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GTR Evolution Nordschleife – Reality Check V2

GTR Evolution Nordschleife – Reality Check V2

If you haven’t seen Markus Möller’s interesting video comparison of Simbin’s Nürburgring Nordschleife, this is the time as a new version of the video has been released.

Unlike the first version, real-life and simulation footage stay in-sync for the complete duration of the video. Sit back and enjoy the ride around the green hell, both in Hans Stuck’s BMW M3 GTR and in GTR Evolution.
GTR Evolution Nordschleife – Reality Check from mcgyvr81 on Vimeo.

  • JimmyB

    Guess I missed V1.

    That is pretty incredible though, it looks basically inch-perfect! Top work Simbin.

    Although a combination of Atari’s UK release shambles and my graphics card dying means I probably won’t be driving it for a few weeks at least. 😥

  • Marc Collins

    Wow…why all the ugly billboards that aren’t there in real life in the electronic version??? Can we get rid of them?

  • kludger

    Remember the Hans Stuck M3 video is quite a few years old, I wouldn’t be surprised if the billboards are more recent.

  • mcgyvr81


    as I see, Montoya has quickly taken note of the publication of v2 😀 .

    Originally I had stated the release of the fully sync’ed version wouldn’t be before 3 or so weeks (mainly due to me being in the middle of exams right now), but now things have come a different way… excessive video cutting can very well be a recreation after one’s daily learning duties 😆 .

    No, the billboards are solely existent in virtual reality… I assume they’re part of Simbin’s strategy to market virtual banner advertising space (compare GTR Evo’s fictional car skins that also feature real-life ads).

  • Cristi Rus

    Good video.
    And about the ads, I think when you’re blasting through Adenauer with 250 km/h you don’t have time to see the ads if you want to make it out of the forest in one piece 🙂

  • DeDios

    fantastic video, congrats for authors, and for Simbin..:)

  • Jasio

    Nice work on the video. I’m quite impressed at how accurate the simulation is. But SimBin went over the top with the fictitious adverts: they are everywhere!

    I can’t help but wonder if the GTR2 conversion with billboards removed will be as good (I don’t mind buying the game just for this purpose).

    Out of curiosity, what is the music in the video?

  • LordRa9826

    It was bound to happen,people complaining about the ads and the trees being slightly off-place etc.Ads are changed from race to race depending on the sponsors so that’s just nitpicking.It’s like a real driver would complain that the ads in 2008 are different from the ones in 2007.
    I concentrated on the asphalt layout and TBH i didn’t see any difference.

  • Scott

    The Track is very realistic, same the game isnt!

  • Jasio

    I do not care what the adverts are for. I’m just pointing out that after going to such efforts to make a very accurate re-creating of the track and environment they have added dozens upon dozens of billboards that do not exist in real life.

  • Joe Buddy

    I am impressed by how accurate the track is.
    I don’t mind the “fictitious” Adds. My impression was that Simbin is trying to make online racing a sport in its own right. I don’t race online but if I did I would love to see my sport get this type of attention.
    Billboards and advertising have always been part of real auto racing, it helps fund the races. Maybe these ads will help Simbin get a little extra cash for future projects. Heck, in the future virtual drivers might even get sponsored.
    I think a certain balancing of the cars for online racing is not a bad idea either. No one wants to see just the “best” couple cars all the time. And if you are a car manufacturer would you want to see your car being constantly beat by a competitor’s car or not even used in online racing. Not a recipe for more car licenses I suspect.
    I would like to see Simbin make a more clear definition between the “real life” , simulated cars and the “balanced” cars, so you could race simulated races or balanced races ( a filter for servers would be cool too).
    Any way, I find it a little funny that the AMD ads flash on my Nvidia graphs card. It really makes them stand out, I wonder if Nvidia will fix it with a future driver :).
    PS. I hope they get some ads on the bare skined cars as they just don’t look right with out them. I never thought I would be asking for more ads.

  • kim i

    Whats the song called? nice vid.

  • LordRa9826

    Don’t know the name but it’s the main song ingame.

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