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Gran Turismo Sport vs. R3E – BMW M6 GT3

MotoGamesTV have put up a very interesting comparison, pairing up R3E with the upcoming Gran Turismo Sport.

MotoGamesTV have put up a very interesting comparison, pairing up R3E with the upcoming Gran Turismo Sport.

The comparison is interesting especially with a focus on the sounds as R3E is praised to have one of the best audio in the sim racing scene while Gran Turismo has gained a reputation for having some of the most artificial and unimpressive audio in virtual racing.

For Gran Turismo Sport, Polyphony Digital has promised a complete overhaul of the audio side. How will the new sounds stack up against R3E? Listen in for yourself below.

  • Jovica Ilic

    That poor GT Sport makes my ears bleeding

    • Traumahound

      ?? They are actually quite similar, apart from GT’s tranny whine being about 20 per cent more prominent.

  • Philip Antonia

    The track looks good in both, though GT Sports trackside detail is nicer. Sounds wise though, GT is so dull compared to Raceroom!!

    P.s, I don’t play either, so it’s not biased, just what I see and hear :-).

    • brrupsz

      Everything is dull compared to R3E.

      • Hurdy Hurdy

        Think how dull it will be in comparison when R3E ports over to Unreal4 engine and finally gets some proper day/night cycles added.

      • brrupsz

        Well I was thinking about sound effects alone (“every game is dull compared to R3E when it comes to audio” – I should say). R3E is a great sim and will be even better on UE4 but I would still buy GT too. Nostalgia plus single player. I have to admit however, that GT6 SP was a big letdown for me, especially after GT5 and GT Sport might not fill the gap too with it’s new approach. Plus I really, really, really dislike GT6 physics which kind of spoiled the GT6 career for me, but judging from gameplays it has beed fixed in GT Sport. I really look forward to playing GT Sport, regardless of sounds.

  • pupsbubi

    Vacuum cleaner simulation?

  • Sanazabaaar

    Go on! – Let me hear it….. The sounds on GT aint THAT bad!!! – Throw ya ears in the bin.

  • Hurdy Hurdy

    The GT Sport car sounds like an electric car in comparison, lol.

  • mc_awesomeness

    They are both such good quality games. If only GT could get the sounds right…

    • BusterAuldt

      …Would ever get the sound right? OR Ever get released in the same decade that other titles just moved on from?!!

  • Brock Bronson

    Grab tourism is known to fave the best audio of any motoring game ever. Polyphony uses real engines to reproduce the sounds. GT sport must be an awesome game if all these troll liberals are trying to call it cheesy. GT sport is another success plain and simple

    • YeeeDooooo

      Think you’ll find every GT has been slammed for weak audio. But hey, maybe you only read alt-right reviews and therefore have a fantastically twisted world view.

      So sad.

      • BusterAuldt

        Hilarious, maybe Brock’s hearing aid was on the fritz. But in all fairness, they are attempting to compare a child’s game to a simulator. Interesting thing that gives away his twisted mentality is his need to label and attack strangers with a different opinions (common among blamers), his use of “alternate facts” (common trait of insecure individuals to help themselves feel more secure in their ignorance) and his requirement to support his own argument by claiming “success” for something that hasn’t even been released yet (total proof of his dementia) …Yes, a bit twisted.
        But after all that said, I’d still like to have him over for a beer and some racing on my sim, because as a “liberal” I tend to be able to get along with just about anybody and if he is passionate about racing, he can’t be all bad! Cheers!

  • Marcel Penzkofer

    I still wonder why people say GT Sport has awful sound but looks fantastic. It doesn’t even look good. There are several problems with the shadows, the LODs and the saturation of the whole package, all adding up with the clinical looks of the cars it feels like playing in the 90s when you were able to watch trees loaded in the distance, shadows only on nearest details and cars never got dirty…

    • Brock Bronson

      It’s a beta demo right. You know it’s not the finished product.

      I find it amusing that you xbox fan boys can not accept that the highest budget game of any Sony console has been a grantourismo version created and polished by those amazing folks at polyphony digital. Unfortunately xbone fans will never know the pleasure of synchronous steering and trimming the apex at speed with lifelike physics.

      See that is where all other games fail, physics.

      This game will outshine and racer just as gt6 still continues to do today. I would rather play grantourismo on my ps2 than some shoddy rushed driver on the of or Xbox

      My advice is buy a PlayStation and a good wheel and peddles
      This game is going to be WICKED!

      • Marcel Penzkofer

        I own a PS3, PS4, GT5 and GT6 and never owned any xBox version. I liked GT5, I actually did a couple of thousand laps on the same track with hundreds of cars to build and show of hotlaps in these cars like you know it from the TopGear TV show. I’ve owned a couple of wheels aswell and not the cheapest ones either.

        No matter where you got your informations from what I like and what I own, but you rather stay true to the facts.

        The story is… that the sound is awful and the graphics could be a lot better, no matter if it is a beta or not. They decided to show off what they have so far and it isn’t as good as people thought it would be. End of story, and you better start checking your comments before posting them… Remember that GT5 and GT6 also looked a lot worse than on trailers and pre-release screenshots so if they already struggle with the engine they better keep on working on it to avoid previous troubles they had.

  • Agony

    omg I feel so bad for GT sport….

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