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Grand Prix Legends – 1967 Sports Car Mod Preview Video

Grand Prix Legends – 1967 Sports Car Mod Preview Video

The GPL Sports Car Mod Team has released an extensive video trailer of their upcoming 1967 Sports Car Mod for Grand Prix Legends.

The video is over 12 minutes long and shows sports cars like the Ford GT40, the Ferrari 330 P4 and the Chapparal 2D on classical sports car tracks.

The mod will include nine sports car models from the 1967 season that can be raced on classical sports car tracks like Sebring, Daytona, Nürburgring, Le Mans & the Targa Florio. The full list of included cars and tracks can be found below:

1. Chaparral 2D
2. Chaparral 2F
3. Ferrari 330 P4
4. Ford GT40 MK1
5. Ford GT40 MK2B
6. Ford GT40 MK4
7. Lola T70 MK3
8. Mirage M1
9. Porsche 910

1. Daytona 24h 1967
2. Sebring 1967
3. Monza 1000k (chicane) 1967
4. Spa 1967
5. Targa Florio 1967
6. Nürburgring 1967
7. Le Mans 1967
8. Brands Hatch 1967

  • jpmjpm

    Very nice! I will try it.

    One question though, why for GPL?

  • Rantam

    It has been on development for many years but hasn’t been finished until now.

  • fangio

    why not ? GTL is one of the best game for simracing.

  • Burgunder

    I better see if I can get GPL up and running again, and then make a comeback to simracing.

  • gerrymodo

    its GPL not GTL

  • NitroStar

    Still got my GPL running great! Can’t wait for this =-O

  • jimmy

    Haha, this game never dies! But I am not surprised. Unbelievable sense of immersion here.

  • JCarvalho

    I’ve been waiting YEARS for this mod! Glad to see it’s still in the works and getting closer. Drool. Pant.

  • alibor

    yup, udestructable game 🙂
    anyone knows how to play it in widescreen normally?

  • Art-J

    Go to SRMZ (which becam the new home of GPLers after RSC f..ckup) and ask the guys over there. I’m running it on old CRT monitor, but I’m sure widescreen option is possible with new community made gfx rasterizers.

  • gerrymodo

    Is it true that we have to wait for this mod to be released for GPL, before we get the rFactor version of Targa Florio?

    I was reading some forums and read that exact statement.

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