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Historic GT & Touring Car 2.0 – Mercedes 300 SL Preview Video

Historic GT & Touring Car 2.0 – Mercedes 300 SL Preview Video

rFactor video maker Stabiz has released a new preview video of Team HistorX’s Historic GT & Touring Car 2.0 mod for rFactor, showing us the Mercedes 300 SL.

The German silver arrow can be seen racing at dawn, showing off the new physics and sounds.

Using GT Legends as a base, the Historic GT & Touring Car mod for rFactor proved to be one of the most popular releases for the simulation. The second version of the mod will be bringing many popular racing cars from the past to rFactor, inlcuding the Ferrari 330, the Porsche 904, the Aston Martin DB4 and many others.

  • Hank Amarillo

    Stabiz, you have such a fantastic sense for goosebump videos, what a piece of simracing vid art. 😉
    Keep up the great stuff..

    Greets, Hank.

  • carbonfibre

    It’s the same sounds from HistoricGT 1.0 I believe but fair enough, they are some of greatest sounds to come out of a sim anyway. Works nicely on the 55’F1 too with some tampering. :sd:

    So the 300SL seen in the video would be an entirely scratch made model now?

  • eddiespag

    :happy: From start to finish, an amazing trailer.

  • Rantam

    No, the sounds are new.

    And no, that Merc is the one present in GTL. ‘Only’ physics, sounds and shaders have been changed.


  • kingsti

    That was one of the best videos I’ve seen for a mod. Can’ wait to try it out.

  • JGoenR

    Nice Mercedes! 😀

  • orubasarot

    Some of the sounds for the currently released Historix are the worst I’ve heard in any mod. The Alfa GTA sounds like it was recorded through a telephone.

    The concept of preconfigured and correct steering ratios is brilliant, but the implementation is somewhat broken in my testing so far. I don’t know if that could be a bug on my end since it works right half the time. The menus are a disaster though. If you’re going to attempt graphic design try either being a graphic designer, hiring one, or leaving the original menus intact.

    I also see chunks of geometry just floating in some of the cars I’ve tested as well, I think it was a part of a rear view mirror just hovering near the steering wheel.

    It’s just frustrating that this is otherwise such a great mod.

    Oh and to make this post even worse I’ll say that Power & Glory 2.1 is infinitely more polished. Is this trolling? I don’t think so, regardless of the excuse of “different eras of historic racing” or whatever I think some competitive development would be a good thing for everyone involved. What I’m saying is take pride in your work and clean it up.

    Seems like a quality/quantity thing with a hobbyist team attempting something on such a tremendous scale. It seems that when the GTLW team doesn’t have a quality component to their mod (like audio for a certain car for example) they would prefer to just not release it at all until it is ready. There’s nothing wrong with having less, Netkar is one of my favorite sim titles for example despite having only ONE car that is of any interest to me, it’s the sheer quality that wins me over. Afterall if we didn’t care about quality we’d all be collecting 10,000 anemic Skylines in Gran turismo.

    Realfeel support is fantastic with this mod though, I never really saw what the big deal about Realfeel was until now.

  • Rantam

    Classic 🙂

    I invite you to give it a try and see how you can improve all that by yourself.

    Nothing in life is perfect, that’s for sure. But those who’re just able to give non-constructive critics aren’t much closer to perfection.

    In the meanwhile I guess the ratings this mod got really reflects the general opinion about it.


  • Gonzas

    i think we owe him money or something….

    Happy new year for everybody!!

  • tigeraid

    Ah yes, it wouldn’t be a HGT&TC post without someone like orubasarot bitching about the sounds.

    This mod is almost universally praised for the engine sounds–the level of immersion is staggering, and even if some of the engine notes aren’t QUITE real-life, it honestly just doesn’t matter.

    To say PnG is more polished is obvious–GTR2 helps it to be that way. I love both mods–but we run HistorX’s in our league because no one has GTR2, and because HGT&TC has more variety and choice.

    I’ll post my canned response to “PnG is better than HGT&TC and I have to point it out in every single VirtualR HGT&TC post to make my life complete”:


    They’re two different mods–PnG is designed to be, literally, a racing experience from the 1960s, including music, menus, venues, sounds, and handling. They use tire physics based on the original bias plys of the 1960s. They also have a much deeper roster of TC-65 style cars, including many extra Minis, Abarths, Cortinas, Healeys, etc…

    HGT&TC is based on GT Legends, meaning the cars are built to run like modern historic racers–most have rollcages, motecs installed on the dashboard, and use modern “Vintage racing” tires, which somewhat duplicate old handling, but are still more modern, predictable and safer. They also brake like modern Historic racecars, which means generally shorter stopping distances and less brake fade.

    All you need to do is brake for China Beach at Mid-Ohio in a ‘65 Vette in HGT, and then brake for China Beach in the same car in PnG (a good 150 feet earlier) to see why.

    HGT also has a large selection of 1970s road racing cars, and LeMans specials, that PnG does not have.

    Both are amazing mods and well worth owning. We run HGT in our league simply because more people have rFactor than GTR2, and the rFactor community is more vibrant and populated than GTR2’s.

    I have GTR: Evo and it has its moments, and while it obviously is graphically superior to rFactor, I shudder to think what HGT&TC would feel like in GTR: Evo without the realfeel mod.

  • HarryCS

    Nice video and very nice choise of music 😉

  • vik15

    Thanks for Mozart. It’s still so overwhelming. But afraid it lets no chance to notice a subject of the clip.

  • xilix

    orubasarot: Some of the sounds for the currently released Historix are the worst I’ve heard in any mod.The Alfa GTA sounds like it was recorded through a telephone.

    Are you mentally deranged? I’ve been in and around, and driven several of these cars in real life, and there are hardly any inaccuracies in the recreation of these engine sounds. I would be absolutely shocked if your opinion doesn’t stand completely alone.

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