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GTR – Now Available On Steam

Simbin has added a true classic to their collection of games available on Steam as GTR is now on sale.

Simbin has added a true classic to their collection of games available on Steam as GTR is now on sale.

Released in 2004, GTR was Simbin’s first-ever commercial title as the team made the transition from community-based modding team to professional gaming studio.

A lot has happened in the eight years since GTR’s release as Simbin has gone to release various other titles while most of the core team behind the original GTR has split up to form Blimey Games and Slightly Mad Studios.

GTR includes the 2003 season of the FIA GT championship, including the Proximus 24 Hour race at Spa Francorchamps.

You can own a little piece of sim racing history now as the title sells for 14,99€, for more info check it out on Steam.

  • Brian Duddy

    15 euros? Really? Maybe for 5 or possibly 10, but considering what stuff like RACE 07 sells for these days, 15 is ridiculous!

    • F1Racer

      As good a sim as it is, it is dated. Also it is very steep considering, as daz said, you can pick up a boxed version for under a fiver.

  • daz

    Mmmmm. Curious pricing, especially when you can pick it up in UK, brand new for £4.48 from, lol.

    • Gerald

      Gabe Newell needs his cut ya know.

  • DDD II

    I agree on the pricing, when I saw it I thought for sure it would be GTR2 which would have been nice 🙂

  • Terrell Olvera

    Can’t you register your disk version on steam though? So that you don’t have to worry about the CD anymore? I think I did that for Unreal Tournament 3 or Red Alert 2 or some other game a long time ago. If possible, buy it for $5 and register it through steam.

    • Marco Hooghuis

      I tried registering mine, but it wouldn’t work.

  • Clive Lomax

    Does anyone know if this works with Win7? I still have the disk at home and would install it if I could be sure it would work..

  • Craig Cookson

    I’m sure most people here already own it so it’s not important, but that’s a lot of money for such as old sim. Torchlight 2 is brand new and only £15.
    The price would be more realistic if it was for GTR2.

  • Marcus Caton

    They’re posting old games on steam as if new to squeeze money out of new people to the genre.
    Shameful IMO, no compatibility updates so the majority wont even be able to play it or use their devices.

    • Anonymous

      Really, SMART BUSINESS if you ask me! It’s a great game, and many many folks never heard of it! I think it’s worthy of the price as its a Classic and folks that don’t have it will buy it. Better than most racing games on Steam as well!
      Simbin is in business folks; I hope they add GTR2 next!

      • Marcus Caton

        I agree it’s a great game but try running any 6-10 year old program on a 2010+ spec PC.
        They made 0 changes to the game for this nor graphics.

        My main problem is that this isn’t a Oh let’s add our full library to steam, it’s them trying purely raping the series for all its worth.

        A graphics revamp with a compatibility update would of been legitimate rape, but this…

      • Gerald

        Or release on GOG with all compatibility updates and no Steam requirements at a much lower price.

      • Alex White


        What they have done is allow new customers to purchase the game easily and without waiting for delivery.

        Have you tried finding GTR in any shop? It’s impossible.
        I really don’t see anything wrong with adding GTR to steam. I’ve purchased it and given my boxed copy to a friend.

    • Anonymous

      Oh god, you’re the same retard on the Steam Discussion area judging by your profile picture. So shouldn’t exist to bring old classics back to work on modern systems? id Software shouldn’t be selling Doom or Doom 2 on Steam for $9.99 or the ton of other companies selling their old games on the service?

  • Markus Ott

    Simbin must be very desperated.

  • Anonymous

    Nopefully, they’ll release GTR2 in a few months!

  • David Wright

    Sadly there seems to be some issue with Simbin selling GTR2. GTR and GTL have been available from Simbin for a while but not GTR2. As others have said, price seems very steep.

    • pez2k .

      I would assume it’s to do with 10tacle going under.

  • Anonymous

    Still one of my favorites but pricing way too high.

  • Robert Every

    I agree, rideiculous pricing for such an old game. Seems they might need a bit of a csh inflow from somewhere eh?

  • Mike Cantwell

    Mmm, you can still buy new, in a box, postage included for $10 on eBay. I would pay that for a DVD iso, not through steam.

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