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Gran Turismo 6 Coming to Playstation 3?

According to Sony executives, the sixth installment of the Gran Turismo franchise is coming to the PS3.

Just two days ago I posted a story on Polyphony Digital’s involvement in the design of the Playstation 4, speculating that the next Gran Turismo title will be heading to the all-new platform.

It seems though as Sony has different plans according to an interview with Sony Computer Entertainment’s SVP Michael Denny who said the following:

Look at the games coming out on the PlayStation 3 like The Last of Us, Beyond: Two Souls, GT6, and then on the third-party side of things another fantastic Assassin’s Creed, GTA. It’s important for our content to have that kind of longevity because, as I was saying [about the PS Vita], the games that come through are going to get better and better over time.

Since it’s unlikely that a high-profile executive gets this kind of information wrong, it looks like the Playstation 3 will host the next installment of the Gran Turismo series. By doing so, PD & Sony would follow an establish pattern as both past Playstation generations have each had two GTs, the first laying the tech groundwork and the second expanding on content.

Releasing Gran Turismo 6 on the Playstation 3 would help majorly increase the life-span of the proven platform, especially as the upcoming Playstation 4 will most likely not provide any backwards compatibility.

  • Iaussieracer

    This is just a bad rumour and nothing more

  • Jos

    fix the sounds pd, thnx.

  • Marcus Reynolds

    Well I won’t be buying it…will be the first GT for PS I have not bought (as well as a new playstation to go with it where applicable)

    • Marcus Reynolds

      Unless they do something spectacular this time, and ffs add a bloody skill percentage for the damned AI will you, that is why I get bored with the damn game, AI is no challenge………only been waiting about 10+ years for a simple percentage option ?

  • LazyJK

    That’s… confusing. A mistake?

  • Anonymous

    If this is true I wil be a sign of something I think from the beginning Sony announced its early release of the PS4. I think it is suddenly rushed and the devs weren’t expecting that. This year will be a scizofrenic year for Sony and I doubt this is the right choice. Devs wil have to choose on wich horse they gonna bet because the PS4 wil have a different approach to programming as the PS3 does. So making a game for both won’t be a option for dev with a limited budget.

    • Anonymous

      Exactly, the PS4 is a completely different platform. Like Mac vs PC. When it comes to PS4 it will be in development another 5 years like GT5.

  • Jim. C

    They should finish GT5 first.

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