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GTPC for rFactor – New Teaser Video

The Virtua_LM Junior Team has released a new preview video of their GTPC mod for rFactor.

During the past few weeks, more and more preview material of the Virtua_LM Junior Team’s iconic GTPC mod for rFactor surfaced.

Below is the newest video teaser, further reaffirming the team’s intention to finally release their much anticipated mod soon!

Prototype C and will bring a massive amount of cars from one of endurance racing’s finest decades to rFactor, centering around the 1983 Le Mans 24 Hours. The mod includes both prototypes and GT cars and will come with over 500 liveries, including many rare cars of this spectacular era.

While rFactor might not be the most recent sim racing title anymore, this massive and carefully-crafted mod will be a perfect reason to give it another go!

  • HammerX

    Can’t wait! Thank you!

  • Chris Wright

    Really is a dream come true, hoping that the AI is up to the mark.

    • rci808

      I’m sure the files that get upgraded and sent to the team will be looked at.

      This mod will be looked after by some of the most handy programmers in the community.

      It is going to take some time to sort both online play and single player AI.


  • Mario Strada

    I don’t know how this team feels about Game Stock Car, but a lot of people are porting their mods to it and in my opinion makes a great platform for rFactor mods.
    I really don’t know why, but I have driven the same exact mod on both rFactor and GSCX and the latter looked and drove better.

    I am positive that somebody will do it anyway, since there is a converter, so anyone can convert their own mods for personal use. But I think it would be better if the modders made a GSC edition for it and get a jump on the illegal conversions.

    • RichardHessels

      GSCX has not all the features needed for decent endurance racing.
      This mod should run 6 to 24 hour races with driver swaps.

  • toyvonen

    Yes, now it really seems it’s very close to the release..these guys usually don’t pull rabits if they don’t got the hat….i bet they will push the ISI RF1 engine to the limit of it’s abilities and on pair with everything best and recent out there!…my RF1 will be installed forever, at least untill a proper conversion is made to more recent and futur proof platforms…till then, i’m counting the seconds for the release…a dream come true…nearlly….

  • Professional Operator

    Best wishes with the finalization of this incredible project.
    After release, contact Team RMT and help them finishing their WSGT2.

    *modders rage quit ALL the projects after reading this* πŸ˜€

    • Freddy Stapersma

      Already offered help. πŸ˜‰ RMT team is a nice bunch of guys. πŸ™‚

      • Professional Operator

        I’m curious to see how you’ll handle the unavoidable “Modder Ego vs. Modder Ego” debate! πŸ™‚

        +1 for Modding Sitcom TV Series. πŸ˜€

      • Freddy Stapersma

        Well If I would help them I am only a painter not the boss..
        Ego?? Not really.
        If I do not agree with things I have 2 options.. go with majority of the team or get out.. simple as that. it is a hobby NOT work πŸ™‚

  • Gui

    Is it possible to assign just primary or team colors to drivers helmets and suits, since it’s a behemoth to complete them all? It’s just better than having everything white :p. A GSCE conversion would be fantastic too. While I’m at it, can I also have some pizza and buttery bread?

    • Freddy Stapersma

      We are talking about releasing the paint templates to the public.

      • Professional Operator


  • Leeman

    This looks like a terrific mod. I don’t play too much rF1 anymore but the reason i keep it installed is just for mods like this. Outstanding.

  • Patrik Marek

    looks very good

  • F1Racer

    This does look super-slick. I’m still playing rF1 regular because so many good mods and creative talent from the modders went into it. I see no reason to put it down any time soon.
    New content like this just exemplifies that and keeps rF1 going as it deserves to.
    I can’t wait to get these things on Virtual_LM Le Mans and maybe Mid-Ohio and Sebring.
    It really looks like it’s going to be something special.

  • Paul Hamilton

    Unfortunately, I’ve moved on to rF2 and there’s no going back. Hopefully they’ll port it to the new game.

    • Freddy Stapersma

      Let us first release it for RF1. who knows what comes next.

      • Marc Collins

        Thank you. Hopefully what comes next is an rF2 version πŸ™‚

      • Vivemclaren

        Car by car normaly πŸ™‚

    • Sigmatc

      no going back. that’s pity… for you πŸ™‚

    • Marco Hooghuis

      Your loss…

  • Gerardo

    Thanks for this mod Freddy!!!!! πŸ˜‰

  • gtfan45

    Hopefully this year we will get to play this mod. I’m waiting to re-install rf1 just for this mod lol

  • Sigmatc

    Thanks for this great mod πŸ™‚

  • mjbonner70

    this looks amazing, thank you so much V_LM team. As a massive Le Mans fan, I can’t wait for these babies. Its amazing you did this for us all. Thankyou, thank you

  • pastor_tedhaggard

    “this does look superb”. (pastor ted haggard, 2005)

  • WorldYappy

    Dedication and perseverance…. we salute you!

  • rci808

    Server testing with the painter.

    It is real.

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