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GTPC by Virtua_LM Junior Team – New Previews

The Virtua_LM Junior Team has released new previews of their GTPC mod for rFactor that was formally known as Prototype C.

The Virtua_LM Junior Team has released new previews of their GTPC mod for rFactor that was formally known as Prototype C.

Being in the works for several years, the team has made vast progress on the mod as the Junior Team plans to release an advanced beta of the mod, featuring more than 300 liveries, including all cars from the 1983 Le Mans 24 Hours and other rare liveries.

The team won’t provide a release date for the mod, the team already has plans to move on to rFactor 2 following the release as well as continued work on the GTX5 mod.

You can check out lots of new previews of this promising mod below!

  • Matt Orr

    I have to ask, why 1983 in particular? Just a better fit with GTX5? Hope they still have cars from the later years into the early 90s.

    And whenever I hear GTX5 I chuckle no offense, having heard that name chucked around since F1C. Quality takes time, and I’m willing to wait.

    • Anonymous

      1983 was a good year at least for me it was that’s the only reason I need.

    • LΓΊcio Marques

      I suspect they’re preparing what they have ready for the Protos (Group.C, GTP in USA) and perhaps a few surprises in the mix.
      The ones that caught my attention and surprised is the Porsche 934 (pretty sure that’s a ’76 Le Mans car) and the BMW M1 (a 1979/’80 car I think?) in the screenshots, exactly because they’re not prototypes, and they’re not “sillhouette” cars either.
      I take it as a hint that we haven’t seen everything yet, far from it.

      Regardless of the endless time of production, or of years chosen for the cars (included or excluded), I think this will be “the” mod for rFactor-1, and the fact that this will be released at all for it should be reason to celebrate and rejoy, more than anything.

      We’ve seen screens and teasers since the F1-2k2 and F1C days and, let’s be honest, the reason why so many got into rFactor back then was because Virtua-LM announced that their mods would be released for it.
      It’s a bit ironic that we’re going to see this ages after what was generally expected, in a time where RFactor-2 is already out there, but it certainly doesn’t make me appreciate their work any less.

      Certainly looking forward for it. πŸ™‚

      • Freddy Stapersma

        I really do not think VLM was that important back in the days. But thnx for the great compliment.

        Like the paint department also the 3d department moved on and builded some very nice other cars.
        Group B,C1, C2, GTO, GTP, GTX, IMSA variations.
        There will be overlapping with the DRM mod but VLM does not mind about that at all.
        Personally that is one of the mods I play a lot when I have the time. πŸ˜‰

      • Phil Oakley

        Hi Freddy. Any idea if this mod and VLM’s other work will be released for Assetto Corsa?

      • Freddy Stapersma

        We did not talk about that at all yet..
        first try to get this mod for rfactor finished.
        Thnx for asking.

  • Reinheitsgebot

    Bring it!

    Here it is, Boys and Girls!

    It’s gonna happen! Finally!

    * Old Reinybot cracking knuckles *

    I finally get to drive my dream-car!

    • Freddy Stapersma

      Do not hold your breath.. it still will take time!! You never know how much errors we will find in this beta and still we need to do a lot of work!!

      But thnx for your support πŸ™‚

      • Reinheitsgebot

        Patiently waiting is my style, Mate.

        Looking forward.


  • F1Racer

    Anticipation level through the roof !!!
    If this is anywhere near or better than DRM mod level, it’s going to be killer !
    So glad it’s appearing on rF1 though I have to say.

  • Alex White

    Looks excellent. Looking forward to it when it releases πŸ™‚

  • Wesley Modderkolk

    Cant wait for this mod.

    Though I find the name a bit weird for the 1983 Le Mans field. GTP was the american side of these machines, the European side were called Group C(C for Consumption). But whatever, it doesnt make me look forward to this mod any less. Really love the machines.

    • Professional Operator

      “Cant wait for this mod.”

      I’m afraid you’ll have to.

  • Freddy Stapersma

    One error in this post.

    We will release an INTERNAL Beta NOT public beta.

    Lot of work still to be done guys. So don’t hold your breath yet. it will kill you πŸ˜‰
    Holyday time is around the corner so less work will be done in the following weeks.

    I Agree on the name a little but that is the name that was choosen a long time ago.
    And sure it will not only be Le mans. Also IMSA, JEC, WEC, DRM liveries will be in the mod.

    @ Matt Or: I have been thinkining about the same. Fact is GTX5 is a long way from releasing and will probably be for RFactor2 because of that the team has choosen to release the 1983 also in this mod.

    • Professional Operator

      release one single car instead of this massive long term vaporware bluff.

      • Freddy Stapersma

        haha. You still think Vaporware bluff..
        so how where these images made you think? and why are you still looking at these topics then Professional operator?

        It is our descision to do it this way. And you can say what you want about it. And maybe you are even right still it does not help and does not care us at all.
        this is how it evolved and this is how it get’s finished πŸ˜‰

      • M1GHTY M4VS

        Why are you announcing an internal beta when you already screencap internals anyway since years, there was even enough of alpha bloke videos that look promisingly enough to justify the open beta. You show stuff that is more of enough of a beta and give it out as nothing. Then you announce internals that you’ve done over the last 6 years. Then stuff starts to disappear even from the most reknown teasers.

        Yet again you imply that it doesn’t care you at all but still refuse to not bother posting to comments like that at all.

        It is just big lolly gagging right now where you point out that the thick kid has to wait more and more for candy.

        But then again nothings to look out for until the fat lady sings. Get your beta done and justify yourselfs instead of shoving regret back at people that are enthusiastics just as that but aren’t afraid to let you down even on the slightest bits of error.

        This seek on perfection you guys are running right now that even puts you on remaking cars you had 2 years into the project and you feel aren’t up par anymore isn’t helping either, if there’s new standards then it’ll be but forcing anything on the long bench is weird and doesn’t seem like a good project management, and you even aren’t afraid to let anyone know about your internal problems you occasionally had throughout the years.

        If this is the same on your job I see bad shades for you,

        IF there would be competition for the same amount that you added on your desire for notations, then I can only imagine how it would be on the race to the sky.

        UDSSR: Puts 1st man in orbit

        USA: Seeks to be the one with 1st man in Moon, is afraid over time to didn’t be enough of the effort, forces to be 1st man on Mars, then aims for Venus, man makes it to it and burns to death on Venus. Women say they’d have made the mission an accomplishment by sending amazone women that would have made it better.

      • Freddy Stapersma

        Guess you do not understand at all.

        You talk like it is a job and it is not.

        Sorry I had 2 kids in the years and find them much more important then to release a mod for you. Same goes for some other members.

        Te previous years almost NOTHING was done on the mod and we could have stuffed it away for good.
        We did not. We just moved on very slowly.

        So now we are at a point to show some news we do.
        This mod will be far from perfect because it was made by people who do this for a hobby to enjoy themselfs There are errors in all cars. Hope that will tune down your exitement. πŸ˜‰

        Sorry for beeing Honest in my topics. all I say is the truth not for you to feel sorry or understand but just for
        not talking bull.

      • M1GHTY M4VS

        For sure real life goes beyond this, I wasn’t expecting you to be apologetic, and no it is not a job of course, but when you take on something a job or not you have some expectations, if something fails then of course there’s some disappointment, how would you feel if you expect your kids to be born in 9 months and then in 9 months 3 weeks you get impatient.

        You think anyones demanding something from you, which isn’t the case. Personally I’d be quite lucky to get them but forcing not at all, the call for small packs is logical for that given timespan, if it’s your choice not to then you have to live with expectations and let downs but saying that you don’t care about community cons in that way is harsh. My excitement is beyond finding errors or shooting your efforts down, I’m pointing out general problems that is a difference and fact. I do like your efforts and admit problems but I cannot accept that you keep critisizing all negatives in return and try to defend yourselves, you can read through all but to be honest do you really think just the negatives deserve more of your attention. It is just terrifying to see how much time this costs over the years that could be used in whatever you feel more worthy.

        But pile up more stuff to something that was as you said left in the dust with almost NOTHING in progression and then come to say well guys we changed gone through trouble in life and come up with a definite list that is beyond the roof is somewhat weird, especially with no sign of reason to this move.

        You start a rollercoaster and change directions in between and don’t feel surprised about the wondering because you haven’t yet decided in your internal smiley areas yet there’s even speculation about new builds and platforms.

        What would you have done if you expect to have 2 kids, but get 12 ? In all honest would you say, we could have stuffed it away for good but we didn’t, we move on slowly. There’s no according to plan for these circumstances. Whether it is something more important in your life or not, the treatment of what you reply to makes it weird, if you don’t care about negatives then do something else, play with your children instead of argue about how you process and handle the mod in your life. Others have the same occupation in life but have learned to adjust to critism, which seems not the case here. Instead of replying to these do something more important in your life. There’s so much wasting around for nonsense.

        Your arguement about what have you done in the last years also is only partially significant because you cannot judge anyones to be able to make or work on the same things as you or me, especially with the global internet access there’s more expectations from pictures or art then from codes and scripts.

        Yet not anyone that has internet access, is someone with industrial backround, an eye for details type of guy or somewhat semi-proficient.

        You can even expect some pleasent peasents to reply to your comments that don’t have the chance
        to go further in life or learn something more advanced but still have their expectations and appointments over time.

        And just to bring in the Star Wars Ep1 reason for a long time, GL didn’t tease around at the time when he hasn’t yet decided on how it should go further, and he has done some other stuff in life aswell even some that
        has seen his misfortune but he doesn’t seem such softminded towards how people categorize his projects.

        Just go on do what you do but don’t be cruel to what you can’t admit or won’t like, a bit of introversy here helps.

        And of course I had more days that I’d rather take the sling myself when not feeling to fill my own shoes. Not having to fit in my own aims and others goals.
        If I you really judge me, I would be a social reject, but I’m not letting the community bleed because of that or

        other occupations. Just do your things, and let others have theirs you can’t change any thing.

        Get your kiddies to the iceman instead of letting us know how much you don’t bother about us, afraid and insecure community that feels like left in the dust.

        Better for everyone’s time consumption and of course gives the better options in life.

      • Freddy Stapersma

        wow you really took the time to reply πŸ™‚
        Fair enough from your part.

        Really I do not mind negative comments just tell them, but let me then also tell why some things happen like they do or did.

        about bothering.

        Maybe it was the wrong words due to my lack of english knowledge (i am Dutch)
        but I mean I personally do not feel offended by negative posts at all.

        I just always try to tell the positives and negatives why something happens and if I do that more than once it is because not everybody reads all topics.

        I see you did read most topics and I thank you for that. πŸ™‚

        If my writing sound harsh it is absolutly not intended.
        I always read with a happy face.

        Still I am the first to write sarcasticly that we are slow. Very slow and that people cannot believe it will be released ever… (Even I had that idea for a long time)

        Thnx for your answer.

      • M1GHTY M4VS

        Well then we’re sorted, less jibba jabba more enjoyment in life thanks for clarification πŸ˜€

      • Professional Operator

        If you think a “release one car instead of all this long term vaporware” is a negative comment, you actually refuse to accept the truth for what it is.

        7 years and counting, lot of pics here and there. Zero cars released. Just cold facts, not my opinion.

        If you release 1 car and I’ll jump in saying “whoa that’s sucks” that’s a negative comment and you can complain about it.

      • Freddy Stapersma

        No what I say is that you are right about the one car release if it was me personally but sadly did not happen because the team desided otherwise. Nothing you or even me could do about it because it was a team descission.
        So you and me have to live with that πŸ˜›

        I am happy you are not as it seems.
        So be it…

      • Anonymous

        I only see one problem to this equation is the fact that they announced this mod a long time ago. Seems doing so is a mistake and announcements should only be made @ 99% completion. Because the wait can be hard for many really looking forward to these types of software. The important thing at this moment in time is that they are close to release of this mod and when they do nothing more than a simple thank you from us the community should be needed.

      • Professional Operator

        You right I forgot to add the word INTERNAL.
        Don’t even show pics if you want to keep for yourself.

    • Vivemclaren

      For rF2, we will work differently with GTPC-PTC and GTx5 πŸ™‚ But I don’t speak more about that πŸ™‚

  • Nuno Fernandes

    Take as much time as it takes, no matter what, and we just have to thank the excellent work they have done.

    Now I read in a comment above that GTX5 can leave only for rfactor2, it is that would be sad.

  • gtfan45

    You could get more feedback if you released a beta mod to the public instead of internally. And if it is going to be internally, why make the announcement?

    • gtfan45

      Thanks for the pictures anyway:)

    • Freddy Stapersma

      That part about the internal beat should not have been written like that.
      My mistake in writing to Don’t shoot me ;).

      I wrote this to where you can see I made the mistake to not to say it was a internal beta.:

      These are the images I was talking about.

      Here are some new images from
      our mod in the making. (all W.I.P.)

      These shots where made last week by
      our member Dom[Ger]
      The name of the mod will be GTPC. Not prototype

      We are still working very hard to get a advanced beta out with a huge
      amount of car liveries (300+).
      The amount of liveries is insane but due to our slow progress the painters moved on and did a lot of liveries.
      example all cars from 1983 le mans are painted. Also rare DRM and one of
      liveries of many cars.

      About the release. We are finalizing the
      Lancia LC2 right now and I will
      post pics of it when it is done.
      We will
      NOT give any release date as I do not know how much work there is still to
      be done.
      Still this year the team did a huge step forward.
      I really need
      to say Thank you to the main JR team for keep pushing on.
      I am just a Senior
      team member trying to help the junior a little where I
      can but they did all
      the hard work.
      I guess a lot of others would have stopped long
      When released it will NOT have the cars after 1985 so not the 962
      and other models simply because they are not done or not finished.
      release we going to talk about what to do next. Sure we will work on Rfactor
      2 release but our other mod GTX5 is als needing a lot of
      attention. (yes that
      is also still in the making.)

      Freddy! AKA discocandy @ virtua_lm

      • F1Racer

        If anything was going ignite my spark to render again…… Freddy ?

  • scum


  • Chris Wright

    Group C Legends, Gruppe C, SportProtoypes LE v2.2. – all available right now. I’m sure this will be the best of them, but there are alternatives for rFactor.

    • Freddy Stapersma

      yeah we know.
      Some of them are ripped from our old mod for f1c…. :~
      some of them have the same physics for all cars..
      some use one car model for all liveries.

      • Chris Wright

        That’s not nice. I’ve edited out the names of the mods – no sense in giving them the oxygen of publicity if the modders have been naughty.

  • Freddy Stapersma

    small video i made while beta testing 1983.
    Nothing fancy just show we need a lot of work on AI…..

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