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iRacing or Assetto Corsa: Who does Porsche better?

Which simulation simulates the Porsche 911 GT3 Cup car better? Watch and decide!

iRacing recently released their Porsche 911 GT3 Cup car as another simulation entered the quickly-expanding choice of digital Porsche machinery.

With more titles getting their hands one the formerly-elusive license, the question becomes: Which title does the iconic Zuffenhausen brand the most justice?

To help us start answering that question, DigiProst has put together a comparison video, showing a lap on the Nürburgring with the Porsche 911 GT3 Cup car in both iRacing and Assetto Corsa.

Who does it better? Watch and post your favorite in the comments below.

  • KDP

    Assetto Corsa!

    • LithiumFox

      Except for some reason the transmission sound is baked into the engine samples and is driven by engine RPM in AC rather than drivetrain RPM as in the real car…

      So… it kinda failed completely.

      On top of the fact that the iRacing one actually seems to drive better than the AC one… lol. (That’s weird for most people but it’s apparently true)

      Hey VirtualR, why not report on the real 991 driver who came out and actively said the iRacing one is spot on and even gave advice how to deal with it’s “quirks”? 😉

      • Евгений Дружинин

        By the way 991 Cup really drives very different in iR and AC.And it is really strange cause most of the cars in both sims are really close. AC version drives more like old Cup car in iR – Ruf.

      • Jardier

        AC has option to turn on and off ABS on Porsche car. And 2017 Porsche cup car is ABS READY, That means for races like Porsche supercup and other cup series ABS is OFF. But for endurance races like VLN and 24h Dubai,etc. You have ABS ON.

      • Евгений Дружинин

        Stock Cup cars have no ABS – ABS ready, true, but this means you have to buy ABS brains and install it as an additional cost. So it just looks strange that Kunis has ABS on as a default option but it is not a big deal, of course. Just strange.

      • Martin Palm

        The 2017 Cup car comes with ABS, you don’t have to buy a separate kit anymore like the old 997/991 Cup cars.

      • Евгений Дружинин

        2017 Cup car is on 991 platform. No new platform avaliable, as I remember. Porsche is transitioning to it 2016/2017 for all series. And 991 Cup is abs ready, but has no ABS, as i see. Where did you get info?

      • Martin Palm

        I read it from a member of the Kunos team but maybe I remember incorrectly because after some research I see that Bosch has a kit available for the Gen 2 MY2017 991 Cup.. So maybe it is ABS ready from factory but doesn’t have a unit.

      • Bakkster

        Yes, you can add ABS to the car for events which allow it, but the car rolls off the line intended for Supercup which does not allow ABS.

    • Richard Hessels

      Did you try both?

      • KDP

        Yes, tried both for sometime and both are very good, but I keep going back into AC. Feels better in AC… more complete, seems like something is missing with the iRacing car? Maybe I’m just tired of iRacing.

      • Mathias “Matze” S

        Maybe you miss the ABS 😀 ….Seriously the porsche in iRacing is just perfect in its way….and the problem i have with asetto is i dont feel connected with the car like iracing does. seems like a remote control…the price of iracing is the biggest problem

      • BusterAuldt

        KDP, I’m with you. While the Porsche Cup car is the best handling car iRacing has produced so far, for me and my rig, the iRacing car(s) all lack vital force feedback necessary to really enjoying / feeling / controlling the car. Specifically, I can “feel” the texture of the asphalt in a turn in AC. In AC I can feel when the road texture changes letting me know that I am at the edge of adhesion! In iRacing, I feel nothing in a turn like I was driving on glass with grip and then when grip goes you “see” the slide but you don’t “feel” it. If iRacing ever fixes this they would be absolute KINGS and I could concentrate on pure racing as opposed to mastering ice skating! (My rig… Obutto Revolution, CSW V2 wheel and pedals, front and rear Buttkickers using simvibe in extensions mode).

  • Gonzalo Rodriguez Sastre

    the car in AC have the camara “locked to horizon” so you see the movements of the world around the car and not the car moving , you dont see vivrations and body roll as in IR one,im prety sure that the sound is not ste in high range and in AC the post processing efects are off so you can not see the brake lights , reflections and bla blaaaaa.

    not representative video at all

    as Richard Hessels said you have to try both to get an opinion , videos are not valid and less bad done comparisons at this one.

  • BernL

    The I racing track surface is what I like more…..Assetto does not have it yet…RF2 beat both with track surface….Iracing porch has my vote

  • punkfest2000

    Speaking strictly for this video…iRacing

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