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Honda HSV 010 for Assetto Corsa – New Videos

natsuki has released two new previews of his Honda HSV 010 for Assetto Corsa mod project.

natsuki has released two new previews of his Honda HSV 010 for Assetto Corsa mod project that is quickly approaching its beta state.

Work on the GT500-class Super GT car is obviously progressing very well as two new videos allow us to check out the car in the showroom and see it during an on-track test run, allowing us to listen into the very distinctive V8 sound.

The HSV 010 made its Super GT debut in 2010, replacing Honda’s aging NSX model in their fight against Nissan and Lexus for the series title. The car is powered by a 3.4 liter V8 engine, putting out about 500hp and 400nm of torque. Unlike other Super GT cars, the HSV 010 is not based on a road-going model but a pure purpose-built prototype race car.

  • RapidRefund

    This is what we need! Super GT has been FTMP forgotten in comparison to Euro series sanctions.

    • kenpat .

      If you own GTR2 there’s a great Super GT 500 mod for it by Yakkum. Cars from 2005 to 2013. I’m sure that could tide you over, and if you’re an offline racer then you even get good AI. Something AC is sadly lacking.

      • RapidRefund

        Yes there is! We need a modern version of this spread out over the today’s moddable titles. I have just went back to using a G27 over a CSW due to ffb anomalies with older gmotor games(GTR2 included) post Fanatec fw53 driver 200. All of a sudden Sim racing is fun again.

      • kenpat .

        I agree we need a modern version for modern games but although I enjoy PC and AC and GSCE, I can’t bring myself to desert GTR 2, Race 07 and some rFactor mods they just give me so much enjoyment still. At least nowadays we can really cherry pick what we want to drive and fun is what it’s about to me.

  • Francesco Kasta

    Hell yeah, I love the Super GT !!!
    …The model looks fantastic by the way.

  • Leeman

    Very nice. Yea I’ll be wanting this.

  • Traumahound

    This is a great car and series to include in AC, and it’s looking great.

    I do, however, notice something strange with the current sounds: it has the regular high-pitched whine that the real car has, but also a lower pitched sound layered with it.
    Are these just placeholder sounds, perhaps?

    In any case, great efforts overall thus far.

  • Charles Sami Amyouni

    UV Mapping needs more tweaking though – hope Natsuki gets help in regards to that. So far the progress is excellent.

  • yakku

    ah… VitualR,this is the HSV-010 GT.
    ”GT” is missing.

  • IceT

    I think it’s more an issue with Assetto, the sounds in this game are the least good of the sims unfortunately… I wish it could have the same quality sounds as rFactor does, or even better 3RE (but sector3 are really dedicated at making the best sound possible, something AC is lacking in).

    • svdb

      I’m not hearing it on other cars to be honest, I think the samples are still badly mixed.

      • Traumahound

        I at first thought the sound peculiarities were a result of AC’s reverb characteristics, but I’m confident it’s not about that now.

    • AL_D

      Ths is definately not an AC sound engine issue.

  • Metal Machine

    Honda has come faster out then iskating version.

  • EZehn

    This car is depressing. Let me explain.

    This car is depressing because it’s a reminder that Honda have an amazing GT sportscar on their hands *that they don’t sell*. It makes no sense to me why they don’t have a production version of this amazing looking and sounding car.

    Think about how much money Honda is spending on being in GT, IndyCar, F1, etc. And yet if I want to act on those race wins I have to buy an effing Civic SI?!?

  • Hugo Stiglitz

    Super GT > GT3

  • Nicolas Grignon

    great…. you really measure the Huge gap between Assetto corsa and GranTurismo6 (the Nissan LMP1) in sound comparison…. (even when the video is very compressed).

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