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Gran Turismo Sport – Mysterious New Artwork Leaked

New artwork of Polyphony’s Gran Turismo Sport has leaked online, giving us a new look at the rather mysterious new GT title.

New artwork of Polyphony’s Gran Turismo Sport has leaked online, giving us a new look at the rather mysterious new GT title.

Announced back in October, details on Gran Turismo Sport are still rather sparse and the new previews don’t exactly help to clear up any confusion as it is hard to judge whether we`re looking at in-game screenshots. While some of the shots below look more likely to show in-game footage, others appear to be composite images made with real-life backgrounds.

Gran Turismo Sport looks to be placing a major emphasis on online competition and E-Sports, incorporating the partnership with the FIA that was announced a year ago.

Part of this co-operation will be two FIA-sanctioned online championships, “Nations Cup” and “Manufacturers Cup” alongside other E-Sports related events. Furthermore, Gran Turismo Sport is also destined to become the new home of Gran Turismo’s famous GT Academy competition that has helped several gamers to a career in racing.

Gran Turismo Sport will not just be about online racing though as a fairly extensive offline component has been confirmed as well, considering of several game modes.

In terms of technical information, Gran Turismo Sport is confirmed to come with a major overhaul in terms of graphics and sounds, not surprising considering the title has a brand new platform to work with. The title will also extensively support Sony’s upcoming virtual reality headset.

Many questions remain unanswered as there’s no clear confirmation on the title’s scope of content & features and whether Gran Turismo Sport is essentially Gran Turismo 7 or more like a Gran Turismo Prologue type of affair as it is the first GT title on the PS4 platform.

  • Brownninja97 .

    picture 1: it was in the trailer, its the 2015 mx-5(or miata if you prefer the worse name)
    picture 2: I think it might be a Lexus RC F, they dont give too many clues, you can tell at the bottom of the picture though.
    picture 3: selective breeding offspring of the Porsche 919 and GT by citreon.
    Picture 4: real picture, its the only picture where the car isnt glossy, cant fool us.
    picture 5: audi driver doesnt want to brake.
    picture 6: via the power of editing the aston martin was overtaken, suggests that their BoP is a bit off.

    • Jovica Ilic

      Number 3 is a new Bugatti

      • Bakkster

        It’s the Bugatti GT Vision car, a fantasy car.

  • Gui Cramer

    If they get the color balance from GT5 back, there won’t be a better looking game.

    • Hugo Stiglitz

      GT5 was a lot less realistic though. Prettier, but less realistic

      • Brownninja97 .

        i strongly disagree, the colour balance on that game was outstanding

      • javier javier

        They need color balance from driveclub… Bit desaturated.. It looks amazing.. In real life color are not so popping..

      • Brownninja97 .

        personally i think drive club only gets it right when its raining in terms of colour balance

      • Patrik Marek

        any chance you mistook it with GT6? GT6 certainly looked less realistic at times – such as nordschleife , then it did in GT5

  • Dentykaffalatta

    Good to see they’re still trying but Kaz lost me after the fiasco of GT6. Hopefully they’ll finally get a working CLUTCH!!! I’d have given it a LOT more seat time if this one thing was usable. I’m not surprised though after watching “KAZ” as I saw him using a DFPGT, bumper cam and also seemed to be in “Auto” for the transmission. It explained a lot. Best of luck to Kaz and the team and the game but I can honestly say I won’t be buying it or future versions. Cheers!

    • Helldriver

      The tire model was bad also. I hated, how the tires overheated within a split second and resulted in a total loss of grip. That was just silly and robbed me the fun in GT6.

      • Johnny Penso

        They also shed all that excess heat in a second or two which didn’t help with the realism.

    • Hugo Stiglitz

      Yea, so dumb that he uses bumper cam and auto transimission is almost as bad.

  • Babis Rataplan

    Picture 1 … No working mirrors ??? LOL

    • Hugo Stiglitz

      No LOL Think about the angle of the camera facing it. Then look at the color of the floor

      • Patrik Marek

        I think the problem is the ” think” 🙂

  • delpinsky

    IF the picture #4 is in-game footage, it’s “game, set and match” for Polyphony Digital versus every other software house. It’s too perfect….it’s like a real photo!

    • pez2k

      The background is apparently a photograph of some public roads that used to be part of the Nurburgring Sudschliefe, I presume the car is composited on top.

      • delpinsky

        Since #5 and #6 appeared on the Trailer… the picture #4 could be also be a screenshot taken from a video (real or CGI). Would be quate awkward a showroom like still picture like that, as it seems in movement.

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