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Grand Prix Legends Developments – SimHQ Article

Grand Prix Legends Developments – SimHQ Article

Even though Grand Prix Legends certainly is the oldtimer of racing sims, the GPL community is still going strong. Recent previews of the Targa Florio and Can-Am cars have revived interest in GPL among sim racers even more.

To give those who haven’t touched GPL in a few years (or ever) a starting point, SimHQ’s Jens “McGonigle” Lindblad has put together an interesting article, interviewing several modders, showing some of the current mods and provide links to get started with your GPL career. Click here to read the extensive 5-page article.

  • TomHolland

    Nice article, but I’ll stick to rFactor :happy:

  • xilix

    Everyone who’s into sims should have a copy of this on their hard drive. The simple fact that a game this old can still stir up excitement and provide a heavy challenge says a lot, and it’s also evidence of how far ahead of it’s time this game was in terms of hardcore physics. No other game at that time provided anything close to as hardcore as GPL.

    The updated graphics packs make the game look amazingly good compared to the original, and the cockpits are most definitely on par with what we see in our sims today. It’s just amazing, and the GPL community is, hands down, the best community I’ve ever been a part of. Everyone respects each other and there’s none of the immaturity you usually have over at other forums.

    All in all, if it’s not your trip, then sobeit, but if you’re into hardcore sims and haven’t tried GPL, you’re missing out on something very special.

  • mikem

    I remember when I bought GPL, it was primarily because it features a local track- the Mosport Int. Raceway. Back then my racing staple was NFS: Hot Pursuit (I was in my teen if that’s good enough of an excuse). Even then it was a nightmare to get the thing working on my PC but when I’ d get it working, I’d be sweating and cursing at the game. Oddly enough, now I found out that Doug Arnao, of the GPL lead tester is now the Physics and AI guy at SMS, the team developing the upcoming NFS: SHIFT.

  • MatzeLoCal

    Again… wouldn’t it be great if Sierra would release the Source… In general I’m not big fan of putting presure on companies to release source code, but in case of GPL it’s different.

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