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GT Legends – Now Available On Steam

Simbin’s GT Legends is now available on Steam.

Following the release of GTR on Steam, Simbin has now added another true classic that can now be bought off the popular platform.

Originally released in October 2005, GT Legends was the second title developed by the original Simbin team, following GTR. The title is remarkable in several ways, one being that it combines historic cars and modern tracks as the title simulates the FIA GT/TC racing championship that keeps those beautiful machines on track.

Another noteworthy aspect is that GT Legends is the first and only Simbin title to use a career mode that requires players to unlock cars & track as they progress.

If you like historical racing cars, this one should not be missing from your sim racing collection, the game sells for 8,99€. With GT Legends now being available digitally as well, the only of Simbin’s tittles missing on Steam is the still-popular GTR2.

Visit GT Legends on Steam Here

  • karat

    Free Legal serial number for Gtr 2. But now, the link for Gt Legends don’t work

    GTL serial:…r-4559945.html
    GTR2 serial:…r-4349161.html

  • David Wright

    Great to see this classic title available on Steam. Nice that the price is much more realistic than GTR too. A great way to celebrate GTLs seventh birthday!

  • Anonymous

    if they release gtr-2 on steam, i hope they fix that online bug that doesn’t allow triple screens to work properly without a total crash to desktop.

  • Inkon Gynto

    It’s funny that this awesome game from 2005 looks even better than rFactor2 from 2015

    • ___ ɥqp ___

      LOL at the spanner!

    • Kendra Jacobs

      Haha I still play gt legends, but if you think it looks better than RFactor 2 then you have very funny taste 🙂

    • Anonymous

      You should check your facts man.. But who am I to criticize your peculiar taste ;-p

    • Mr. Buttons

      true story!

  • PetrolheadDen

    Good news indeed. The old girl has plenty of life left in her yet!

  • Mr. Buttons

    Does Multiplayer working now without problems when i buy it on steam or does it still not work?

  • Charles Buckley

    This is such a great game especially with all the mods still available for it. If you have two PCs get them linked up at £15 (£7.50 each) you can’t go wrong. I have two copies that were hard to find 2 years ago.

  • Don Dreaming Eagle

    I am thinking of purchasing Win 8.1 (to replace Win 7) I checked and there seems to be compatability issues with Win 8 with regards to Race 07, GT Legends and Grid – anyone out there have probs with this OS and these games???

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