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Grand Prix Legends – 1967 Sports Car Mod Released

Grand Prix Legends – 1967 Sports Car Mod Released

The 1967 Sports Cars Mod Team have released their 1967 Sports Car Mod for Grand Prix Legends, bringing nine legendary sports cars to the historic Grand Prix simulation.

Make sure to check out the mod’s neat website for lots of background info on the mod and the cars as well as the extensive readme file.

Included Car Models

1. Chaparral 2D
2. Chaparral 2F
3. Ferrari 330 P4
4. Ford GT40 MK1
5. Ford GT40 MK2B
6. Ford GT40 MK4
7. Lola T70 MK3
8. Mirage M1
9. Porsche 910

To get your GPL installation ready for the 1967 sports car racing season, make sure to have the following tracks installed:

Daytona 1967 –  Download Here
Sebring 1967 – Download Here
Monza 1967 – Download Here
Spa 1967 – Included in Grand Prix Legends
Nürburgring 1967 – Included in Grand Prix Legends
Targa Florio 1967 – Download Here
LeMans 1967 – Download Here
Brands Hatch 1967 – Download Here

Download Grand Prix Legends 1967 Sports Car Mod Here

  • Timothy Wheatley

    Wow, good job guys. GPL lives…

  • Carbonfibre

    Ahh, does that mean the important something for rFactor can be released now?  😉

  • Bazza

    great! Looking forward to this one! Unfortunetaly these screens don’t show the true capability of the 12 years old sim… I think a lot of the whiners on this blog would lower their voices if they actually played GPL on Monaco Rocks or Targa Florio and experience true immersion 🙂

  • ADC Dave K

    Congrats on the release and thanks for all of the hard work that went into the release. I played GPL a bit on the original release and admire the passion and work that went into this mod and I hope those with GPL give it a drive.

  • jimmy

    I would like to play GPL again but I have strange problems with sound on my newer computer. Sound of engine revs is sometimes suddenly transposed into hight frequencies, and it’s 1) unlistenable 2) and it’s impossible to drive by such sound. Don’t you someone have a solution for this? I would really like to try this mod…

  • JCarvalho

    I’d like to thank the community that built this great mod. Excellent work! I’ve been waiting for this for years. It’s been worth it. The website’s a gem. The physics and the default setups are very enjoyable, as are the sounds. The extra tracks are a really nice added bonus, too. On line races are already available on iGOR.

  • Ding Dong

    People dont whine on GPL-related posts because the 12yr olds have no clue what GPL is..

    Anyway indeed very nice work on the mod, I remember some many years ago when this project was started and the two cars that was made avalible, a Lancia Stratos and the GT40.

    (Hah this also made my mind spring to the this )

  • MS

    What’s so special with late 90’s graphics?

  • Turkey :D

    GPL > iRacing

  • Turkey :D

    Physics simulation.

  • Tim O’Glock

    Control Panel > Sounds > Audio Tab > in the “sound playback” option at the top there will be an Advanced option > Performance tab > Hardware Acceleration slider > set to None

  • Angus94

    the readme says something about needing Grand Prix Legends, isnt that game like 50 years old now. if its not then were do i get it. also tried to download the tracks from but just trying to get the Daytona track was bad enough, click this link and go to this page, click another link and end up at forum only to be told you dont have permission to access this feature.

    i mean, if you people make these tracks and mod for others to enjoy, then why the bloody hell do you make it so damn hard to get them. i’ve never been able to understand your logic on this.

    anyway i’ll be giving this one a miss.

  • Scuderia Ecosse

    i think its a good idea that you miss out on this one, considering that you don’t even understand that you need the game ‘Grand Prix Legends’ to play the mod…

  • Hompe

    Time to fire up gpl again! 🙂

  • Rantam

    Hehehe, good try, but you’ll have to wait a bit more 🙂

    All i can say is that the TF conversion team are doing an amazing job. The latest beta version is a huge step forward and i feel nobody is going to be dissapointed once it’s released 😉


    Ps. Glad to see this mod being released for the great GPL. Thanks to all the involved people!!

  • MS

    If i want accurate physics simulation i am firing up iRacing!

  • MS

    LOL…..are you serious???

  • GTEvo

    “You cant understand it MS”..
     Thats just SimraceRomantic O:-) .
    Its happend if you are in “SimraceMidlife-Crisis” and dreaming from the GoodOld PioneerDays.
     This Mod is just for the “Young-Timer” Generation, minusX.

    Dear Stefan..i never used GPL, i started my SimraceCareer with NFS Porsche Unleashed^^ and found in these Days the F1 2001 Hummerich/Frantic @ Emac.
    This was my Start into Simbins FIA GT2001 Mod, crossover to there “Mother of all Mods” called FIA GT2002 on EAs Isi Engine.
    Thats why im an IsiFanboy 😎 till end of my Life.

    GlückAuf Stefan

  • addyduss

    Does that mean we are getting Targa Florio for rFactor soon?

  • AeroMechanical

    Like most GPL stuff, this can probably be installed on top of the demo.  You would just be missing out on the default tracks.  If you want the default tracks, you can find a copy of GPL online pretty easily.  GoGamer has it for $10, and I see it on Amazon for $4.  Odds are these are the jewel case versions.  If you can find a secondhand copy of the boxed version with a hard copy of the manual (remember those?), “Four Wheel Drift,” that alone is worth the price.

    It may be behind the curve in terms of physics and graphics, but it is a hell of a challenge and damn fun.

  • jimmy

    Great! Thank you very much, I am going to try it today…

  • Ferrari655

    I can understand the feeling behind GPL, i starting sim racing (loads of console stuff before going back to the 90’s) using the first GTR and still have fond memories of it. Now i race in leagues on rfactor and really looking forward to rfactor2. I think the guys who have commitment to make a mod for such an old sim is brilliant and respect to them!!    

    also what an age of motorsport…imagine racing one of these around LeMans for 24 hours!

  • gerrymodo

    Its not hard to get. The download link is right there and the readme, which you claim to have read, explains how to install perfectly. The reason it is called a Mod is because it Mod’s the original game content.

    Now why would any developer allow a mod if you could just install it stand alone without the original Disc/Content?

    It really is not hard to find the original GPL and it won’t cost you much.

  • Fudge factor

    I was racing GPL on a P1 166 IIRC. 

    I have like 56 times more silicon oooomph now – and that’s just the CPU.  And it all cost less than the P166 did in 97.

    Good job on keeping it going, I guess.

  • Stella Artois

    For those’s that want to play this brilliant mod, get everything you want here 😉
    to get started.

    Contains no files just text where to obtain the needed files.

  • Art-J

    Setting acceleration to “none” is not always necessary (It strongly depends on your type of soundcard and other components), both sliders (hardware acceleration and sampling rate) have many positions, so you might just try different combinations below “full”, to keep sound quality good both in GPL and in other games.

  • Pau
  • raktim79

    Well I cant comment abut iRacing since I havent played it but I have played almost all other sims that are available in Pc including GPL, rFactor, GTR 1 & 2, RaceOn etc. and too me GPL has always been the daddy of all sims. For some reason I feel that GPL tends to give better feedback from the road surface, the tyres & car physics. Sim racing is all about how much forcefeedback you get or feel from the vehicle so that you can drive fast and no one does it better than GPL among the sim racing I have done and that is strongly enforced again by this sports car mod for GPL.

    Whoever made this mod GREAT JOB !!!

  • four mice

    iracing is iracing.

    But Grand Prix Legends is the best simulation there is. Imagine you are given the chance to transport yourself back 40 years when F1 tyres were like rock hard stones, and downforce did not exist, beyond the mechanical grip. It’s a hell of a job to set up these cars properly,

    Give GPL a fair go!


    You will find the 65, 66, and 69 mods + tracks, track addons and many tools & utilities, etc.

  • gerrymodo

    Loving the mod, especially the Porsche, such a joy to drive. Went into a few online races and gotta say the quality of driving is not very good. multi car wrecks on each lap on the straight of LeMans, very annoying.

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