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GT Legends Sequel In the Works!

Former Simbin employee Simon Lundell has formed a new development studio with the aim of creating a sequel to Simbin’s still-popular GT Legends title.

Former Simbin employee Simon Lundell has formed a new development studio with the aim of creating a sequel to Simbin’s still-popular GT Legends title.

11 years after it’s original release, Lundell has confirmed that his development studio Tiny Feet Studios is working on a sequel, talking to RaceDepartment:

Ever since the SimBin bankruptcy I have been working towards the GT Legends rebirth. I finally have all the paperwork in place to let you know of our plans. There are a lot challenges, and a long project, ahead of us but we remain excited and motivated for the challenges ahead and look forward to bringing a game people will love to race “

Released in 2005, GT Legends was created by the core-team that later formed Blimey! Games & Slightly Mad Studios, simulating the FIA Historic GT & Touring Car Championships that offered racing with historic cars on modern day circuits.

It’s not yet known whether the new title will follow the same formula or go for an “all-historic” route with historic tracks as well as no further details on the new title are available yet.

GT Legends proved to have some amazing longevity as not only did the original game remain popular with sim racers to this very day, the game’s content has also been used as a base for popular mods such as Power & Glory for GTR2 and Historic GT & Touring Cars for rFactor.

  • Traumahound

    Someone please pass me a shovel to pick up my jaw from the floor!

  • Leeman

    Wow! What unexpected good news. This is terrific. I’d love to see a modern re-boot of this classic.

  • Patrik Marek

    cool, that could be very nice !
    I hope they manage to make new engine for it though , something at least on Assetto Corsa level

    • LogiForce

      Most likely is that they will license the engine from rFactor 2, the isiMotor 2.5, because the original ran on rFactor 1’s isiMotor 2 engine as far as I remember.

      • Gui Cramer

        F1c engine with gmotor2 (graphics)

      • brrupsz

        I hope it won’t run on rF2 engine. It might be a big failure sales wise with this level of graphics.

      • wajdi nujeidat


      • David Hughes

        I hope it won’t run on any other physics engine. It might be a big failure quality wise with this level of physics.

      • Race Nut

        The recent Reiza announcement was about licensing the rF1 source code; they are adding features and modifying to suit their needs.

      • melanieuk1

        Gmotor = Graphics Engine, Pmotor = plug in Physic Engine.

      • Race Nut

        Ah – righto, thanks! 😉

    • melanieuk1

      Well said, anything less is a no buy, those 1990 days have long gone, it’s time to move forwards with the latest direct x api, just like iracing are now doing.

    • rauf00

      Above AC level is a must. Same as proper single and online mode, full leaderboards and all that staff making piece of soft a GAME.
      I don’t need another “next gen” unfinished sim.

      We are playing games, right? So give us a game please.

  • Pe11e

    I simply can’t forget the best online races I’ve had in my life in GT Legends! Many awesome memories!

  • ImageArtSigns .

    Exciting news…wonder if trying an ‘Indiegogo Fundraising Campaign’ would help them along the way…similiar to Reiza’s, and we know how well that went 🙂
    …or better yet,…team up with Reiza with their new project…hehe…hold your horses now, don’t get to carried away…LOL

  • LogiForce

    Great news!

    As to quote Ian Bell, the founder of Simbin, Blimey! and Slightly Mad Studios, on how big that core Simbin team was…

    Ian Bell – “We didn’t originate with SimBin, we were SimBin. I formed that company 18 months before joining with the Swedes.

    When we split, we took 38 of the 42 development staff with us. Most of them are still here.”

    Quote Source:

  • Andrew Tiltman

    *throws money at screen*

  • Dean Doucette

    That will be an automatic buy, especially if it is using Rfactor 2 physics but better graphics.

  • Chris

    Great news, it needs a revamp, and I will definitely buy if it is on the same physics level as the original GTL. Cheers!

    • wajdi nujeidat

      I hope they improve the physics of the old GTL, because it was like driving on the ice!

  • Easy DaRon

    Ok. This has my full attention. One of my biggest wishes for racing games was to get a successor of GT Legends.

  • Mojo66

    If they’re real fans of that fantastic aera of motorsports they should offer historic versions of modern tracks. For a lot of them it’s not that hard, just straighten the stupid chicanes which were introduced to save real lifes, not virtual ones…

  • pillerjong

    pls with Offline Mode

  • Jorge Azcoitia

    As a physics guy from HistorX, I’d love to be a part of this. This is great news and I wish I could continue being part of classic cars simracing.

    I don’t think they’ll need some physics guys at this point, but just stating It for the record. 🙂

    • Marcel Offermans

      Why would you assume they don’t need a physics guy? If you’re serious, get in touch! I am sure that they can use people who are passionate about historic cars and have the skills to help out.

    • melanieuk1

      If you did create the physics for the HistorX mod, they should snap you up quick time, I found the physic in the HistorX mod, to be better than those used in gtl more drivable less ice skating.

  • Francesco Kasta

    You have my attention.

  • Mike Cantwell

    Love the original. This will be fantastic

  • Dean Doucette

    GT Legends and then GTR3? Please!

  • Robert

    Looking forward to this. It would be great if they could stray from the FIA license and add in some other classics from the 50’s just for fun.

  • pez2k

    The one thing I can see being a killer, and probably one big reason we’ve not seen a GTL2 or GTR3, is licensing. What’s GTL without the 911 or the 906, or GTR2 without any GT3-RSRs? The latter can nowadays be faked with an Rt 12 or RGT as is the fashion, but how do you license a 906 without getting Stuttgart involved?

    I believe the original games licensed the series and teams, implicitly including the cars, but that it’s no longer a valid route hence the Ferraris and Porsches disappearing from the Steam re-release of GTR2. I would very much love to be proven wrong though!

    • David Wright

      The TC65 and GTC65 classes have no Porsches. I would miss the 811s, the 914s and the 906 in the GTC76 class but could live without them to get a GTL2. Back in the 70s most Touring Car races did not have Porsches in them as the Porsches were classed as GTs.

      And there is always the rumor that the Porsche exclusivity license is coming to an end.

      • pez2k

        I believe the class cutoffs later changed to 1971 and 1981, which presumably would include plenty of SWB 911s in GTC71? The only current historic tintop series from the FIA seems to be for 1961-1974 GTs and prototypes too.

      • David Wright

        I am very curious as to what series they will try to do. Most (HSCC, Goodwood Revival, Masters and U2-TC) seem to use the pre 1966 break point that the FIA series used in 2004/5.

    • 2tyred

      I don’t see why more companies don’t just put the content in with fake names like GPL did for Honda and Cooper. Same for circuits.

  • David Wright

    Wonderful news! I had hoped with Aris’s and Stefano’s love of classic racers that AC might become the new GTL but clearly the popularity of modern GT cars has ruled this out. I also hoped that GTLs original creators might do GT Legends pack for pCARs but again, no such luck. S3S have shown an interest in historic racing series but not the same period as the cars in GTL. So its great news that a new developer has picked up the torch. Can’t wait to hear more.


    Love old race cars with personality and some real challange to drive.
    Great news and I hope for a pre release on steam.

  • Benjamin Overgaard Karslund

    Is this released on the consoles also? Anyway, don’t forget the engine sounds – if you could make the sounds on level with DiRT Rally or Raceroom Racing Experience it would be simply amazing! 🙂
    Physics is the most important, yes – but the sounds is more important than graphics imho.

    My hopes are up!

  • Rantam

    Great news indeed! Not that I don’t like modern racing cars, but classic ones have always felt more interesting to me. I’m going to follow this project very close, that’s for sure..

    Best of luck with this project! 🙂

  • 2tyred


    Please make it set in historical times, with actual circuits and car / tyre specs from the time!
    That was the problem with GT Legends for me, that it was based on modern day historical series.

    Historical circuits are way better.

    And if there are licensing issues for anything, just include it under fake names like GPL did for Honda and Cooper. People will be more than happy with way.

    We have been waiting for a new historical effort since 1998 – even GT Legends didn’t really do it sadly, which is why i never got it until years later.

  • RapidRefund

    GT Legends will always be special and will never quite be duplicated as any sequel will miss some of the elements that made GTL so special. I am sure that Tiny Feet will want to bring certain elements as up to date as possible and with that some of the specialness that went into a couple of Sim Racing titles of that time frame will be lost. Quite a bit I spend time with those special titles of 2005 and nothing since quite has the same charm as those did. 2005 will forever be an Iconic Year in Sim Racing!

    • RapidRefund

      Some of the greatest mods ever were created for this game. If those somehow can be worked into the sequel that would be great

  • Massimo Cranchi

    Dave Kaemmer has shown the way with the unbelievable GP Legends since 1998. Then Simbin produced the fantastic GT Legends. Racing classics is somethin unique and I’m so excited on this new project!

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