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Grand Prix Legends – Formula Two Preview Video

Grand Prix Legends – Formula Two Preview Video

The Grand Prix Legends modding community is still very much active and has proven that with spectacular releases like the Targa Florio or the 1967 Sports Car mod in recent months. Below is a preview video of a spectacular new creation – The 1967 Formula Two.

While GPL shipped with the 1967 Formula One season, this mod focuses on Formula One’s historic feeder series. The video shows a pack of Ferrari’s racing at Snetterton and Enna Pergusa.

  • Ricoo

    Some people still play a 13 years old sim… amazing.

    It doesn’t look bad for such an old sim in the video.

    Nevertheless we realy need a new engine for such mods… hoping rFactor2 will be good enough.

  • Paul Kelly

    People still play GPL because it remains one of the greatest, most challenging sims of all time to drive. 

    Many excellent mods, hundreds of user-built tracks, add-ons in nearly every conceivable category — GPL has a permanent home in the pantheon of PC sims.

  • Ricoo

    Sure but usually pantheon is for deads 😉

    Rest in peace glory of the past, and welcome rFactor 2 or GTR 3 (soon I hope). 🙂

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