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Historic GT & Touring Car 2.0 – Three New Model Previews

Historic GT & Touring Car 2.0 – Three New Model Previews

Team HistorX has released new previews of their Historic GT & Touring Car 2.0 mod for rFactor, revealing three new car models that users of their mod will be able to choose from.

The previews show the Ferrari 250 GTO including a cockpit preview as well as first previews of the Alpine A110 Widebody and the Chevrolet Camaro 68.

Using GT Legends as a base, the Historic GT & Touring Car mod for rFactor proved to be one of the most popular releases for the simulation. The second version of the mod will be bringing many popular racing cars from the past to rFactor, including the Ferrari 330, the Porsche 904, the Aston Martin DB4 and many others.

  • DeDios

    Nice one. Thanks for the update and..Merry Christmas!

  • mike88


  • KastaRules

    It is gonna be freaking EPIC!!!

  • gawaterman

    How about giving us an idea on release date

  • spud

    too many previews, not enough releases

    chop chop

  • YoShImUrA

    How easy it is to complain instead of helping out, huh?

    Why not instead of complaining you help us out to release it sooner?

    We, at HistorX, have not had a week of “holidays”, working on re-doing absolutely everything, from new cars to physics, since a week after the release (yeah, for real!), trying to make the best so that you guys can have something to play with and, not to forget, completely free.

    Yet all we get sometimes is people like you, complaining that we never release something that only a less than a handful of people are actually doing on a daily basis out of their free time. Sometimes this things make us give it a second thought if we should release this.

    Sorry to be such a rant, but these kind of comments, not trying to help out, but with just a negative attitude, make me really mad.


  • WiZPER

    I know, what you’re saying – but please don’t let ignorant comments get you down, ignore them and keep up the good work 😉

  • Rantam

    Why should we? What would that change? Would we release it earlier? would the mod be better? And even more important: would we have more fun working on it?

    Probably not… You know, being at the other side of the fence would give you a very different view of the matter, believe me 😉

    Life is full of nice things to do in the meanwhile, so enjoy it! 🙂


  • ZombieJim

    Thanks for the great christmas present, lads, especially if, as you say, you’ve been working over the christmas holiday. Give yourself a break once in a while, with a mod this scale a single extra day of waiting could probably be forgiven. 😉

    Hell yes to Camaros, Stabiz had hinted that there might be more muscle in 2.0 and he wasn’t bloody wrong.

  • GTEvo

    i wish they bring us the 550 Spyder “littleBastard”, a 911SC, a 934Turbo too 😎 !

  • PieterN

    Good point Rantam, it’s no problem waiting a bit longer for an epic mod.
    Please don’t listen to the gimmees of this world.

  • Johnsc

    Seriously, it’s someone really “in need” of this release “as soon as posible” that they even worry about dates? I don’t even race/enjoy all the cars of the original mod!! (it’s huge). I dispute 2 long championships this year with the mod and an Abarth “fun night”, and i’m far from be tired of it…

  • Rantam

    Time will tell… Keep an eye on our news updates ;o)

  • JGoenR

    Looks great!

  • GTEvo

    Anda,… 😎 be sure Rantam, i will keep my eyes on it^^

  • red

    This mod looks like a Duke Nukem Forever.

  • Rantam

    Sure, but only if you’re not part of HistorX. For us it’s very real, as we have a fully working version.

    Sorry mate! 😀

  • spud

    hell… somebody had to say it. lol its all we seem to see these days from everyone. previews and more previews

    noone is questioning the quality of the mod nor the commitment from the group (i’m sure its great if its anything like the first). 

    we are all more appreciative knowing your valued and limited time is spent on the mod rather than “previews” 

    no amount of ranting will change the fact that i’m still a fan 🙂

  • Rantam

    Well, sorry mate, because you’re going to still getting previews instead of the mod 🙂


  • red

    I love this mod and yes, i canot wait 🙂

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