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Gran Turismo 6 – New Track Teaser Video

A teaser video for an upcoming track addition to Polyphony Digital’s Gran Turismo 6 has surfaced.

A teaser video for an upcoming track addition to Polyphony Digital’s Gran Turismo 6 has surfaced.

The video shows a scenic mediteranian road in the popular Playstation 3 racer, the new track is understood to be made available in February.

  • GamerMuscle

    Track reminds me of NFS2 style layouts

  • Anonymous

    Well if they release this as a Free DLC it will be very good for the support of GT6. A shame many SIM racers do not enjoy this game, they offer great customization for online races… long races, forced pit stops, tire wear, and much more. Only problem is so many folks like all the assist and short races.

    • Ma Ed

      yup , the game is great , but its cool to hate.

  • Pablo Coronel

    Looks like that one from pCars, looks like point to point?

    • C4

      It’s rumored to be _around_ a lake, and I think the video also shows roads on the other side, so even if it’s a long ass track it’s probably be loopable 😉

  • Patrick McTie

    Neat, but they need to work on making the game not look like a complete ****, when compared to GT5. Really disappointed in GT6 so far. The AI has taken a step backward, the graphics have clearly taken a step back, and of course the sounds are still bad. The game really feels as if it were developed for the PS4, and back ported to PS3 as a money grab.

  • Andy Thompson

    Are they clinically insane?

    STOP releasing new cars and tracks.

    And instead, fix the sounds and the sort the crap looking “standard” GT4 cars.

    • shotty

      Are you that oblivious to how game development actually works? The people making the tracks have absolutely nothing to do with audio production.

      • Chris

        So they need to put someone on audio, cause it sucks. I refuse to buy any future GTx until the sounds are fixed. Half of them sound the same, and upgrading the cars changes the sound 0.2%.

      • Andy Thompson

        Are you thick?

        Just manage people better.

        Can the people creating tracks create cars also? Yes they can.

        Do we need more tracks? No.

        So all the the artists can be utilised to bring the old cars up to scratch.

        And to your comment about sound, either fire the sound team and start again or employ more, maybe poach some from Forza.

      • blastx

        he means allocating more budget to the sound department instead spending the money on new cars and tracks.

      • Rolands Svetins
  • Hugo Stiglitz

    Looks great but couldn’t this be a course maker location?

    Something tells me it’s not a new fantasy track and that’s just a teaser of a new course maker location.

  • Rolands Svetins

    that track looks so… 2010

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