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Gran Turismo Sport Announced

In a somewhat surprising fashion, Polyphony Digital has released the next edition to their iconic Gran Turismo franchise for Playstation – Gran Turismo Sport.

In a somewhat surprising fashion, Polyphony Digital has released the next edition to their iconic Gran Turismo franchise for Playstation – Gran Turismo Sport.

Coming to the Playstation 4, Gran Turismo Sport looks like a major overhaul in Gran Turismo’s proven concept that has recently often been criticized as having become stale and lacking innovation.

Although official details are sparse as of now, Gran Turismo Sport will place a major emphasis on online competition and E-Sports, incorporating the partnership with the FIA that was announced a year ago.

Part of this co-operation will be two FIA-sanctioned online championships, “Nations Cup” and “Manufacturers Cup” alongside other E-Sports related events. Furthermore, Gran Turismo Sport is also destined to become the new home of Gran Turismo’s famous GT Academy competition that has helped several gamers to a career in racing.

Gran Turismo Sport will not just be about online racing though as a fairly extensive offline component has been confirmed as well, considering of several game modes.

In terms of technical information, Gran Turismo Sport is confirmed to come with a major overhaul in terms of graphics and sounds, not surprising considering the title has a brand new platform to work with. The title will also extensively support Sony’s upcoming virtual reality headset.

Many questions remain unanswered as there’s no clear confirmation on the title’s scope of content & features and whether Gran Turismo Sport is essentially Gran Turismo 7 or more like a Gran Turismo Prologue type of affair as it is the first GT title on the PS4 platform.

One thing is certain though as Polyphony Digital following modern trends in terms of distribution as a public beta version of Gran Turismo Sport will be available in early 2016 via the Playstation Network, with the final version being released later that year.

  • Bruno Teodoro Pinheiro

    Can’t wait to try it out!

  • ImageArtSigns .

    Always liked the graphics in GT…sounds on the other hand are …well…you know.
    I was hoping they would have some sound samples of game play in this video…unfortunately not

    • Chillisteak

      Yep it’s definitely a visually appealing game, they really just need to work on those sounds and AI.

      • Leeman

        The sounds should be improved. Some time ago they hired the audio engineer that used to work for Turn10/Forza.

      • Chillisteak

        Never really thought of Forza as having great sounds either mind.
        Don’t get me wrong I’d say they are better than GT but that’s not hard to beat is it?

      • Leeman

        I agree, FM isn’t exactly R3E, but their sounds are far better than GT (I can make noises with a kazoo that sound better than GT. LOL). And, IMHO, FM sounds are not quite as good now since this guy left.

      • Anthony Thomas

        I don’t know why the sound wasn’t right. All you need to do is go the the various racing teams, give them the equipment and have them go out during practice or testing to the accurate in-car and outside of car sounds. I mean people mount GoPro’s on the back of cars all the time, we know what certain cars should sound like, there’s basically no excuse for this.

  • ftrracingtv

    Any chance it will be on Pc like rocket league

    • Brownninja97 .

      trailer says ps4 exclusive. sony wants as many exclusives as possible and polyphony is one of their console sellers.

      • Patrik Marek

        maybe tracks look natural, becasue the lighting is baked into textures,but cars don’t look realisitc, not even close,
        the interior shaders are awerage at best

        so I’m sorry but to say iRacign can match Gran turismo in the visuals .. oh please

      • Jackson P.

        iR definitely has the most natural graphics, regardless of the last generation shaders and rendering engine…the color palette is better than anything else.

      • Patrik Marek

        Let’s see how they keep it when they switch out of baked lighting to dynamic 🙂

    • Chillisteak

      Well I honestly thought it was common knowledge that everyone knew Gran Turismo was a Sony/Playstation exclusive, Just like Forza is a Microsoft/Xbox exclusive.
      Obviously I was wrong lol

    • Anthony Thomas

      No chance, I don’t understand that line of questioning. iRacing and the like scale depending on hardware but you would be a fool to think you don’t need at least $100 video card to get good HD frame rates out of it. You might not wanna buy a new console, but I don’t want to spend $150 on a video car and race occasionally.

  • AnklaX

    In all of gaming, GT 4 and 5 had the best lighting. Best as in, just right, real/natural and not stylized in any way, something no game can really claim, not even pCars or anything on the latest Cry Engines. GT4 at its time was above and beyond anything and GT5 retained it. If it were easy, it wouldn’t be so rare. Game makers speak of realistic look and yet go for more or less stylized lighting simply because they can’t do it but they won’t admit it. I think a little, just a little hint of artificial look has been introduced in GT6. Which is bit of a shame really. I hope PD will realize their strength and not lose this. I hope they bump up the textures and keep the lighting. Graphically GT needs nothing else. As for the matter of audio, well, I’m sure they’re aware that nothing more needs to be said.

    I wonder why the name change. They definitely need it. But hope its a positive one.

    • noroardanto

      Agreed GT lighting is one of the most natural, only iRacing’s can match it.

      • Leeman

        Agreed. I think iRacing’s lighting is among the best. Very natural looking. I wish rF2 looked as good.

    • KittX

      Yep, and I’ve been discovering why’s that, one of things I came to conclusion is iRacing and GT lighting/textures are not set up to look like in real life, paradoxally.
      They’re all set up and matched together to look like precise lens/camera exposure/white balance settings as shot by TV or photo camera. There are some bits here and there that don’t look like that in real life (some tree colors, some dark/bright areas etc) but on camera shots it looks exactly like that, when grouped with everything else.

      • Bakkster

        Actually, iRacing tries to do the opposite. They take their photos with a reference swatch so they can adjust away any limitations from the camera or lighting and get the colors as close as possible.

        That said, the Nurburgring is the first track to use physics based rendering, so their lighting engine (which had been the weak point for a while, IMO) wouldn’t necessarily have been optimal at recreating that.

      • KittX

        Still, the iRacing colors are pretty much fitting to limitations of what can be archived on a monitor, on a texture etc. Otherwise they’d have something like modded rFactor tracks with too bright, almost too white sky and too saturated colors.

  • Jason Madigan

    Looks pretty good from the trailer, will have to check out the beta when it becomes available and see if it is really that good 😀

  • Chillisteak

    I’m intrigued.
    Gran Turismo was the first “simulator” that I fell in love with back on the Playstation, but it has definitely become stale over the years but that love remains.
    This appears to be fresh approach, hopefully it’s not a prequel to 7 like the Prologue rubbish they’ve done in the past.
    If they’ve improved the sounds and the AI I’ll be going out and purchasing it and a PS4.

    • Anthony Thomas

      Stale? All I’ve ever wanted was online races but now the game has turned into a sim-light that even online competitions aren’t fun unless you have a car setup properly for whatever event your running. I did do the majority of online events in GT5 accept for the long distance races because frankly I just don’t have the time to set aside for that anymore without employing Spec B to do the majority of the driving which would happen…

      • Chillisteak

        Yes Stale, more cars, more tracks and little else had changed over the years.
        This is a nice fresh approach to Gran Turismo, and I’m actually looking forward to seeing how they pull off these National and Manufacturer Cups.

        “Online competitions aren’t fun unless you have a car setup properly”
        To a certain extent I agree there, but I think the people who buy Gran Turismo like to tune and set up their cars, don’t they?

      • Anthony Thomas

        Pro Race Driver had the same problem. I don’t expect to just jump in a car and be competitive that’s arcade-like and I understand that.

        What I am saying is racing an equality upgraded car shouldn’t result in 5-6 second gap per lap.

        Then again, I can’t get past the Nordschleife in GT4, I am only within about 3-4 seconds of the final car to pass before the finish line, maybe I just suck and that’s why I I never finished GT4 and only about 40% done with GT5.

      • Johnny Penso

        Unless you’re talking about the Nordschleife, a 5 or 6 second gap isn’t due to tuning.

      • Anthony Thomas

        There lots of factors I left out, but it is that much time. Yes I suck John you happy now?

  • Gui Cramer

    Goddamn that is intriguing. If GT Sport gives me the Group C cars, improved driving model and no more Dyson vacuums for engines, I may very well be getting it! Just as long as I don’t need to be online for progress tracking.

    • Anthony Thomas

      Why would it give you Group C cars when they are only in historical competitions and not apart of ANY current frame work in motor sport?

      I agree with Bakkster this is likely a splitting of the series from the people that like hard core sims to the more casual player of the game. It’s clear that the hardcore are always clamoring for more realism and always sighting the competition as to where the developers should look.

      • Bakkster

        Why not? Part of the benefit of virtual motorsport is that you can run these kinds of classes that you can’t otherwise for safety or cost reasons. GT1, Group A, Group 5, Croup C, go for it!

        As long as it’s a healthy mix of new and classic, that’s fine.

  • Bobster

    I fear this is just going to be like the Gran Turismo for PSP, where you won’t be able to buy a car and upgrade it and stuff but just have to race to move up to a higher category.

    • Bakkster

      If they’re going for FIA-sanctioned online competition, that’s actually what I hope they do. Why would you do an FIA eSport with car upgrades?

      If they’re coming out with a game based around online competition, with good driver behavior regulations and organization into servers (like iRacing), and have a full range of well balanced racing categories (TCR, GT1/2/3/4, LMP1/2/3, open wheel spec formulas, etc) then they could be a viable alternative to iRacing for the online competition side.

      • Bobster

        Well if that’s their idea it’s fine but that’s not what I personally look for in a Gran Turismo game.

      • Bakkster

        That’s probably part of why it’s not GT7. The question is whether they’re splitting the franchise (like Forza Motorsport and Horizons) so there will also be a GT7 that continues with the upgrades and such, or if this is the new direction for them.

    • Johnny Penso

      I’m actually hoping that’s exactly the way it’s played.

  • Markus Ott

    I hope Sony knows how such online sim racing competitions have to look like. Not like pCARS and their weird ESL 1on1 stuff.

  • Patrik Marek

    can’t wait, if they don’t get it right this time, it sadly might be my last Gran Turismo , let’s hope they do

  • Paul Maguire

    ah feck, looks like i have to get a ps4 now

  • The Turtle

    In other news, PGA Tour commissioner Tim Finchem stated today the the 2016 season will take place at various putt putt courses around the country. Apparently the pro golfers were complaining that real golf courses were too difficult.

  • Gulyás Tamás

    If they hire a new sound engineer for the development I would reconsider to buy this title again and PS4 too…

    • Johnny Penso

      Dude from Forza is now on board.

      • Gulyás Tamás

        No. I’m on PC board now, but if they improve ( completely remove and change ) the sounds in GT, I bla-bla-bla…

  • Andy Thompson

    I’m prepared for yet another disappointment. Ever since GT4 this has been a disaster story. What were they thinking. Get the sound sorted and they may start to win fans back.

  • °_°

    how many cars this time? 2000?

    • Filip Carlen

      Yes, but only 20 will have wheels, interior and paint. JK, but GT5s premium-car-thingy were ridiculous.

  • Pablo Coronel

    Best simcade, best graphics ever!

  • lvolz

    I’ll look forward to the upgraded sounds. Rumour is they will be using the new more powerful Dyson vac on a soundstage. Zzzzzzzz

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