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GTX5 – Still Around…..

GTX5 – Still Around…..

Along with Virtua_LM’s recent release of the newest Mid Ohio version, the team issued one screenshot showing the new track version. Even more interesting than the circuit are the cars racing on it as we get to see the GTX5 cars, reminding us of one of the longest-running modding projects to date.

Started for F1 Challenge, GTX5 will include the high-powered and extreme racing cars of the Group 5 era which were powered by insanely powerful turbo engines and featured very extensive body modifications. Notable cars of that era were the Porsche 935, the BMW 320 and the Ford Capri which managed to win all major endurance races of that time, including the Le Mans 24 Hours.

Below is the newest shot, showing the field of GTX5 cars at Mid Ohio. For those who have forgotten about this mod or haven’t heard about it yet, you can check out more preview shots in Virtua_LM’s gallery which were released back in 2007.  There’s no additional information available on the mod’s progress but the new preview shot surely is a positive sign.

Screenshot via rFactorcentral

  • Siggs

    :sd: Still here eh? I know this sounds a bit silly, given this mods history, but the progress is promising 🙄 In the fact that there are actually some cars in the screens that ARE NOT the BMW, I spy a Lancia? :happyevil:

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