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Gran Turismo Sport – New Bathurst Replay Footage

IGN has released some new footage of Gran Turismo Sport, showing us a GT race at Bathurst.

IGN has released some new footage of Gran Turismo Sport, showing us a GT race at Bathurst.

The footage also allows us to listen in on what Polyphony Digital promises will be a completely overhauled sound engine. Unfortunately, the current state of audio is still rather far away from what these cars sound in real life.

Gran Turismo Sport will feature 130+ cars, all of which have been built from the ground up as the studio is ditching their controversial standard-car practice of past GT titles.

Furthermore, GT Sport will also 19 different tracks, among them Nürburgring Nordschleife, Brands Hatch, Willow Springs and the new Tokyo Expressway have been confirmed.

Aside from supporting 4K resolution and HDR, GT Sport will also offer limited Playstation VR compatibility thanks to a “VR tour” mode.

The title will be exclusively available for the Playstation 4, Gran Turismo Sport will be released some time in 2017 after the original release date of late 2016 has been called off.

  • Mike Cantwell

    GT have the best Bathurst of all. Nothing comes close to how well they do it, even laser scanning a huge number of trees on the side if the track.

    Having lived near there, it is good to see the improvements. The sounds still are yuk. But i will get this just for Bathurst.

    • Marcel Penzkofer

      Best Bathurst I’ve ever seen… after iRacings. I am not an iRacer since a couple of years now but I don’t think it is that good. Engine surely is better on GT Sport but the track overall seems a bit less accurate to the real thing as on iRacing having watched dozens of Bathurst 1000s and 12h races there.

    • Bakkster

      Well, iRacing has had their laser scanned version for nearly 4 years now, built with a similar eye to detail both on the track surface and around it.

      That said, GTS’s version looks beautiful. The 3D grass and other ambient things really make it pop.

  • Francesco Kasta

    As usual it looks fantastic but the sound engine is still severely lacking, sounds “messy” to put it mildly.

  • Patrik Marek

    visually it’s the best looking racing game/sim of all, they have – in my oppinon – great sense of what looks realistic , and then bit of art direction on top of that

    other games looks great at certain condition, but GT manages to look great every time

    yes they dropped dynamic time of day, which makes things easier to balance , so I suppose no wonder

  • fernando sobroza

    Is this looks like a real racing or am I need to buy glasses?

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