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Group C for rFactor 2 0.81 – Released

Mak Corp has released a new version of heir Group C sports car racing mod for rFactor 2.

Mak Corp has released a new version of heir Group C sports car racing mod for rFactor 2.

The new version comes with improved physics & sounds for the mod’s two Porsche & Mazda Group C cars as well as plenty of other changes as listed below.


  • Fixed skinning not working with raw files, remake the folder again and it will now work.
  • Graphical updates and fixes.
  • Class names corrected.
  • UI Menu pics redone.
  • Physics Updates
  • Mod Manual updated, please read.

Both Cars

  • Sounds Updated.
  • Revised suspension geometry.
  • Front downforce now has two positions. A new low downforce setting for high speed tracks with previous drag and a second setting with almost the original downforce level but with more drag than before. All this makes the cars more balanced in all types of tracks.
  • Cars bottoming solved.
  • Tyre wear and heating revised.
  • Engine heat revised.


  • Increased torque curve at low RPM to work better with the turbo engagement. The rear of the car is now more loose and this helps to make tyre wear more balanced (previously the front tyres used to wear too fast).


  • Now there are two boost settings as in real life. Save and Fast. Save setting cuts 500 RPM from the engine keeping the previous fuel usage. Fast setting gives all the previous RPM range and power but uses 8% more fuel.
[boxdownload]Download Group C for rFactor 2 0.81 Here[/boxdownload]
  • MAKCorp

    Please note, this mod has also been released to the Steam Workshop for all rF2 Steam owners. Enjoy and Merry Christmas to all!

    • noroardanto

      Thank you!

  • Charlie Gould

    Anyone would think its christmas!!!

  • HammerX

    Thank you MakCorp!

  • Dean Doucette

    Absolutely spectacular!!! Thank-you for creating this mod. My favorite mod so far.

  • maranello55

    Such a masterpiece. To take this beast as a project alone is quite something. Cant thank you guys enough.

    Quite a learning curve to tame each car and each car is a different animal. A gem

    I’ll donate. And we all should if we are happy with this piece of love.

  • Ari Antero

    Good job, I love to see this mod in rFactor2.
    Maybe there is too much grip. Brianza 66 top speed 376 kmh before you enter Curva Grande flat out exit speed is 360 kmh lap times are 1min.10sec. ?

    • Damián Baldi

      Well.. you are using a very old track. These cars were capable of 400 km/h at the old Le Mans straight. There are an overview of the cars in .PDF that comes with the package, there is extra information about the cars there.

      • Ari Antero

        It is not about top speed. Curva Grande flat out. I don`t believe that early 90`s group C cars can do turns like that in real life flat out.

      • Damián Baldi

        Curva Grande it’s smooth corner, these cars have twice their weight in downforce, I think it’s normal that they would be able to take it flat out. Another story would be if they were able to take flat out Parabolica, that should be a concern. If you have to release the throttle to take Porsche’s curves or Parabolica that’s ok.

      • Ari Antero

        Wing 1/1 I don`t think so 🙂
        pCars Sauber is actually much more realistic then this one.

      • Damián Baldi

        I think neither of the simulators is perfect, if you like more the “reality” of PCARS, drive it.

      • Ari Antero

        Well, I would like to see this mod also in rF2 MP lobby and at the moment there is not one server hosting this mod There is obviously reason to that and I bet it is because mod is too unrealistic. I thought that I host this one but after testing it I just drop it. There is no need to more emthy servers in rF2 MP lobby 🙁

      • Damián Baldi

        There are at least 5 servers running this MOD. We are practicing for a Daytona race in January 16. Check at for the password into SimRacingAlliance thread, we could share opinions there and do some practice. Believe me, we are fighting with understeer.

      • Konrad Friedrich

        Sorry for destroying the LeMans 400 kmh myth…

        But the 962 was capable of topspeeds about max. 378 kmh.

        The Mazda which was raced at LeMans in 1991 had a topspeed arround 340 kmh.

        The fastest cars at LeMans where the Sauber-Mercedes C9 running 389kmh and the WMP88 405kmh.

        They where only running these speeds at the qualify session.

        In the race they where about 30-40 kmh slower – well, if you want to use the term ‘slower’ when talking about LeMans… 😉

        You can believe me. I was there. Every LeMans race in the 80’s and early 90’s.

        But I can assure: They where freaking fast. 😉

      • Damián Baldi

        yes I know that the 400 km/h top speed was before the inclusion of the chicanes, my comment was about the characteristic of the cars not pure data (“Mulsanne’s corner” site have interesting speed trap data from 1990). Even the cars from qualy and race were very different, aero, brakes, gearbox and engines. This MOD don’t want to cover all the configurations, as we say in the overview document of the MOD, we have used the more convenient data to bring good competition between the cars trying to achieve the more realistic and accurate performance possible. If we should have to cover all the different configurations, it will become a huge work as the Virtua_LM guys did, and it wasn’t in our plans. We prefer to work in new cars than to include uncountless options to the current cars. I want to include more tyre brands with different behavior after the CPM inclusion. We will see, nothing decided yet. Lucky you to have stayed on the track in those years

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