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Imola 2010 – First Preview Video

Imola 2010 – First Preview Video

Mauro Delegà has released a first preview video of his Imola 2010 track project, showing us first moving footage of the impressive track.

The track will be released for rFactor, netKar Pro & GTR2, bringing the recent Imola layout to three of the most popular simulations.

Officially known as the Autodromo Enzo e Dino Ferrari, the track has been majorly revamped after the 2006 season including a brand new pit complex and layout changes. Most importantly, the new layout lacks the final Variante Bassa chicane when used for car racing, creating a long flat-out straight all the way from Rivazza to the Traguardo corner.

  • Hybrid

    Looking forward to it. 🙂

  • Ricoo

    Great vid and track modeling.

  • Kyle Puttifer

    “Traguardo”, don’t you mean Tamburello or has it been renamed to try and extingiush its terrible history?

  • Uff

    Tamburello chicane still exists. I think Montoya was referring to the turn on the right you now do at full throttle when passing on the main straight, avoiding the chicane. 🙂

  • Denis P.

    Traguardo is a fast T1, the one before Tamburello. The chicane at the end was called Variante Bassa.

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