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Grand Prix Legends – New Spa 1967 Previews

The release of the all-new Spa Francorchamps 1967 track for GPL is closing in as new previews have been released.

As reported earlier in the year, the Grand Prix Legends modding community is working on a complete overhaul for the title’s iconic 1967 Spa Francorchamps track.

Work on the famous Belgian venue is almost complete as the creators are shooting for a release in 2014, meaning the track will be made available within the next 8 weeks if everything goes to plan.

You can check out plenty of previews below, showing both Formula One cars and sports cars in action on the new track.

  • Tim Wheatley

    Epic. 🙂

  • Steve Shears

    Jesus. If ever there was a game thats stood the test of time. In both senses. I should reinstall this just to compare the 67′ era cars with the other games (that all feature them!). Fairplay lads.

  • Jay Ekkel

    Epic indeed, and very simracing like that the game is still played 16 years after release 😀

  • wajdi nujeidat

    Well; GPL never die!

    • Sim Antics

      As long as we have hardware to play it on. It’s hit and miss on Win 7

  • Chris Wright

    It’s taking longer to arrive than was anticipated, but is so clearly worth an extended wait.

    The recent re-release of the original and ever awesome Star Wars X Wing and Tie Fighter games at – check it out – has given me a substantial nostalgia overload and a GPL reinstall is imminent in prospect of this epic add on.

    The Spa track itself appears to be a work of art and a true labor of love. One of the likely highlights of an already monumental year in sim racing.

    As a side note, bearing in mind the recent 30 fps vs. 60 fps video on here, there is a mod to run GPL at 60fps. Has been out for years actually. Works like a dream until you realize that the AI cars have suddenly become profoundly uncompetitive. You can’t have everything I guess although no one can deny that GPL is the gift that just keeps on giving.

    • Brandon Miller

      Good stuff Chris. Big early 90’s LucasArts fan here. Seems like everything was gold coming out of that studio at that time. “Gamma 1 is the Emperors Stool Pigeon!” 😉

  • Gui Cramer

    This looks nice of course, but man what a torture! Seeing the 330 P4, the Porsche, the Lola, and the Chaparral… all available for GPL but still after more than a decade no resemblance of any in our newer games. Keep going GPL community.

  • Professional Operator

    that’s pure magic
    and the people on track.. I had a good laugh… wish the world was like that.

  • Michael Henke

    I wish this was easier to install in Windows 7 as I’d love to try these mods.

    • Mario Strada

      I did it once, but recently I rebuilt my computer and I cannot make it run anymore. Shame.

      • Walter

        There is an easy installer that does everything for you, if you have the disk. It even includes a large number of graphics updates.

      • Chris Lesperance

        I would have to agree. It’s been a while since I did do a fresh install. It’s been a while since I last played GPL. It took a little bit to get it installed but I don’t remember it being a pain to get going on Windows 7. I had a harder time getting GPLEA set up than the game install. The easy installer is the way to go then installing the updated software on top of that.

      • Hugo Stiglitz

        I’ve never been able to get it running on my PC either. It’s really annoying honeslty

  • Rubrbrnr

    I should drag out my old Thrustmaster Formula T2, boot this up, and see whether the buggy cords snaps…

    Perhaps I could have made something of myself, if it wasn’t for GPL 😉

  • Sim Antics

    Just Wow.

  • Dennis David

    Can this be played on a dedicated console?

    • Sim Antics

      Haha you owe me a new monitor and a trip to the shrink for that one!

  • Chris Wright

    If memory serves GPL was not a big commercial success. Papyrus made wonderful single player sims, but then the whole iRacing thing started and I guess they felt there were some conflicts with that and an online racing business plan.

    The irony here is that we have three current sims with a 1967 F1 car and period tracks, but there seems little appetite to create a full blown season. I suspect game licensing is somewhat more labyrinthine than when GPL was released and it’s prohibitively expensive for a small developer.

    So I don’t think you can blame the modern day sim racer for current tastes.

    • Philbert

      Much wisdom I’ll have to say.

  • gt3rsr

    Depends what you mean by “GT cars”.

  • David Wright

    GPL was never that popular, so even in its heyday most of the sim community preferred driving arguably boring modern F1 cars and definitely boring NASCAR cars.

  • melanieuk2

    I hate GPL but not as much as RF2

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