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Grand Am 2006 – Status Update

Grand Am 2006 – Status Update

When iDT and Team Players announced their plan to release the remains of the FusionRacing Grand-Am project as an rFactor mod, the 2008 Rolex 24 race was set as roughly planned arrival date. The race at Daytona is due to start today but rFactor players will have to wait a little longer until the virtual Daytona Prototype racing can start.

“We had hoped to have a beta ready for this weekend, but it looks like we will miss that target. Bob just finished re-doing the Riley. That was ‘thought’ to be the most finished car from the old project but he had to do quite a-lot to match it up with the Fab and the Doran. Crawford is also finished, but we only have the base physics in. The latest build had the Fabcar running faster than ALMS. So we need to bring that back to the other cars,” Dave Henrie told the users at RSC.

I think its a very wise decision for the team to not rush their work and take the time needed to make it as good as possible. As soon as the team makes new previews available, i´ll post them here.

  • RKipker

    Guy’s we’re all behind you! Thanks for continuing your work on this project.

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