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Grand Prix Legends – New Spa 1967 Video Trailer

A beautiful new video trailer for the upcoming new Spa Francorchamps 1967 track for Grand Prix Legends has been released.

Two weeks ago, I posted a first story on a new and improved Spa Francorchamps 1967 track coming up for the ever so vital Grand Prix Legends.

As the Belgian Grand Prix venue edges closer to its release, a beautiful new video trailer made by Stefan Roess has been released to get us all in the mood for this fantastic track!

  • Walter

    Well done Spa 67 team! The whole track and video are stunningly beautiful. Just WOW!

  • Rob Stewart

    Ahh… Just Ahhh… I think a full length race on this track is on the cards when released. Well done guys, it’s amazing you are still producing work for such an old sim. Still the best though IMO. GPL Forever! 🙂

  • Anonymous

    Time to convert to Assetto Corsa 😉

    • Anonymous

      It’s kind of sad that it’s not even out yet and this is your first comment about it 🙁

      • Anonymous

        I’m sorry. I don’t want to hurt anyone’s feeling. Had been fan of GPL since it was announced (half year before demo). Hundreds of hours spent online. But there was time to move .. NR2003 (modded), iRacing (Lotus!!) and new modable start – AC.
        I’ve seen Spa F1 race and drove around area last august. What guys have made is overwhelming! I hope not only “living” GPL fans will enjoy their work. That’s it.

      • Anonymous

        That’s okay – GPL does show its age as an engine, and I too would wish for a sequel.

        The problem is lack of a developer that is willing to put considerable effort into historical content.
        I would hope that Kunos would do but they seem more focused on the modern content.

        Unfortunately, I cannot see either ISI or Kunos focusing a great deal on historical content. Out of the two, ISI seems most committed.

        All I’d like is a season’s worth of tracks and 1 series of whatever kind of racing they can licence. GPL modders would move to it then and do the rest!

      • Anonymous

        The fact that AC is moddable – brings lots of opportunities. rFactor2 looks like an interesting physics to drive (finally! which was never a case for ISI), but because of license price, unfortunately, it won’t be that popular as AC (while “the king” iRacing won’t have historic tracks, and they are too busy keeping all series happy.. to add many historic cars).
        And besides that, AC already got Lotus.. Kunos & Team got best Ferrari connections ever, plus Kunos himself loves Japan.. Who knows, maybe someday we will see magnificent 312 and RA300! At least as unofficial mod 😉

      • Anonymous

        “GPL modders would move to it then and do the rest!”

        Sry to tell you, but the remaning GPL modders are so dedicated to GPL that this won`t happen.

    • MatzeLoCal

      As far as I know Kunos Laser-scanned the old Spa-Circurit too, at least for the part that’s possible.

    • Ole Marius Myrvold

      Yes, people have spent 8 years (EIGHT!) to make this track perfect.

      So let’s just use 8 hours, and get it to Assetto Corsa, that sounds like a perfect plan, much respect for the original creators there.

  • feels3

    Nice work 🙂

  • Chris Wright

    Along with Virtua LM’s Prototype C mod, for me this has been the Holy Grail of sim racing for longer than I care to remember. The original Papyrus Spa, while great to drive, was very, very inaccurate and I am beyond excited to see this fabulous project about to come to fruition.

    Talk about a new lease of life, I can easily see me clocking up thousands more miles in GPL over the coming months. Incredible, amazing, wonderful!

  • Anonymous

    Bravo an Old School Master Piece! Love it!

  • Patrick McTie

    Even though I haven’t touched GPL in years, it’s pleasing to see that people are still keeping it alive. Great stuff.

  • Skytrill

    One of the best sim racing video I’ve ever seen. The musical choice fits
    perfectly, the obsessive attention to details makes this track comes
    alive and the fixed camera angles are delightful as well. Congratulation
    guys and keep on the spirit !

  • David Wright

    I can only echo skytrill’s comments on the video and the track. I also noticed that the cars suspension is working quite hard – Spa was known as a bumpy track and if the bumps have been added too that will be the icing on the cake. Can’t wait for release!

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