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GTPC by Virtua_LM Junior Team – New Car Info Sheets

The Virtua_LM Junior Team has released a massive batch of over 300 previews of their GTPC mod for rFactor.

The Virtua_LM Junior Team has released a massive batch of over 300 previews of their GTPC mod for rFactor.

The car info sheet previews introduce us to over 300 different cars the mod will contain, complete with detailed info on the car’s drivers & results.

GTPC was formerly known as Prototype C and will bring a massive amount of cars from one of endurance racingโ€™s finest decades to rFactor, centering around the 1983 Le Mans 24 Hours.

The mod includes both prototypes and GT cars and will come with over 300 liveries, including many rare cars of this spectacular era.

  • Harry Tulloch

    oh wow this looks amazing

  • Anonymous

    Really looking forward to this ๐Ÿ˜€

  • Lou

    mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm delicious

  • Freddy Stapersma

    What you see here are the presentation sheets for almost all cars ingame
    we found out there are a few errors in some sheets. Not much we can do about it for now.
    So what is missing.
    Some versions of the Jag as they are so similar I did not care.
    one CK5 i forgot.
    a few 956 cars.
    For release. Not much has changed. There are some big hurdles to take on the sound department due to some sad things happened in the past..
    also some 3d work on some cars.
    after that it must be ready. When who knows.

    • kenpat .

      Oh do I hear jingle bells????

      • gtfan45

        going off those last comments, id say another year or so. looking good though!!

      • Freddy Stapersma

        We try very hard.. but no promises we do not know how long the last steps will take us…. ๐Ÿ™

  • horrace

    Thanks Freddy!

    • Freddy Stapersma

      double post….

  • horrace

    Yeah these are good days for pc racers, I just realized that I have to get my budget together, Asseto, and the Reiza series, edurancex, oh so many christmas presents!!!!!!! For me:)

  • Professional Operator

    looks like a totally INSANE Encyclopedia about race cars

    how about a nice pdf presentation with all these awesome “cards”

    • Freddy Stapersma

      you got the idea ๐Ÿ™‚
      wanted to make a pdf or movie out of them. did a small test when I was working on them..

  • Vevex

    Huge work fo all these skins. Congrats

  • Racing Colour

    Man this looks incredible. Plenty of inspiration for my next set of drawings too

  • Rantam

    Massive work. And these are just info sheets.. kuddos ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Diego Colafabio

    Truly amazing work, really.

  • David Jundt

    Looks awesome!

    Some things I noticed:

    – You posted the Schiller Racing Porsche of Haldi&Vetsch(who was involved in Bonnier’s fatal crash) twice;)

    – Haldi’s country flag on the BMW M1(Imola 1000 km 1984) of Rolf Gรถring seems to be German?

    – Some cars like the Lancia LC1 Spider(2nd Fuji 6 Hours) have results, but no year of when they raced. Not been added by mistake?

    – Some cars have 3 names(For example one of the Le Mans-winning New Man Porsches), yet only 2 were listed?

    – A few cars have different drivers than on the picture(Joest Porsche Monza 360 km 1986)?

    – Also, why were some cars like the Cheetah removed? I heard they didn’t arrive at Le Mans, but I am kinda sad as they were designed by Chuck Greamiger in Switzerland.

    Just wondering about that. Nice work so far!:)

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