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Guest Authors Welcome

Guest Authors Welcome

When I added the “Report News” feature a while ago, I was not too sure if many people would use it. Seems that I underestimated your fun of participating as its used quite a lot. It’s not just used by modders who want to tip me off about their projects but also by normal readers who spot a mod or track being released.

Sometimes I even get multiple messages about the same thing and even though I never manage to follow all the leads, it’s been a big help. This got me thinking that maybe some people would be interested in getting involved even more.

That’s why I am asking everybody who’s interested in writing a guest story or item to send it to me. This could be a review you wrote yourself, a technical piece on modding, a story on your sim racing career or your thoughts of the community. If it’s interesting for sim racers, I´ll publish it.

So If you want something to get read by thousands of sim racers, sent it to [email protected]. Of course, every guest author will be introduced and I am more than happy to link to your personal page, league or forums.

  • Dennis

    The link to rft 2008 Mod is broken.I cant it download

  • Wunz

    This is missing under frinds/links a great place in the GTR universe i think.

    North American Grand Prix – Sim Racing League

  • R Kipker

    Great site, I come here daily to catch the latest on TSim News… GTR2, rfactor, and others.

    Also, I love the images… however, could you please do something about the advertisement. The add (live search, etc) always covers the enlarged images. For some reason it superseeds the enlarged image.

    Thanks for a great site and please keep up with the great information.


  • SETH Alpine

    I’ve released the V3.0 on my Mod of a concept of a new Alpine “A510”.
    The wide Alpine A510GT is available here
    Original 3D created in Nurbs translate in Meshes, so quality lost, no pro-mapping. Minor problem which i don’t care, theses cars are only for my own pleasure , if you like it too, you can play with it too 🙂 , it’s free

  • KampferAs

    Mod teams name is FVR and not VFR (altho, they were great bikes :happy: )

  • Nordschleifen-Heizer

    Download “Track Algarve” is broken , Need Help :question:

  • Anonymous


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