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Hungaroring for Assetto Corsa 0.8 – Released

Tiago Lima has released the Hungaroring for Assetto Corsa.

Tiago Lima has released the Hungaroring for Assetto Corsa.

The Hungarian Formula One venue has originally been created for rFactor by 6e66o and Friends, Assetto Corsa users can now experience the track in Kunos’ developing simulation.

Located near the state capital of Budapest, the Hungaroring has been hosting an annual Formula One Grand Prix since 1986, being the first behind the iron curtain. The track layout consists of 16 turns that make up a total track length of 4.3 kilometers.

Aside from Formula One, the track is also a popular touring car venue, hosting both the WTCC and the German DTM series.

[boxdownload]Download Hungaroring for Assetto Corsa 0.8 Here[/boxdownload]
  • 6e66o

    Just to be clear, the track was not originally created by me or LMT.

    Full credit list here:

  • melanieuk1

    If more tlc go into ported tracks from older titles to assetto corsa, I will have to take back my 99.9% comment, some of them are starting to look much better, now that Kunos has released the modding tools SDK, though I think they would be close to Kunos standards if they updated the textures, Donington Park and Newbury is looking much better.

  • 2Air

    looks very nice indeed, i’ll give this one a go later today…

  • therealPaulaD .
  • sobaphen

    Very good track.

  • Misha O’B

    Wow… A 5yo Frafctor 1 track…. Impressive…..

  • Pascal

    I kind of don’t care about conversions. They may look good but meh. I played road america, it looks old and fps is not good, but it was drivable. Than comes MP Q and everybody was getting cpu occupancy.

  • Depco

    Assetto Corsa can be very good looking. This track is not up to AC standards. Conversions of rF1/gMotor 2 tracks is what is making rF2 look dated. Dont let that happen to AC. Scratch made tracks for rF2 look great and work well in that sim. Modding teams need to buckle down and actually start from scratch or at least do a quality job of re-texturing.

    I know I’ll get flamed with the usual responses of, “at least someone is making the tracks”. But are they really doing the title any service when all that is done is make a track that looks no better than it did in 2007? If that is all that is necessary why even bother going to a new sim? We should all still be playing rF1 or Race ’07. Oh wait… Game Stock Car “Extreme” is still doing this, and looking quite impressive.

    • Pablo Coronel

      Well, AC mods will be no different from other sims, there are good and bad mods, there you have the “savior” of the sims.

    • melanieuk1

      I agree with you one hundred percent, but…these guys are not modders, don’t give them that title, they are rippers, they don’t make anything at all, they just rip/steal and import into other sims, also agree that rfactor 2 has been plagued by ripped/stolen poor quality content.

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