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Greger Huttu Goes Real-Racing – Article

Greger Huttu Goes Real-Racing – Article

Top Gear Magazine has published a very interesting article on the world’s most famous sim racer as Greger Huttu recently got the chance to prove himself in a real race car.

Despite recently winning the iRacing World Championship and having been dominating the rankings in simulations such as Grand Prix Legends, NASCAR Racing 2003 and GTR2, the 30 year-old Finn has never driven a real race car before he got to try the Andersen Racing Star Mazda at Road Atlanta.

Knowing both the car and track from iRacing, Greger was able to leave a great impression right from the start, posting quick times without putting a single scratch on the car. But his experiences also shows that all the sim racing in the world can’t prepare drivers for the physical strain that is involved with driving a real race car.

A link to the full article can be found below, make sure to not miss out on this extremely interesting read.

Download Greger Huttu Top Gear Article Here

  • ed d’agliano-luna

    I’m sure that this is the case… Gregger not being an athlete per say.  Real world driving involves so much more than ‘typewriting’ at the desk (simracing driving inputs). 

  • ed d’agliano-luna

    … but as a simulation driver, total respect for Mr. Huttu.   

    Also, the reverse could be true, with Michael Schumacher struggling to ‘typewrite’, err… I mean simdrive/race with Greger.

  • Mee

    Montoya, can you upload this to another website ( for example)? Dropbox says there’s too much traffic.

  • Mee

    Thanks πŸ™‚

  • Jezza

    Huttu is a beast i have watched some of his races…. the guy is in another league to other racers. I like to think of myself being good at sims but Huttu reminds me that while i may be good, there he is being so much better.

  • gtrNL

    Great article to read.

  • Pleb

    Read this on the iRacing forums, fantastic story.

    iRacing also filmed it and are going to be showing it soon.

  • Noel Hibbard

    I am curious if they did this run last week during the Petit LeMans weekend. I was there that weekend and noticed Skip Barber had a motion cockpit setup running iRacing in the Star Mazda at Road Atlanta. It would have been cool to see him in person doing some laps in that rig. BTW, the motion in this rig was incredibly distracting and didn’t add a thing to the realism. It wasn’t even capable of reproducing gForce comparable to my road going sports sedan. Hahaha. Remind me to never waste my time and money building my own motion rig.

    Very cool article to read!

  • Rob

    As expected, he needs physical training but the speed is there.
    That sporty cam in the photo (99% a Go pro) maybe will reveal some videos soon?

  • Carbonfibre

    Never been on a rollercoaster, first plane ride…

    The poor chap needs to get out more. Maybe this will inspire him to actually start a racing career.

  • Noel Hibbard

    Yep GoPro… Love my GoPro HD now that they finally released the new firmware to allow upside down mode. πŸ™‚

  • mykem

    I admit approaching the article with my own set of preconception especially considering that I don’t know much about Greger Huttu.  I came out admiring the guy for his passion and dedication to what he’s obviously enjoy doing.  

  • navalhawkeye

    This was a few weeks ago (beginning of September?)

  • Sparky245

    Kick his ass anyday.

  • David Wright

    The real car has more grip than the sim – now there’s a surprise …. NOT  πŸ˜€

  • John DiFool

    Yeah, those ignoramuses who complain that motor sports are not “sports” as in athletic endeavors are completely full of it, for precisely that reason.  YOU try wrestling with a steering wheel for 3 hours while 4 sumo wrestlers constantly slam into you, and then come back and say it isn’t a sport…

  • jimmy

    Wow, he’s a Finn. His name always sounded African to me  πŸ˜€

  • moschum

    yeh, everyone who bums iracing should take not. the cars are so skittish and snap so easily compared to real life. 

  • moschum

    yeh, everyone who bums iracing should take note. the cars are so skittish and snap so easily compared to real life. 

  • moschum

    yeh, all he needs is about 300k to get started in world karting/formula renault. why dont you lend him the money?

  • Ace Racer

    Yeah, hopefully the new tire model helps fix the nervous twitches that a lot of the cars have…

  • Carbonfibre

    Well by the sounds of it, racing is his passion, naturally that is what he should be aiming for. You understand nobody makes a living by being internet famous right? iRacing PR just want the exposure.

    Branded as the fastest virtual driver in the world would make me incredibly depressed with my life, particularly when it’s no more meaningful than topping the leaderboards on some inane FPS.

  • zezΓ£o

    now without any hack/cheat

    lol :p


    It’s released now? sweeet!!


    I did something similar. I went to Skip Barber Racing School afert 2 years of IRacing.
    Except I’m not as fast as him in the sim, but I’m a triathlete so I didn’t threw up like a wuss πŸ˜‰ .
    The 20 min session we did at the end of the 3-day class was exhausting! I could maybe beat him in a 1 hour race because of fitness. 

  • moschum

    motorsport isn’t a sport, its a business. 

    it should be called motorbusiness. or ‘motortising’ (motor + advertising)
    also none of the sprint catergories (which includes F1) have races which last as long as 3 hours………….

    also youre seriously confused – just because something is physically challenging doesnt automatically make it a sport………….
    is bricklaying a sport?

  • Smiley

    Motorsport is competition, and businesses have jumped on it as a way of advertising. At it’s core, racers are there to race.

  • traind

    He makes a living fishing, which is a fine way to live if you like it. If the rest of his life is good and he is the fastest virtually at iRacing, why be depressed?  He excels like mad in his hobby.  Not everyone wants to be a star.  Most of the celebrities aren’t happy anyway. And many racing drivers sacrifice the rest of their lives while pursuing racing careers.

  • Smiley

    I disagree, it has more credability than topping a FPS list because the virtual controls in sim-racing are the same as in real-life so it’s a closer simulation to real-life. FPS are played with keyboard and mouse, just cause you can quickly & accurately shoot a target in a FPS, doesn’t mean you’ll be a crack shot if I hand you a gun, you’ll obviously have good hand-eye coordination, but you’ll have to learn a totally new skill (holding a ~0.5kg gun in front of you, aiming through a sight).

    I hope he starts working out and makes something of this, the team were impressed with him so good luck to him πŸ˜‰

  • traind

    I wonder what iRacing say about that comment?

  • Smiley

    The Star Mazda in iRacing is an easy car to drive when not pushing the limits (3 seconds off the pace is not exactly pushing the cars limits), which I can understand, the last thing you want to do on your debut is have an off or worse, put it in the wall.

    Greger is probably so used to driving on the limit in sim-racing (with a low downforce setup), he doesn’t realise a car seems to have more grip when your going slower (probably with a bit more wing that what he runs in iRacing)  πŸ™‚

  • Slimjim

    Hard and slick is more real…  sure keep believeing this
    and you’ll never have a true sim… and i’m not surprised he got sick..
    all the forces on your body when your out of shape.. =  bad things.
    I give him props for not crashing.. too bad it was cut short due to the strain of it all..
    he was close in lap times.. and they seemed to be ha[ppy with results…
    i guess a great day to remember…i still think i would rather have the $10,000 he won from iRacing…lol

  • SoloTwo

    Something I’ve always said is a good driver in the real world can easily become quick in a race sim but just because you’re fast in a sim doesn’t mean you’ll be fast in a real car.  BUT I think a lot of quick guys out there with proper experience can easily become quick a lot faster then any generic person off the street.

    I started sim racing because of my real life race experience which made me rather averagely quick and I got better the more I raced but I don’t think anything I learned playing games made me any quicker in the real world.

    A game can get you ready for real cars but nothing beats track time.

  • Jezza

    @moschum…. your kidding me right? What an f1 driver goes through in a race is just as physically demanding if not more then what a marathon runner goes through. It is a sport because first and foremost it is People racing against each other whilst having to overcome physical demands.

    On top of all that its called motorsport because it is a sport. I wonder how you would handle half an hour in a superkart. Im placing bets that not only would you throw up but that you would also be bruised an battered as tho you have just taken on a world class boxer.

  • glenn

    for all the arm chair quarterbacks like SI XLR TURBO<img src=””/> … you don’t consider how much was a sake for this guy to be excellent.  here from another country thrown into a car he has never raced with a bunch corporates and a community of thousands watching and waiting to here and judge his experience.

    i for one wish him all the best.

    im sure there was 1000x way more pressure  then your rinkydink skip barber 1 day class which is nothing similar to what he is doing. if you had some ball sack in the 1st place you would not be posting under such a stupid name. If anyone is the wuss im sure you could easily fit those shoes. moron.

  • glenn

    he did a 1.24 on his 1st big lap….

    these guys been running in that same car for a FULL season and in real cars for literally YEARS along with thousands and thousands of mummy and daddys money spent on lessons.

    from the star mazda web site of the practice on oct 1st  at the same track…

  • Arcade

    Bono thats Greger Tutsi πŸ˜€

  • Blaarontjes

    What’s not being mentioned that Greger was actually already ill before he got into the car, so that he threw up wasn’t because of his weak fitness or anything, he just felt terrible before it.

  • spliff

    carbonfire: “Branded as the fastest virtual driver in the world would make me incredibly depressed with my life”

    haha, that sweet envy.

  • Ahmad

    Good job Greger, well done mate and congrats.

  • shum94

    Soon simracers will have better simulations and we will be able to show that the best in real are more the best with money.

  • retiisi

    3 seconds off the space in those circumstances are definitely pushing the limits. I don’t understand the lack of the perspective here, Gregers achievement was huge and people seems to be disappointed, wtf.

  • retiisi

    I have respected your comments before that overly bitter lament.

  • retiisi

    I have respected your opinions before that overly bitter lament.

  • Nanny

    Never will be the same situation, nice experiment, but the feeling of the track, the air, the climatic changes, will be not really recreated for any simulator. I just keep a doubt, what were the times of Huttu at iracing?

  • Nanny

    And off course, this is a test of iracing is the best of the best now and only when my son get properly the steering wheel and the pedals, he will be starting the training fo be a pro driver.

  • krivjur

    You’re right that simulators will never match real life completely. IRacing might have helped him to knowi the track and bit of the car, but he clearly has some talent going on as well. I don’t know if he did any prior practice in iR for this occasion, but he has no official times on Road Atlanta with the car.

    If you are wondering his pace overal, he won 14 races in a row in the iRacing Road World Championship, the streak ended when he was visiting in the US for this Start Mazda event. Still finished 4th despite lack of practice and own equipment and clinched the title.

    What he did with the real Star Mazda is very impressive. Being sick before going to the car, posting good lap times off the bat first time in the car, taking it easy to not wreck the car.

  • moschum

    they will disagree 100%, according to them its a substitute for real life. iracing physics are perfect in any way and cannot be criticised

  • moschum

    1. racing drivers sacrificing their lives? give me a break. compared to other sports, the single seater ladder is hardly dangerous. footballers suffer more injuries. When people are injured in motorsport its normally a freak accident, and they happen RARELY.

    2. Why be depressed? because the way the world works is you have to be rich in the first place to do something you enjoy. who said anything about huttu being a star? most of us enthusiasts would like to become a racing driver not because of the fame aspect, but because its enjoyable driving. the fact that you can’t even get into the sport because the industry is focused on providing rich people with entertainment is what is depressing – the world doesn’t have to be like that.

    3. ‘most celebrities aren’t happy anyway’. how have you come to this ridiculous conclusion? wheres your proof? what are you referring to, celebs that go into rehab? most celebrities, as far as i can see, are very happy, with their millions, and relatively easy lives. what are you talking about?

  • Markuz

    Just as I’ve expected. He’ll do great coz he’s already got the theories and some sort of muscle memory. Now he just has to work out to build his stamina and strengthen his neck. Good luck to the sim world’s greatest driver. πŸ™‚

  • moschum

    ‘ What an f1 driver goes through in a race is just as physically demanding if not more then what a marathon runner goes through. It is a sport because first and foremost it is People racing against each other whilst having to overcome physical demands. ‘

    No its not. lol. 100% false.

    also no point answering your second statement – youve made a load of assumptions based on no evidence, its a load of rabble to try and support your argument. 

  • f0xx

    Never heard of him, but good luck and congrats.

  • f0xx

    Never heard of him, anyway good luck and congrats, most of us sim racers would like to be in your place.

  • SergeantBoner

    Im faster then Greger on any track with any machine and a better racedriver, I just dont own iRacing…..   ?
    (Im sorry but their quest for world dominance is laughable, so the guy drove some real cars for a change, dis was already done with GT Academy and with almost similar results)

  • SergeantBoner

    true dat holmes

  • f0xx

    Never heard of him.

    Anyway good luck and congrats, most of us sim racers would like to be in your place.

  • Nanny

    Yes, I agree, he is an kind of alien! But, my questions is regarding if the times of iracing are the same about the times of real competition.

  • Howie47

    Practicing on a Sim is kind of like swinging a baseball bat with a weight on it.  I’ve been saying for years, (and many others) that the grip in most Sims and mods is way to slippery.  But the modders ears seem to get bent by ???. Any way in a Sim, with the proper screen setup. (three screens) you can learn alot about the best driving line, brake points and acceleration points.  That is one of the most important factors in going fast.  And you don’t need iRacing to do it.  But accurate tracks and physics are a must. GTRevo or GTR2 will do.

  • Jezza

    No its not false, do your research.

    And there is a point to my 2nd statement. You say its not a sport or physically demanding.. go hire a superkart and tell me what you think and how your body held up afterwards. then consider an f1 driver goes through a world more. big Gs and massives shocks through the body. Even people who go for rides in the minardi 2 seater get massive bruises and somtimes feel crook the day after due to what the body has been through and how hard the body works to recover.. And that is only after a 4lap ride 16-20km. Now think a f1 driver does near upwards of 700km over a weekend.

  • Sideway

    But accurate tracks and physics are a must

    So iRacing is the only 1! ‘Nuf Said

  • Sideway


  • krivjur

    Some times from iRacing.

    All time top
    Qual 1:16.898
    Race 1:17.186

    This season
    Qual 1:17.130
    Race 1:17.413

    On all time race lap times 68 (of 2734) people have gone below real record.
    On Qualifying 128 people went below real record.

    Real track record 1:18.328

    Of course in sim you can push more without drastic consequences. Consitions are the same on track grip, temperarures, weather etc. Not that the car and especially tire physics are perfect.

  • moschum

    do YOUR research! find me a piece of evidence that suggests f1 drivers physical demands are equal or more than a marathon runners? are you JOKING? do you know how physicaly challenging running is non stop for hours on end? do you know how Long a marathon is? do you know Why its called a marathon? you mental case.

    why do you keep harping on about superkarts? yeh…..i get that there are big G forces in F1……but you get used to it. When youve been racing all your life you build up the neck muscles required. Would you call vettel a muscular toned person ripping with muscles? NO! you wouldn’t!

    motorsport isn’t a sport, because no other sport has such high barriers to entry, apart from something like yachting. that immediately excludes 99% of the population. how is it a sport when no one is in equal machinery, and the more wealthy you are the better equipment you have? if it is a sport it certainly isn’t fair.

    and as for being physically demanding, its only the downforce generating catergories where there are real physical demands. and you get used to it over time and with practice, they are not any more special in terms of a proffesional footballer or tennis player. 

    of course people who have a ride in a 2 seater minardi for the first time will feel bruises – what do you expect? 

  • Mojo66

    While I find the overall experiment intriguing, two things strike me about this article. First, why didn’t Greger do some physical exercises beforehand? I know I would have had, I mean this was such a one-time experience. Secondly, I think re-iterating that the poor fellow threw up under his helmet over and over again is bad taste, and by omitting this detail, the story would have been as good but without insulting someone.

  • Jezza

    You say motorsport isnt a sport, and you also say it has a high barrier for enty thats a load of bullshit. Karting is motorsport and its very cheap. Cheaper infact then MotoX. And saying no one is in equal machinery is bullshit also. There are plenty of spec racing catagories where everyone has the same machinery. And dont say oh but the drivers weigh different because one marathon runner doesnt weigh the same as another. And you can condition yourself to get use to the forces but that in no way means it becomes easy. In basic clubman karts racers wear padded vests to protect there ribs from bruising including the pros. Mark Webber wears a kneepad on his left knee to minimise the bruising he gets through out a weekend. I have even seen the current world champion Jenson Button wear padding for certain circuits.
    Also i know what a marathon is 42.195km I have run several half marathons.

    And just to add for formula 1.
    From Doctor Ricardo Ceccarelli TOYOTA
    “There is no other sport in the world which compares to the demands Formula One puts on the heart. The heat rate of a top driver can average over 180bpm for a race distance of 90 minutes or more. This is huge and no other sport keeps a heart rate so high for such a long time. On top of that there is a lot of muscle work for the whole body – heavy work for neck muscles to cope with the g-forces, high loads on legs and arms and good lumbar strength to stabilise the body. A normal person could do two or three laps in a Formula One car under those stresses before physically they couldn’t continue.”

    Dr Tony Lycholat HONDA
    “The physical endurance required to drive a F1 race is more than that of a marathon. Our drivers over a race weekend will expell more enegy then competing in 2.5 marathons.”

    But hey what would i know i have just watched f1 and many other motorsports all my life. Do a little research.
    Nearing 30 years FYI.

  • Turkey :D

    Yeah. Whole throwing up part, I don’t think it was a big deal. Some people get a little nauseous, especially when they’re the passenger in my car… Greger did a fine job. Most people can’t even manage to keep their every-day cars from getting scratched up, and he made some fast laps!

  • Turkey :D

    He did a fine job, made the sim racing community proud. How about giving us all a shot to drive a race car though?  πŸ˜€

  • 9223372036854775807

    LOL and who will pay for that experiment? πŸ˜€

  • Ace Racer

    @moschum Go take your trolling comments somewhere else… They know the physics need work, why in the world would they be working on such a comprehensive tire model if they thought the physics were perfect?

  • Sensekhmet

    Oh yeah, racing is not a sport because it’s expensive… stop smoking that shit.

  • Sensekhmet

    Same thing. I’d never use something from a game/sim during a real race/rally. They annoying thing is I’m a lot owrse in games/sims than in real life (only 2 crashes in 4 years in real life, not one every 10 laps!).

  • Mitch

    Wow…that was seriously the most pathetic attempt ive seen on trying to prove that Motorsport isnt a sport….. the whole argument on it dosent even make any sence.

    Moschum has obviously never looked in a dictionary.

  • Howie47

    My three screen setup cost me the price of one more screen. I already been using two for years. I found out that you can plug a third monitor into your MB graphics adapter.    The grip issue isn’t based on what Huttu said. It’s been said by many other race car drivers!   Sim Bins games are much closer to how a car should feel. Even “Shift”.  Is better then mod’s like, well I won’t mention any names, but the favorite sport car mod in rFactor.

      Oh. You don’t just save 50. Your very confused! Games other then iRacing might cost 40-50 dollars “altogether”. You then save 1000’s, over iRacing’s!      

  • Carbonfibre

    Aww, don’t worry about me, I won’t lose any sleep over it.
    I’m glad to have engaged a healthy debate here. Makes this place a little more lively, post by post. πŸ˜€

  • jnr

    man remember something, in real life the air flow, the temp, are factors more dinamycs than a tyre physic or car physics

  • Firefox

    Well you do know Greger did race in GTR2, rFactor and GT Legends do you?
    Try beating some of his old laptimes and we’ll see if you’re so tough πŸ˜‰

  • Mahjik

    IMO, I think Greger did great!  To be put into a high revving, high downforce, low weight race car with full slicks without ever being on a track and to do what he did is an accomplishment.  I know when I moved from street tires to r-compounds, it literally scared the crap out of me with the amount of grip available.  I’m sure it was just unreal for someone who had never been on a real track, ever.

    I’m not surprised on the physical aspects.  Most people don’t realize how much racing/performance driving puts a toll on your body.

  • moschum

    karting is very cheap?
    Do you have ANY IDEA how much it costs to compete in a national championship, let alone european? YEh, a lot of people do have a spare 50-80k in the bank account……..

    watching f1 doesnt mean you know what youre talking about (Which CLEARLY you dont, if you think its cheap to get into LOL)

    and you totally didnt understand my point, OBVIOUSLY if you dump a ‘normal’ person in of average fitness, he wouldn’t cope with an F1 car……but that goes for ANYTHING. Dump an average person in a rowing boat, and he would be exhausted after a minute. Sports like rowing, running, are just as constant and just as physically challenging as F1. you’re deluded if you think they are the fittest sportsmen in the world.

    infact youre all deluded really if you think motorsport is a sport, LOL. Its a BUSINESS, first and foremost, its an industry, generated by rich people, FOR rich people. You can be as talented as you like but if you dont have the money you dont get to play. 

    i dont know any other sport that has such a high level of barrier to entry, if it excludes 99% of the population, how can you consider it a sport? 

    guess you guys dont understand simple reasoning.

  • moschum

    ALSO lol just because there are spec series doesn’t mean the machinery isnt equal! you clearly know absolutely NOTHING about competitive high level racing.
    lets take karting for example, budgets vary massively, even though they are spec series, and the karts have to conform to a set of rules. 
    the richest drivers in the biggest teams will rebuild their engines EVERY RACE, have a new set of tyres every stint. There will be guys at the back of the grid spending 20k a season, and guys at the top spending 50k. 

    you clearly have absolutely no idea the reality of what actually goes on and how it works. 

  • Mike Oppenheimer

    Pretty sure by “sacrifice their lives” he didnt mean it literally….He meant it like you can’t have much life outside of racing due to the commitment.

  • moschum

    saying ‘the whole argument doesnt make sense’ and not qualifying it isnt an argument. 
    what youve done there is made a non point. a point about nothing. 

  • Jezza

    Your moschum are the biggest idiot i have ever seen. Karting is cheap, you can run an entire season for less then 10k. And when you start competing in the euro championships your sponsors cover a very large majority of the minimal cost involved in karting. As for knowing nothing about high level racing i know many high level racers. Have even done some racing myself. In karting the richest teams will not rebuild every race due to the fact that the engines get faster towards the end of there hour cycle. And in alot of the top sport catagories now you have an engine limit and engines are sealed so you cant rebuild or re-use them and they have to last a certain number of races.
    A new set of tyres every stint is also BULLSHIT in virtually all forms of motorsport there are a limited number of tyres for the weekend that by the time the race arives no tyres are fresh they are all scrubbed.

    I also believe your comprehension skills fail as i did not say F1 drivers are the fittest sports people in the world i only compared them to a marathon runner. And in many SPEC series the machinery is equal and the drivers are not allowed to adjust anything.

    As i have been around all forms of motorsport throughout my life and studied them i can assure you i do know how they work and the demands required of the drivers.
    But by ALL your posts you have clearly shown a complete lack of knowledge towards motorsport and its requirment and clearly you are not much of a motorsport fan, wich then begs the question.

    Why the hell is moschum on this forum when he doesnt accept motorsport as a sport, and has no understanding of motorsport?

  • crampy

    I also think it was poor taste to go on about him being sick in his helmet. Added nothing to the story apart from some ridicule.

    Possibly a bit of envy kicking in there me thinks.


    hi howie, what is a mb adapter? thanks. (also i somewhat agree withyour thinking… also n2003 felt nothing like driving a real car. and it was considered the best nascar circle track sim for years.

  • Mitch

    I wasn’t trying to make a point moron, i was just giving my opinion of this pathetic point your trying to make that is completely false.

    Look at the facts, infact look in a dictionary i said in my last post, and your answer is right there, you seem to be against calling it a sport because it involves money.. Hurrrrrrr

  • rci808

    jezza is correct here…

  • rci808

    yes, it would appear this huttu guy is good at video games.

  • Pau

    3 seconds off pace in a full race format would probably mean getting lapped at Road Atlanta, that is if he can hold it all togheder.

  • Howie47

     MB adapter means, Mother Board graphics adapter. If your MB has a integrated graphics card, with a place to plug in a video card on the back of your computer, you can plug in a third monitor. OR forth if it has two.   To get games to span across three monitors you’ll have to use a free app. called softTH.    Some games like Dirt2 span if you open them in window mode.

  • Nanny

    YOu can do that? Great! If yu do that, if any chance of dammage the motherboard for overheating? I’ve tried toconnect two monitors with a geforce vcard but at the end, the heat was really high.

  • Nanny

    Another question , do I have to use the same brand on the 3 monitors? regards

  • Howie47

     You can use any Monitor or TV combinations. Go to the link I provided and explore.  Two monitors on a video card should not effect “heat”.    I have never noticed a increase in heating with more monitors. I use Nvidia cards also.  How ever the higher the resolution you run, may cause your card to work a little harder!
      I now have a 470GTX. It runs bellow 70c even when overclocked by 180mhz.   I had a 260GTX is it would run gmotor games on three monitors at pretty high settings and res.

  • Jos

    do you ever watch topgear?

  • ed d’agliano-luna aka eddiespag

    from ‘Top Gun’,  “Son, your writing checks your body can’t cash!”

  • Howie47

    Here is a video of my setup in action. The camera angle distorts the monitor screens brightness and view. It looks much better from behind the wheel.

  • Firestarter

    So this just confirms that it`s hard to get into the top of real life racing, as there is so much more factors to take into the calculation then sitting comfortable in a house playing games.

  • DeDios

    Congrats Greg πŸ™‚

  • Howie47

     I bought GTREvo a couple years ago.  Didn’t really need “Race On”. 25.00    So you only drive iRacing? Well I guess that is all you can afford!  It’s a wonder you have money left to eat with!

  • Ron Sharpe

    It’s nice to see this great prize, but indeed it does confirm there’s more to racing cars than being sharp in a simulator. The real shame is they didn’t prepare him with a bit of training to at least NOT vomit. Poor guy.

  • ferkin
  • Justin ForzaBarΓ§a D’Cruze


    Well done to Greger, must have been quite an experience.
    Atleast we now know that the alien has the balls on top of the skills to drive a racing car near the limit. Physical conditioning is something anyone can work on, but going into a corner with complete disregard for self-preservation?
    Thats something that sets race drivers apart and it seems Greger does have it.

    Out of interest, does anyone know what his best time was? The article mentions a 1:24 but then it says he got faster with each lap, which is what I would expect.

  • GillianD

    I’ve got all Simbin games, even Rfactor and F12010!
    I personally like iRacing best in overall, so what it costs a litle money!

  • GillianD

    I’ve got all Simbin games, even Rfactor and F12010!  
    I personally like iRacing best , so what it costs a little money

  • Nanny

    Ahh ok, thanks man.

  • Cigol

    It wasn’t insulting if you read it through from start to finish, and it’s making a very valid point in doing so. I thought the article and the author were very respectful and impressed with Gregors efforts.

  • Hanzales

    I think the same would happen to me (into helmet) before even start the engine ;o) Try imagine all the feelings at the start and then bum… physical forces together with real speed. Respect Greg did not crashed and he made very good lap times. Like a MAN! πŸ˜‰ (sorry for eng)

  • ThisGuestOfSummer

    Utterly poor physical condition, nerd-like appearence – Huttu – bringing shame on the sim racing community since 1732. He is obviously not the first person going from his bedroom into real life racing but this was definitely the most embarrassing performance. Therefore i say unto you: Praised be the man who shares his own race car, for I would not let him drive a shopping cart. On Sunday.

  • fish99

    Prove it.

  • Nuberu

    Your comment sounds like a lot of evy to me πŸ™‚

    Is much more possible that a good simracer is a good racer than a mediocre simracer is a good racer, but knowing you will never meet one for real is easy to say “what he did is nothing”.

  • Roto2

    Try to be only 0.5 seconds slower than a hotlap of gregger and cry. He dominated the gplrank for a lot of years, and in gplrank database there is more than 8000 people with the same car. Nowadays is stupyd questioning the supremacy of gregger. He has won every championship in that he raced, in a lot of different racing sims.

  • Robbie Burns

    Must not have been a sim racer long. This dude is probaby the best in the world.

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