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GTR3 – Graphics Evolution Comparison

Ernie has made a very interesting graphics comparison between GTR3 and the old RACE07 title.

Two days ago, Simbin released first in-game previews of the Pagani Zonda R at Mid Ohio in GTR3.

Since both the Zonda and Mid Ohio are also available in Simbin’s RACE07 with the GT Power add-on, Ernie has taken the time to recreate the same scene as in the GTR3 preview to show off the graphical difference.

While RACE07 is based on ISI’s gMotor 2, GTR3 is powered by a yet unknown new graphics engine and the differences are very visible in this before and after shot.

  • Marcel Offermans

    A before and after comparison would have been a lot better if both would actually have used the same 3D models, so the only difference would have been the rendering by the graphics engine. Because both are different now, they’re harder to compare.

  • Joshua Healy

     I think it allows an even greater comparison, if they just used the same model in a new graphics engine then people would be saying “Oh they are just porting stuff from Race 07, this isn’t a new game”.
    Where as Simbin are showing that not only have they moved onto a new graphics engine, but they have also taken the time to improve and refine a model that already existed. That to me shows that they are putting a lot more effort into GTR3 than if they just used the same model.

    • Nicolas Grignon

      Where do you see improvment?? (apart for the new shaders of course…) seems to me the same low poly model just ported from Race7… Sinbim will have to give us a bit more next time after this kind of teaser fiasco… 

  • Varazdat Markosyan

    Models one and same. It was immediately vidno.Tak that they can only convert. That’s all. One can only hope that physics will not be taken with Race07

    • Big Ron

      And where is the problem? In the past, everyone shout “Graphics are not important…only physics are important”. And now the complain starts, that the models are niot super high poly.

      I mean: who cars? If the lighting is correct, it will look good anyway.

      • Terry

        Nice fallacy.

      • Big Ron

         That isn´t a fallcy, but a fact. Look at GT5´s standard models. They are low poly and low res textured, but the good lightning compensates that a lot. That´s why lighting is more important than high poly.

      • Charles Sami Amyouni

        True enough… GT3 and GT4 was visually good too because of the good lightning effects and that helped covers those inaccurate shapes and low poly models pretty good. I just hope that this new engine isn’t so buggy with the shadow/motion set on high.

      • Anonymous

        Lighting is definitely more important.

        And at least my buddies will be able to play it on their lower end, but still pretty fast systems without having to turn off AA. And at least i have a shot at playing it on my triple screens without paying out tons for new GPUs – again…

        There are pros and cons to everything.

    • Anonymous

      I noticed (as many others for sure) that the models are same. But that shouldnt be a problem as the models look quite good and why to remodel the whole model again? With nice gfx engine you can make even lower poly models to look good..

  • Justin ForzaBarça Cruze

    No, there must be some sort of mistake. According to Simbin Race 07 looked like this…..

    • Luke Russell

      I never trust any company who try to dress up their products with fake BS. 

  • Anonymous

    would be nice to compare with the ridiculous  motion blur off 

  • Ernie

    Thanks, Montoya, for showing my comparison screenshot here on 🙂

    • Laurent Cortier

      Thanks for taking the time to do it !

      Seems clear to me Simbin has learned something important : the sun 😉

  • Varazdat Markosyan

    Simbine deceives us. Pictures from Race07 look as if they render and smooth

  • Daniel Soro

    Before SimBin was update her Homepage, they promote her own developed Engine called “Lizard” i think GTR3 will be developed on this Engine.

  • John G. Hill

    Looks great.

  • Terry

    Makes me wonder how much of the content is going to simply be recycled. Poor Simbin… they have such potential… it makes me sad for them when they waste it. Like how they did with the Nordschleife in GTR evo… best mesh ever… left unfinished…

    We’ll see

  • Anonymous

    Looks like the car is drifting.

  • Varazdat Markosyan

    I feel a bit scared of what the machine to announce GTR3. It is terrible because they did not announce a whole series of what some racing cars entirely. In GTR2 it was a GT class car championship in 2003 and 2004. In gtr3 do not. It was announced only three cars and they are all different. So did a Shift. I am very apprehensive that makes Simbine

    • Laurent Cortier

      Are you google translator trolling ? People go to such lengths only to whine…
      If only they redirected their creativity in something useful, we’d have a better world already…

      • Pau no seu cu

        And you’re a native speaker troll, what doesn’t make you any better. In addition, learn to use “are you” when you were asking someone.

    • Matt Orr

       Pretty much agreed. I don’t care for this random car crap they seem to be assembling again. I want an actual series with the cars that compete in that actual series, nothing more, nothing less.

      GTRE was a fail because of it, as well as iffy car dynamics as well. GTR1/2 were legendary, not excited at all for GTR3 largely because it’ll be another GTREvo.

      • Laurent Cortier

        Maybe you didn’t like GTREvo, but that doesn’t make it a “fail” !
        I and many others loved that sim, I still do, it has a great FFB and motion support, thousands of miles of tracks and countless great car mods…

        Why don’t you wait a little bit to know more about GTR3 before jumping to conclusions ? You might be surprised 😉

      • Laurent Cortier

        Maybe you didn’t like GTREvo, but that doesn’t make it a “fail” !
        I and many others loved that sim, I still do, it has a great FFB and motion support, thousands of miles of tracks and countless great car mods…

        Why don’t you wait a little bit to know more about GTR3 before jumping to conclusions ? You might be surprised 😉

      • rui silva

         YOH Matt can i borrow your crystal ball ?!?!?! i need to check the football scores for next week…

        ( i know, i know im trolling him, well i couldnt help me self ^^ )

  • Charles Sami Amyouni

    I wouldn’t judge the game engine for now and the whole content for now, but if there’s one thing you’ll notice first is that Zonda was originally from EVO ported to this new engine.

    Its like seeing non-premium contents on GT4 to GT5. But in the case of Simbin, well there is a cockpit so that is a plus factor…

    Still they should announce the whole features of the successor soon, everybody’s being anxious about it… Even ISI announced they’re plans for rF2 before the Beta version hit the racks.

    Nevertheless looking forward to see if it is the better then the predecessor.

  • ajp

    Anybody else noticed the change in the track? It appears to have lost its character and been made generic, the unique and quirky grandstand, the long grass and distinctive yellow tyre wall covering have disappeared, some generic advertising boards have gone up, more trees have suddenly grown and the whole place looks like any other race track.

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