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Grand Prix Legends – Targa Florio

Grand Prix Legends – Targa Florio

I usually don’t cover GPL stuff but this is such an impressive project. The great bunch of GPL tracks will soon be enriched by a major track – the Targa Florio. The Italian track is 72 kilometers long and basically a tour of the island of Sicily. Until 1974, the Targo Florio hosted a world championship sports car event, the cars raced on the dusty public roads, blasting through the little villages.

As safety concerns became an influence in international motorsports, the Targa Florio lost its world championship status and is still run as an Italian rallye today. A track this long is not just a gigantic piece of work to model and texture, it will even need a changed GPL .exe file because of its sheer length.

  • rasfigjohn

    Let’s say sim-racing is little planet then that track will be a whole continent on that planet…

  • tigeraid

    We can only hope someone would find a way to port it to GTR2… Nordschleife, Machwerk AND Targa Florio? Wow.

  • Anonymous

    When it’s ready? the race of my house

  • Joe Mc Sherry

    So when are we hoping to see Targa finishedg

  • DeDios

    no news about this stunning project? 🙄

  • ericcwatts

    Finishing date? GTR2 conversion will be available?
    Appreciate the work being done to create such a long and detailed track, I know it must be alot of hard work. 😀 Can’t wait!

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