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Interview With Geoff Crammond

Interview With Geoff Crammond

Back in 1992, Geoff Crammond started what would arguably become the most successful simulation game franchise by releasing Formula One Grand Prix for the PC and Amiga.

Following the release of Grand Prix 4 and the closure of Microprose in 2002 that led to the whole series being folded, there wasn’t much news about Crammond as the Englishman has not worked on any public gaming projects since then.

Retro Gamer magazine had the rare chance to interview Crammond, releasing a very interesting eight-page article as he talks about his first games, his involvement with the Grand Prix series, misconceptions about physics in the sim racing community and his life after Grand Prix 4.

Follow the link below to download a PDF with the full interview, make sure to not miss the rare chance to hear from one of sim racing’s most influential designers.

Download Interview With Geoff Crammond Here

  • F1Racer

    Wow, the king is back.  This is a nice surprise.  Looking forward to reading this !
    Wonder what he thinks of modern F1 sims and mods.

  • The GodFather

    A Legend, simply put.

  • F1Racer

    I think I may have got an indirect mention in the interview.  Guess I`ll never know for sure.

    I love what he said about sim racers, their opinions and how they never change their loyalty after they’ve written something down online 🙂      Geoff knows the score.

  • shum94

    Interview aint intresting as i would have been happy to read about what he thinks of the market right now, what he tried & what does he think about it.


    “Grand Prix 5 still feels like unfinished business”


  • Junkie

    Don’t do that to yourself

  • thorns

    I am guilty of this to, please let there be hope for us die hard fans!

  • Jezza

    The ONLY man who could release a F1 game with next to no bugs! All his games felt complete from the world go, at the time you couldnt ask for more. And the players were able to actually play without needing a wheel!

    Geoff Crammond = F1 Developer World Champion.

  • jeff

    What a great read, thank you for the link 🙂  …. Holds GP4 cd in hand and thinks, shall I or shouldn’t I…

  • Miep

    This interview is about 1 year old already, as he is talking about the Brawn F1 team doing so great in F1.

  • FooAtari

    Ah it’s from Retro Gamer which I buy regulary, a few months old this. Was looking forward to reading that 🙁

    The GP series is probably my favourite sim. Never foget getting GP2 for Christmas and a crappy Mad Catz wheel which i thought was the dogs bollocks back then in ’95 (I think, could have been ’96). Good times.

  • Flaux

    I miss him and the gp-series… Still drive gp4 regulary once a week or so…

    Played gp1 on an amiga (remember those passwords from in the handbook, well remember those big handbooks!) First modding influence at changing the names to real ones *g*

    Got GP2 as a present from my family. Installed it and found out my systam was to slow. It took me a week of crying to get my dad to drive to the next computer-store to buy some more ram’s *g* First time modding a carshape for a fantastic jan frischkorn carset. Man it was all so easy back then…

    Then GP3 and GP3-2000 was hugh. Those weather effects are still brilliant. Did my last carshape for those games… (oh and had to buy a new rig of course…lol)

    Till then GP4 with almost 4 years of a break. Had a flashback one night and installed all titles and made a time journey…

    GP4 has its flaws but the ai is still the best you can get. The GP-series are the only games where I ever played a whole season.

    So….thank you Geoff 😉

  • F1Racer

    Maybe so, but it (GP4) still got criticised to hell when it came out.  As did GP3.  

  • jpmjpm

    I loved Revs on C-64. It was totally different from other racing games. I played a lot.

    And the GP series was fantastic. Played so many hours on LAN with friends. It was fun.

  • F1Racer

    Great nostalgia 🙂   I loved my Amiga from back then, the A1200 was amazing.

    I cannot count how many hours I put in on GP2.  Even won a league championship with it.   Wasn’t the GP series where modding all got started ?   GP2 started having textures instead of colours.
    Great great days.

    Today we have bloom and HDR to bitch about as our quest to find the impossible, a racing sim to please us all, continues.

  • Jack_NL

    Hooked on F1 games since Pole Position / Revs on the Commodore64

    F1GP on the Amiga was the game I played the most those day’s
    with F1GP-ED from Olivier Roberts and the timing utilities from Rene Smit (SDI)
    F1GP was serous business ;

    When GP2 came out a PC was expensive (for me ; ), but at the end when I finaly had a PC
    it was GP2 / 3 / 4  with all the great mod and communities

  • Suarez16

    The shot of the wrecked stunt racer car brings back some memories… 🙂

    Nice read!

  • F1Racer

    oh god yeah, F1GP-ED 🙂   I remember all that.  Oliver even had his util on a cover floppy disk on Amiga Format magazine.   Simpler times and man they were good.

  • F1Racer

    I`ll tell you what, on that b/w photo, Geoff could easily be Phil ‘The Power’ Taylors brother 🙂

  • vik15

    I was a bit curious to learn whether he quit games and why. All that “normal life” is pure boredom usually so I can’t believe he actually did.

  • Giuseppe Rainieri

    sorry i cant open the file.Someone can put the file on other web?filefront,megaupload or mediafire? thx 😀

  • Hybrid

    Little bit old. But fun to read again.
    Geoff come back please. 🙂

  • Nanny

    …”It was also possible for one part of the circuit to be wet while the rest was dry, and so on”.
    I remember when I put the wheater conditions for get that effect, specially at Spa and the long hockenheim.
    GTR2 wasnt able, rfactor either, you are the champion, just that. Nice comment about the rain on the monaco tunnel!

  • KamyKaze

    GTR 2 did that. Even EVO did that

  • Fisco

    Tried to open this and also downloaded it a couple of time, but keeps saying the file is damaged and cannot be repaired. Would like to have a read as GP2 was my first PC sim. Could someone possibly upload it somewhere else. Thanks

  • GTEvo

    =-O first i thought he is dead,a Black/With Foto in a ILegendVeteran/Pioneer Interview really not “ideal”

    “Just my two Cents”

  • Substance242

    GP1 played a huge role in my life, with maybe 40 (!) seasons raced together with my coworker (race length I think 20% or so), switching seats behind the keyboard. Then our ways separated because I started enjoying much more IndyCars (both in TV – more interesting than “Schumi domination years” and in games – IndyCar Racing 2 was my choice, indycar.exe -h to go 640×480) and he tried GP2 which was unplayable for me (we could go 1000% cpu use at the start and I really need good framerate). Then I left PC gaming altogether for many years, but I will always remember GP1.

  • Markuz

    Perhaps Codies should’ve just asked him to do the programming for F1 2010 and just let the other developers work on graphics and beta testing, hehehe… As long as he doesn’t do it via his “fixed framerate” engine. GP4 still has the best replays I’ve ever seen on a PC racing game. It may have low texture quality but staring at it from afar still makes me think I’m seeing a real F1 race. Can’t say that with other F1 games and mods.

  • Spaceman

    Don’t talk nonesense. GP4 STILL has the pitstop bug. Player gets stuck in pits all race.
    People think GP4 was some uber masterpiece when it was released. They forget the community did a MOUNTAIN of work on it.

  • Dave

    GTR2 needs to be run from a memory patcher for it to work in races(quali is fine) ,some bug that wasn’t fixed,however with the mod it is brilliant ,especially on the mother ,add it thunder sound effects.
    One particular evening doing a run on Nordschleife the thunder effects had me literally jump out of my seat and then it just bucketed down for half the track ,the clouds then moved away and not another drop of rain for the entire race.

    F1 ,if it rains it has to rain on the entire circuit.

  • Jack_NL

    Still have the disk with my registerd key 😉

    have bought a Amiga 1200 with a GVP 030 8 mb turboboard recently
    a cool thing is that a 4gb pcmcie card can be used with a ide2pcmia adater for harddisk, fast and quit!

    only have not played with it so much tho

  • Jack_NL


    That was also running in my mind but more that Paul Jeal (GP3 tester as he said) maybe did try to get Geoff on the team, but that Geoff didnt want to work for Codemasters.?

  • jimmy

    Yeah, GP4 still stands out as the most authentic PC F1 sim for me. There is simply an aura, a sense of immersion that no else F1 sim has.

  • Nanny

    I didnt get that effect on gtr2, all circuit was wet or dry.

  • Jezza

    Nonsense? I never once experienced a pitstop bug or any other kind of glitch or bug in the game.. And it was a game i played from day 1 up until a couple of years ago. Nor did i ever download any patch for need to fix anything. Maybe your bug came about by downloading things the community made…. Comunities can fix games but they can also destroy games. It wasnt until maybe 3 years ago that i downloaded my first mod for the game wich was track updates and a season pack… Funny thats about when i decided to stop playing the game.

  • dalibor

    Grand Prix 5?


    daydreaming……..(from harsh reality lately)

  • Wendy did what?

    Still nothing has come close to GP3 weather.  rF2, especially with its dynamic racing groove thing looks like being the best contender.  I hope they pull it off, variable and **subtle** weather makes…..well, atmosphere.  And has a real impact on the racing – a la GP3.  Oh do please manage it, ISI? 

    All hail King Crammond!

  • Wendy did what?

    rasing a family is boring…….whereas changing 0s to 1s and vice versa is exciting?

  • bergqvistjl

    No, there is a pitstop bug, it was mentioned in the readme for the official patch. It was fixed in the (community made GPxpatch though). From the Official Patch Readme: “Sometimes the pit crew will not let player/AI car leave the pit stop. Happens only in race mode. As a result the car is stuck forever. When the team-mate pulls in for a pit stop later in the race, he will park behind you and wait for his turn to be serviced. Thus the race can never end since the two cars will never cross the finish line. And even if they could, the race is pretty much destroyed anyway.
    The only way to continue is to leave by pressing “Esc” and clicking on “Accelerated time”, but in this case, you’ve been obliged to abandon the race. The bug can happen on any track, and on any lap. ” 

  • F1Racer

    I had the Amiga 1200 with the Blizzard 50Mhz card 🙂    Proper multitasking and what a great OS.  
    Lemmings and Worms along with the GP1 were my main games.  Best non Windows based computer I ever owned.  
    What did you start off with Jack ?   ZX81 here 🙂   Learned how to progam on that thing. Before moving to ZX Spectrum.

  • Jezza

    Out of the countless seasons i raced on the game it NEVER happened to me.

  • Marco Van Dongen

    His opinion about current sims is the question never asked. Nice to know he is still alive and kicking though.

  • Jack_NL

    oehh  the big 050 turbocard 🙂
    yeah with kickstart 3.0/3.1 I could run any program on a CD32 with SX1 module

    I started with the Commodore 64 that  bought it from my brother
    played Pole position in a Arcade hal and when I saw it came for the C64 I had to have a Commodore 64
    ah the games were great  Pitstop,  kungfu master, way of the exploding fist, and so much more.

    I was not a programmer, I was able to get the text flashing and such but that was just typing over some text, not smart enough to understand programming lol

  • Jack_NL

    btw  I guess you know of the program Winuae?  a great Amiga emulator for pc

  • F1Racer

    Yeah Ive tried Winuae.  Even almost got my Amiga formatted HDD to work on it too.   Im sure I`ll go back and loot at that again.   Exploding Fist was great 🙂   Played that to death on the Spectrum.

  • noneed

    Geoff Crammond created garbage. Buggy, worthless garbage. His “sims” never ran smooth even on the latest and most expensive hardware. 

    I can’t remember how many frustrating hours we tried to get GP2 running right on multiplayer. Complete crap!

    Always went back into the open, warm arms of Papy and ICR2. Too bad Papy didn’t do F1 ’cause if they did, noone would ever remember the name Geoff Crammond.

    • Jorge Abujamra Neto

      I guess you’re a bunch of garbage which learned to type.

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