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HDR in rFactor

HDR in rFactor

HDR (High dynamic range rendering) is one of the new 3d technologies rFactor’s gMotor 2.0 engine currently does not support. At least normally it does not as Canamracer of Simscreens has discovered the following:

Originally created for GTA San Andreas, a HDR plugin by Boris Vorontsov also works with rFactor. The following screens have been made by using the plugin, nothing has been added despite some cropping and adding the water mark. Those are direct grabs from the game!

Trying yourself is easy: Just hop here and download the GTA San Andreas plugin. Copy it in your rFactor folder and activate it via Shift+ F12 once you are at the track.

But beware: HDR requires a lot of GPU power, especially when not directly supported by the engine. Using this tool will most likely eat up 70% of your FPS but it is interesting to see how the future could look like 🙂

  • Kill4Food

    Awesome. I have been using ENB Series with gta san andreas for a while. I can also confirm it works in GTR2 which means Race 07 is very likely to work with it also. Keep in mind you can tweak the enbseries.ini to get more fps with certain video cards. Sadly the highest resolution I can run it at is 1280×1024 in any game. It crashes the game at any resolution higher than that.

  • uhm

    Here it crashes to desktop at 1280 x1024

    2GB DDr2
    E6600 @2,4 ghz

  • John

    which enseries.ini are you guys tweaking there are tons of them in folder color and also quality…..I tried playing around with those files any nothing changes….wonder if there is way to turn down some of the colors for example green is just way too bright. and when watching replay side view is way too blurry hurts the eyes.

  • Ryan Gilmore

    I cannot get this to work… is this folder structure correct:

    rFactor/Plugins/Color etc… ?

  • Montoya

    No Ryan, you just need to extract it to /rFactor/, the root dir.

  • Ryan Gilmore

    And when I press shift+F12 it just does the screenshot noise?

  • Ryan Gilmore

    thanks dude 🙂
    Forget last post

  • Husky42

    Works good here at 1600×1200 but definately kills performance. Gotta mess with the enbseries.ini to remove some effects. IMO cars are too reflective and the blur is ridiculous overage rated but with a few tweaks it looks great!

  • uhm

    Xfire causes the CTS here, works without. But what do you guys alter to get a nice effect?

  • Husky42

    So has anybody found a good trade off yet?

    Either the effect is too strong or too little.

  • John

    can anyone post their settings that work best…..the default ones is way too much exposure the colors are ridiculous

  • Paul Kelly

    Those screens look like a cartoon. The colors are totally unrealistic.

  • tony

    Were is the rfactor root folder by vista?
    I could not find it

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