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Hungarian Suzuki Bio Cup 1.1 – Released

Hungarian Suzuki Bio Cup 1.1 – Released

SIMCO has released an update for their Hungarian Suzuki Bio Cup for rFactor, bringing plenty of updates to their recently-released mod.


physics update by Ingy (AI start problem fix)
graphyc update by Emerico
sounds update by nanamitatsuki
!if the new sounds don’t like to you, you can rename the suzuki_original.sfx fille to suzuki.sfx!

Important: The new version is just an update, make sure to have version 1.0 installed.

The mod includes all cars and drivers of the 2010 Genex Suzuki Bio Cup season, a Hungarian one-make series using the Suzuki Swift.

The cars are powered by a 1.3 liter ethanol-fueled engine and use semi-slick tires by Toyo. You can check out a preview video below, painting templates to design your own cars are available for download as well.

Download Hungarian Suzuki Bio Cup 1.1 Here

  • The Biff

    These little cars look fun.  I liked racing the minis in the Race series. 

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