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Indianapolis 500: Evolution – More Previews

Indianapolis 500: Evolution – More Previews

Brain in a Jar has released a bunch of new previews of their Indianapolis 500: Evolution title for Xbox 360 that will allow players to race historic Indy machinery from the 1961-1971 seasons.

The studio does not just promise a realistic driving experience but offers a rather unique feature too as players will be able to build their own, semi-fictional race car made up from various customizable parts such as engines, chassis, suspension, aero parts and more.

Featuring legendary drivers such as A.J. Foyt and Mario Andretti, players can race on eight historic tracks, including both ovals like the Indianapolis Motor Speedway and legendary road courses such as Riverside. Indianapolis 500: Evolution will be released for Xbox 360 on February 16th.

  • navalhawkeye

    Isn’t it already out? Or just in the states? One of my friends has had it for months.

  • RKipker

    Indianapolis 500 Evolution
    Publisher: Destineer

    Platform: Xbox 360

    Genre: Racing

    Release Date: 9/29/2009

    Keep price: $19.79 GameFly Rewards

    Number of Players: 1

    Online Players: 8

    Online Enabled: Yes

  • pknipe

    Game is already out and its pretty awesome. Huge amount of historical challenges like breaking the 150 mph barrier as Parnelli Jones in 1962, and more. Also a large amount of pictures and videos. Now for game play, its great. Not perfect but great 11 seasons of pure indy racing. I picked up the game for about $20 at my local best buy but internet or ebay is probably your best bet. Definitely one of the most underrated games ever, just wish they’d make a 1961 to 1971 indy mod for rfactor!

  • Montoya

    I had no idea it’s already out in the US, several gaming sites have listed it for release in February…I guess it’s just late in Europe.

    Does anyone have any experience with that “build a custom car” mode? That sounds pretty unique and interesting if it’s done right.

  • pknipe

    You only get to build a custom car in career mode. Basically what you get to do is pick a chassis engine and gearbox. For example your racing in the 1967 season. You can buy any chassis that was developed that year and a few from the next year and any from the year before. You then can pick your transmission from that year or previous years (or one from the next year). And same deal for the engine.

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