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Illusion Motorsports NASCAR Simulator – Photos

Illusion Motorsports NASCAR Simulator – Photos

While fans of touring car & formula racing have plenty of racing rigs to choose from, sim racers who prefer stock car racing rarely find any hardware that is designed towards their favorite form of racing.

This changes now as Illusion Motorsports introduces the Classic Stock Car simulator for everyone who wants to put an authentic NASCAR simulator in their living room.

The simulator is designed to look like the Wood Brothers Racing Ford #21, including authentic NASCAR decals and practical features such as Logitech G25/G27 support, adjustable pedal positions, reclinable seat and detachable monitor mount.

Below are plenty of photos of the simulator which sells for $995.00, more info can be found on the Illusion Motorsports website.

  • Bob O’Steen

    The pricing has changed since publication to $895.00 USD

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