to match other vehicles in the simulation.

Chevrolet SS-Gen6

– Grille tape limits have been changed so that overheating can occur to a greater degree and reduce tandem racing.

– Green light on fuel ignition box added.

Dallara IndyCar

– Updated external engine sounds.

Ford Fusion-Gen6

– Grille tape limits have been changed so that overheating can occur to a greater degree and reduce tandem racing.

– Green light on fuel ignition box added.

Ford GT

– The front suspension physics modeling has been improved.

– Revised the fuel level increments so they’re at 5 liters (1.34 gallons) per increment, rather than 7.8 liters (2.068 gals) per increment.

Ford Mustang Class B

– This car is now available for purchase. This car is in the same class as the Chevrolet National Impala and should drive identically, and setups should be interchangable, just like how the Chevrolet SS-Gen6 and Ford Fusion-Gen6 behave.

Legends Ford ’34 Coupe

– This car and its Rookie counterpart have been updated to NTMv5 along with other physics refinements.

Mazda MX-5 Cup

– This car has been updated to NTMv5 along with other physics refinements.

– Raised minimum allowable ride height to 5″

Mazda MX-5 Roadster

– This car has been updated to NTMv5 along with other physics refinements.

– Raised minimum allowable ride height to 5″

Pontiac Solstice

– This car and its Rookie counterpart have been updated to NTMv5 along with other physics refinements.

SCCA Spec Racer Ford

– This car has been updated to NTMv5 along with other physics refinements.

VW Jetta TDI Cup

– This car has been updated to NTMv5 along with other physics refinements.

Williams-Toyota FW-31

– Tire pressures now adjusts at 1/10th psi per click.

Circuit de Spa-Francorchamps

– The Grand Prix and Endurance configs now have a correctly placed finish line, about half way along the upper grid area.

New Hampshire Motor Speedway

– Now has a Legends oval config.

New Jersey Motorsports Park

– This track is now available as a Tech Track.

Mount Panorama Circuit

– This track is now available.

Suzuka International Racing Course

– This track now has a correctly placed finish line, about half way along the starting grid area.


  • Diego Colafabio

    The level of detail is just…impressive. WOW.

  • Derek Speare

    Here’s a promo code for a free 3 month subscription:


    • Anonymous

      Aaaaahh!! Down for maintenance, after entering that code, oh well I’ll try it again, next week.

      • joe

        try again in a couple of hours, its just for the new update today

      • Anonymous

        I hope you find enjoyment in it as it is the best online matching system.
        AFM I won’t go back because the way they operate is too much like the dope dealer business.

    • GamerMuscle

      Why are they using the dyslexic alphabet as a promo code ?

  • Anonymous

    inb4 “NTM sucks” 😀

    Btw amazing work as always!

  • Anonymous

    Looks really impressive.. can’t wait to get my hands on it.
    Hopefully the flock of bird is not that animated so jerky as in previous tracks.

  • Anonymous

    Pity I don’t own Iracing, because there’s no single player with Ai’s & off-line play, it sure looks a hundred times better than anything that’s currently available for rfactor2, what makes it even worse is that the engine used is older than the rFactor 2 engine, god help use when Iracing moves over to DirectX 11 come 2015.

    • Realkman666

      Have you ever tried the physics?

      • Andy Thompson

        We all know physics aren’t brilliant, but nothing can rival it for online experience.

      • Realkman666

        Instead of telling me that the tomato is delicious in my hamburger made with rancid meat, how about you educate me about the cars that are worth driving? All I’ve tried felt bad, and I’ve watched videos of stuff that seemed to feel bad, but it looks like the HPD and Ford GT handle decently. Does it take less than a year of experience before being able to use these in events?

      • Andy Thompson

        Ah right, you were asking a question that you didn’t actually type in. My bad. My mind reading skills are lacking of late.

      • Realkman666

        It’s a free add-on. 😉

      • Andy Thompson

        I do love DLC! 😀

      • Anonymous

        When is the last time you been driving at iRacing?
        Than i don’t mean 5 minutes in every car.
        But a good time on some of the cars.
        The NTM4 and NTM5 is a much better experience than previous versions.

      • Realkman666

        I’m not going to buy random content hoping some of it isn’t crap. After trying to like some of the base content, I graciously declined.

      • Anonymous

        Now all the base content is updated with the new NTMv5, no need to purchase anything, go and try it.

        Sadly your opinion is out dated!

      • Realkman666

        What the hell? A useful comment? Holy cow…

      • Lucía Domínguez González

        I have to agree here, i tested the Spec Racer Ford and i have to admit i was impressed. iRacing is improving a lot lately, graphic wise and physic/tire model wise.
        I still love the other sims, in order to compliment iRacing i dont feel the need to demote the rest of the competition.

      • Anonymous

        Star Mazda car was my favorite.

      • vertexjunkee

        I went from rookie to B Class in just 3 month with Mx5 (freecar) and Mustang…after that I go full season with HPD

      • Realkman666

        Good to hear!

      • Anonymous

        Yes I have and I won’t bad mouth it but neither iRacing or rF2 are my favorite in that category.

      • Anonymous

        Yes I have and I won’t bad mouth it but neither iRacing or rF2 are my favorite in that category.

    • Diego Colafabio

      there are many discussions about AI…we’ll see if in future we’ll get it.
      About graphic engine, yes it’s “old” but IMHO is the best available at the moment: not heavy for hardware, really “clear” images. And, one thing more, they added lot of graphic features during years.

    • Anonymous

      The engine is updated with many new shaders, it’s absolutely not the same graphics engine as when it was released many years ago.

      • Anonymous

        Graphics are excellent in iRacing some of the best for DX9 and they plan DX11. The lighting model is superb. iRacing graphics are almost as good as pCARS.

      • Anonymous

        What we’ve seen so far for Assetto Corsa, I would say the screen shots posted here of Bathurst for Iracing are better than what we’ve seen for Assetto Corsa as well, hence why I said god help us, when Iracing moves to DirectX 11.

      • Anonymous

        DX11 is not some magic that makes things look better instandly.
        It has some advantages over DX9 for sure.
        Look at pCars in DX9, many of the special FX are there already. Main advantage from DX11 is that you can you use longer shader coding, instead of fixed size.
        So you can calculate more things at once.
        But any calculation takes it’s time, so the more you have the GPU do, the lower the framerate will be.
        Those nice FX will take their toll on the FPS anyhow.
        With DX11 some things can be optimized a bit better. Putting the strain on the graphics system a bit down.
        But it won’t radically change the appearance of the game.
        For now iRacing got a extremely well optimized graphics system giving more than twice as much FPS as rF2 for instance. You can even select true 64bit processing, none of the other sims at the moment have this advantage.
        Before anybody rant, i’m iRacing fanboy. There are enough shortcomings to iRacing in my opinion. But loads of things they do really well too.

    • Anonymous

      iRacing graphics blow rF2 away! As for physics I am very undecided with both

    • Mark

      Agreed, Iracing graphics are great, those neaty shaders updates really makes a whole diference. But I can’t say that I dislike rf2 graphics, it might not be as good as iracing or AC but at least its vastly improved in comparison to the previous ISI engine (wich I always disliked the ‘washed out’ dull looks)

  • Realkman666

    Does it work well under Linux already?

  • Justin Schmidt

    could not really wait any longer with the release of the track. bathurst gets repaved soon.

    • Anonymous

      Already had parts repaved since the scan, plus the full repave soon.

      • Anonymous

        The scanning took place more than a year ago..
        Production of a track on high this level just takes a long time.
        That would mean we could drive this track in 2 years from now.
        Seeing the amount of tree close to the track, new bumps will come very soon after repaving.

      • Anonymous

        Yes, this was not a jab at the track. Any laser scan is accurate as of the time it was scanned.

        Tracks change so fast it would be folly to try and keep up with every change for every track. They’d never be able to release anything new, they would be planning their second rescan of VIR by now.

      • Justin Schmidt

        the surface looks actually still really nice. i would have waited a couple more years with that repavement.
        i prefer an older track surface in sims. bit more challenging and more to feel in the steering wheel. the old and new daytona in iracing are a good example.

      • Anonymous

        Agreed. I just wanted to clear up any confusion if anyone thought the track matched the current config now and will become historic in a few months. It’s historic now.

  • Guest

    I can smell tarmac from that screens….

  • Petr Klouczech

    I can smell tarmac from that screenshots….

  • Alexease

    Onboard, Ford Mustan Class-B

  • Anonymous
  • Anonymous

    Whatever they’ve done, the Lotus 49 is much more stable on the baseline setup than it was even with last season’s Allison Hine setup. Might make the car drivable for me (still off pace, but predictable enough I’m not walking on eggs).

    • Anonymous

      Sounds great to hear things like this happening. As you know I am a fairly vocal individual to the point where many may see me as combative. Truth of the matter is everyone is privileged to have the experience to their liking and tastes that they so rightly paid for even though at times I may not agree with what that might be.
      AFM a handling model that allows you to get into a comfortable rhythm with great connection behind the wheel almost in the zone like does if for me and it would seem that what you describe as for changes seem to be in the right direction for a more enjoyable experience for those who may feel the same way as I do about the matter of car physics in todays games.:)

      • Anonymous

        So far, every car I’ve tried on NTMv5 can be oversteered around corners pretty comfortably without the car snapping back like it used to. Everything washes out when you overdo it, unless you’re way too fast, or a curb or sudden bump unsettles the car and you’re at the limit already. It’s definitely worth a try again, especially since almost all the rookie content has been updated.

      • Anonymous

        Oh I would probably be fine with the driving model iRacing has to offer but I don’t want to feel the need to devote more time to it in comparison to other titles I enjoy. It almost seems like you need to be locked in to get the most out of it which is where my comment further on down comes from. Almost like they want to offer a sample in hopes you become addicted and then want you to devote all your time and cash to them. Are there other companies trying to do this? Sure but IMO on a different scale

      • Anonymous

        Actually let me rephrase this a bit. I fully believe that iRacing possibly has had the most progress of anyone’s NTM’s that we are seeing. No doubt in my mind. While I believe SMS has done great works with their tire the iRpapy tire is battle tested and all I have seen are positive comments in relation. As for my preference sadly enough this dev. team does not offer a retail boxed product or I would own it for sure.

      • Anonymous

        I would say the latest tire model is going to significantly reduce the amount of time you need to dedicate to each car, which was the issue before. You felt you had to spend hours practicing for each car each week. This week I hopped into the Legend car (which I haven’t touched in years) at Okayama (a track I hate) and with just 10 minutes practice (just enough to set the final drive ratio on the baseline setup) finished 5th in top split.

        The time needed to be dedicated to compete will be much less, since all the cars handle like… cars. I don’t think anywhere near the dedication will be needed going forward, unless you want to be at the front of the top splits, but that’s going to be the same anywhere you go.

        I mean, you wouldn’t expect iRacing to not make the initial experience the best they could, would you? It’s actually something I wish they had done years ago, make sure the base content was some of the highest quality. It would actually mean less money, as people can enjoy the game to its full potential without any DLC.

    • sk3ptik0n

      Last night I forgot to drive it, but I may give it a second look. I don;t mind a hard to drive car. I love the other lotus, but I hate a car that tries to kill you every turn and especially one that you have to be more worried about not crashing and burning that racing the damn thing.

      Bathurst, by the way, is great. Finally we have a fairly good representation of it. I have so many versions that seem too narrow or too wide. At last a paragon.

      The V8 is a handful up the mountain and especially down of it. I wish they remodeled it with the new version and retire this one. There was a time when it was OK to drive, but for the most part is too much of a handful to be really fun.

      • Anonymous

        I didn’t get a huge amount of time (and trying Bathurst with it was not the best way to judge a car’s drivability 😉 ), but in just a few laps at Motegi I felt comfortable getting the car into what felt like 4-wheel drifts around a few corners without looping or feeling like it would loop at any time. Spins were almost always hitting grass/curbing, going way too fast into a corner, or way too aggressive on the throttle.

        I guess the best way to put it was all my issues seemed to be my driving like an idiot, and not ‘oh, I guess I need to remember that physics glitch and not do that again’.

        And yes, Bathurst is awesome, the Dipper is crazy scary…

      • Anonymous
  • WaitingForAC


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